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I Need Help not Only to Buy Medicine, but I also Need Work!

Every month Nikita Logvinenko spends USD 50 on medication. And he also needs a job to make a living...

Author: Alina Senyuk, translated by Oxana Burns, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-12-22 14-20-00 Viewed, times: 747
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That has already been almost a year since I saw Nikita last. He has changed a lot, matured, grown up; he has different ideas, priorities... Well done! He used to think only about hospitals and medicines, but now he thinks about his future, and understands how complex our world is and that without money he canТt make it. After all, he is all by himself... His friends and acquaintances do help him and support, but, unfortunately, he has no relatives to rely on.
Let me remind you, that Nikita has a serious disease with which he has already been living for 21 years. He has systemic scleroderma which means that it is strictly forbidden for him to be in the cold or get chilled. Upon cooling, the connective tissue hardens and thickens. Immobilized limbs and sometimes the whole body will be in this state until the body is warm. Also Nikita has got problems with his joints and arms and hands - they are swelling.

Thanks to his close friends this summer Nikita worked as a plumber in a recreation center. He earned some money to undergo the scheduled treatment course in the Zaporozhye regional hospital. It cost him about USD 240.
Nikita has been living in a church membersТ house for a few years. WeТd like to thank these good-hearted people who sheltered the guy and help him deal with difficulties. Regrettably, Nikita has no property of his own and has to ask his friends for accommodation. But this is not the worst.
Nikita is now looking for a job to make a living which will cover his medicine, warm clothing and food. Winter is the worst time of the year for him as the disease progresses and he is not able to work outside...
He usually spends about USD 50 on medication on a monthly basis (he takes such pills as Omez, Metotab, Metipred, Dikloberl). NikitaТs pension is small, about 900 hryvnias (which equals 36 dollars), it is definitely not enough for an adult guy.
We are asking you, dear readers, aides and friends about two things:
1. Let us help Nikita find a job (as a courier or an assistant). The duties arenТt crucial here, the point is he has to be outside as little as possible
2. Let us provide him with some financial assistance.

For any further questions, please, contact the fund staff! We place reliance in your help!

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