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The crisis has passed and Pelasha is strong once again

The last resuscitation showed that Pelagia Nesterenko is a very patient and clever girl. She doesnt have temper tantrums or fits when the doctor asks her to do something.

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Andrei Vernon, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-03-01 11-40-00 Viewed, times: 671
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Pelagias mother would like to give us an update on her daughter.
Pelashenka is growing up and becoming such a wonderful companion! She says it all. I can clearly remember exactly everything she tells me and with such intonation. Recently she learned that her birthday is coming up. Even though it was still three months away, she wanted to help with all the preparations! She invited grandma, grandpa, and friends. We had a great time! She told me to buy lots of cake and a cat-shaped balloon. At the party, she asked everyone to sing happy birthday in her honor. Of course we sang happy birthday and had a great party!

Now if we are going to start talking seriously, the last resuscitation showed that Pelagia is a very patient and clever girl. She doesnt have temper tantrums or fits when the doctor asks her to do something. She to think that she isnt even three years old As of right now, all is well she has even gained some weight. But there were moments when the scariest thoughts would appear in our mind. To think that not too long ago, she couldnt even walk on her own and had a temperature of 40 Celsius (104 F).

We are now home playing, singing and dancing! Pelagia now helps with the dishes. We put a stool up to the sink and she very diligently cleans the dishes. Truth be told, she is all wet after washing the dishes, but the most important thing is that she understand how she is a little helper. I praise her she is happy and continues to improve. What about my joy? Well as long as my children are happy, my heart will be full of joy!

In order for the familys mother, Katya, to be able to share positive stories with us we ask for financial support. Pelagia needs your help. As the little girl grows in size, so does the cost of her treatments.

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