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Natalya Kisluk, born February 28, 1992 - 24 years old - mixed form cystic fibrosis.

"Sorry to bother you, but I need your moral support!

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Natalya Kisluk, born February 28, 1992

Diagnosis: Mixed form cystic fibrosis.

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It is difficult in a life like this to be very strong and not be sad, but believe me, I try to live only positively!" Natalya is a positive person who always has a smile on her face and in her voice.

Even with an incurable disease, she always tries to be in a good mood and to cheer up others! Natalya has a lot of interests and hobbies. She wants to learn everything interesting that can be done with her hands. She is cheerful and sociable lady; she has many friends who accept and love her.

Natalya likes to read books about love; she dreams of a bright future. Her favorite hobby is embroidering bead pictures while dreaming of her own art exhibition. Natalya studied to be a psychologist. She is not employed, but she always helps new mothers and advises patients in matters of cystic fibrosis.

She realizes that this also is her passion. Natalya has been afflicted with cystic fibrosis since she was born, but she learned not to to limit herself from the outside world and to combine an active life with medical treatments.

"I never allowed a thought that I am somehow different from others. I was graduated from school and university on par with my peers. I never failed studies because of illness. About illness, I remember only being in the hospital, although pills and breathing treatments have long been part of my life. All my treatments and medications are as routine as brushing teeth and drinking water. The only thing that makes me sad is that I often think about where to get money for medications - there is never enough."

Our Natalya is a survivor, and extending her life as much as possible is especially important to us. She is an example for our children and adolescents. She inspires them to fight, and demonstrates how through adherence to treatment, exercise, and a positive attitude, they can live up to 24 years old - or longer. Being a grown woman, she needs Pulmozyme and more expensive antibiotics (to overcome resistant infections) and greater dosage.

$960 per month is necessary for her treatment and maintenance of her health. Please do not pass this request and help save the life of Natalya!

Her family lives in Lutsk in eastern Ukraine.

Phone: (+38) 067 145 38 95

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22.07.2019Payment services New Mail - Delivery of drugs, medical equipment2.31 US dollars
24.06.2019Bronchitol76.14 US dollars
02.05.2019Payment for New Mail services - Transfer of the oxygen concentrator3.21 US dollars
26.04.2019Oxygen concentrator Devilbiss 525525.93 US dollars
11.01.2019medicine: Meropenem 5 pack; Fortum 30 pack879.52 US dollars
25.10.2018Ultrasonic inhaler OMRON NE-U100-E140.15 US dollars
06.03.2018Medications: Piperacillin-tazobactam-Teva pore. d / prig. in. r-ra f. 4g / 0.5g 24 pack.238.92 US dollars
02.03.2018Medicinal preparations: Piperacillin-tazobactam-Teva 16 pack138.75 US dollars
02.11.2017Medications: Creon 10 pack, Ursofalk 6 pack800.05 US dollars
09.10.2017Nebulizer PARI LC SPRINT, air flow interrupter to nebulizer, filter to compressor50.64 US dollars
24.05.2017Medicinal preparations: Creon 25000 - 15 pack805.5 US dollars
22.05.2017Pulmozim preparation 25 packs3223.41 US dollars
19.05.2017Forwarding of medical products in Lviv3.79 US dollars
20.02.2017Medications: Creon11.54 US dollars
07.02.2017Medications: Gasek 6-40 pack, 5 pack Ursofalk291.12 US dollars
08.12.2016Payment Shipping and delivery of medicines7.28 US dollars
24.11.2016Medications: Piperacillin 24 pack217.77 US dollars
16.11.2016Medications: Creon 1 pkg8.57 US dollars
14.11.2016Medications: Piperacillin 27 pack251.73 US dollars
11.11.2016Medications: Amitsil 42 pack, 2 pack Flomax, Gasek 4 pack, 42 pack Creon, Piperats-pelvis-teva 5 pack, 3 pack Ursofalk, Fluconazole 7 pack, 5 pack Ciprofloxacin, syringes698.12 US dollars
11.02.2016Medications: Ursofalk 6 pack216.04 US dollars
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