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Dont Sit at Home, Overcome Your Fears Through Travel!

A few days ago 30 pupils and 10 adults from the tourist club "Tangle" returned from an exciting journey to the charming and magical Carpathian City of Lviv. Radionova Oksana shared impressions about the trip.

Author: Oksana Rodyonova, translated by Mariya Onishchenko, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-03-12 18-50-00 Viewed, times: 1449
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I am very grateful for the trip, organized by the Tourist Club "Klubok" for our children, it was an incredibly interesting and exciting opportunity for the kids to spread their wings, test their endurance, and learn new things so far away from their home in Zaporozhye.

I fought to overcome my fears during the entire trip..=) This is a very good practice. Responsibility for the children was my first fear. I mulled over all the different situations: What should I do if a child becomes sick? When I realized that I could not carry along a large suitcase with every possible drug, I began to think more positively. And I took only 1/3 of the amount of pharmaceuticals that wanted to take at first =)

I was able to overcome the fear!

The trip was a storm of both negative and positive emotions. =) When we arrived in the Slavske, I was attacked horrors. I do not know how to ski. I was afraid to fall, especially in the presence of children. I decided to start with a small slide and slowly got the hang of things. When I realized I could do this, I went to conquer the big mountain. And it worked! I learned how to ski!

Skill comes with practice, even if you fall, you need to get up and move on. It was great lesson learned!

Thank you to all children very much, especially thanks to Vikulya and Dimulya! Together, they taught me how to overcome those little obstacles. I wish you good health and hope. I will still travel with you and overcome my fears =)

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