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Tourist rally on Khortitsa Island attracted a record number of children

Klubok children's travel club has opened its 2016 season.

Author: Nikolai Kolodyazhni, translated by Mariya Onishchenko, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-03-10 23-59-00 Viewed, times: 1327
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A record number of people attended the rally. Charity foundation "Happy Child" created the children's travel club "Klubok" in 2006.

Klubok focuses mainly on children from orphanages and from low-income families.

The club has two goals. Firstly, at the lowest cost to organize interesting tourist activities - hiking, tours, and summer camps - for orphans and all children whose parents cannot afford to pay for a vacation. Secondly, through participation in such events, children develop self-reliance, responsibility, and ability to deal with a variety of life challenges. Each year, a new season of Klubok opens with a tourist rally on Khortytsya Island. It includes a children's competition in a variety of outdoor skills - pitching a tent, kindling a fire, scaling a cliff, and knowledge of geography.

Also, the youth show their strength and agility in a variety of sports - football, beach volleyball, and tug-of-war. Fresh air, exercise, and a positive mood gave all participants of rally - both children and volunteers - a good appetite. Porridge was cooked over a fire and consumed with great pleasure. Klubok's tourist rally and other activities show that giving children great outdoor activities does not require a lot of material resources.

The main ingredient is a dedicated team of people who love their work and the children. Ahead are new tours, hiking, and tourist camps, to which anyone may come.

Information on upcoming events is available on the website klubok.org.ua

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