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A newcomer in Kirill Karpachevs family

The bad news is that Kirills brother is also ill with mucoviscidosis.

Author: Kirill Karpachev, translated by Mariya Onishchenko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-03-29 17-20-00 Viewed, times: 1033
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From the time I told about my life, many interesting and wonderful episodes have happened.
The main event of 2015 was my long-desired brothers birth. He is growing like weeds. He has a calm temper, but demonstrates individual character traits. Its widely believed little children do not have any sense, but now Im absolutely sure that even tiny tots are full of thoughts.
Everything was good, but for genes. We have one diagnosis for two. Its sad, but Timofeys diagnosis confirmed: he is ill with mucoviscidosis. We had the iron enter into soul by this news, parents lost heart, but overcame. Unfortunately or maybe luckily we already know how to deal with it.
I have new interest for modern technologies. I started gathering information about hardware of personal computers or PCs as they are called. I succeed building gaming and office systems. There is always an opportunity for progression I would like to learn how to fix hardware by my own hands. But there is no possibility for that, regretfully.

Needless to say that my greatest dream is to become a pediatrician and get a job as a doctor.
Soon Im going to Zaporozhye Childrens Regional hospital again to undergo expensive treatment. I do these series of treatment every 3 months to keep my health fine. As this treatment is high priced we cant do without your help. Happy Kid foundation helps us a lot. Me and my family express gratitude to everyone who is helping us, great thanks.

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