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Yay! A new electrosurgical apparatus in Childrens Hospital 5!

And new needs how to live without them?

Author: Roman Kirchenko, translated by Andrei Vernon, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-04-08 14-45-00 Viewed, times: 812
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The Zaporozhe Childrens Hospital #5 received a new electrosurgical apparatus, Heaco Zeus-150, which will greatly increase surgeons abilities to perform surgeries. This was a long awaited purchase not only for doctors, but for us too.

According to the director of the department Olga Vasilevna Lyaturniskai.

Firstly, this new equipment will reduce the amount of trauma a child experiences during an operation. Less trauma means less time healing after the operation. The coagulation minimizes the loss of blood, thus hopefully eliminating the need for blood transfusion. Less blood loss means a reduced threat for the young patients.

The new equipment makes surgeons work more comfortable especially with young children because they are smaller and therefore, the operations require a greater attention to detail. Normal equipment is not always useful when performing surgeries on children. Thanks to the new miniature nozzles and apparatus it will be much easier to work with children.

We also want to point out the economic benefits of the new equipment. This new tool reduced the amount of bandages and other materials typically needed. Additionally, due to the faster recovery time fewer drugs are needed post-op.

Overall this equipment is great from all viewpoints: children, parents and doctors. We hope that you will share in our happiness for the children.

We were able to acquire the electrosurgical apparatus thanks to the financial assistance from Cargill. And this isnt the only equipment that we will be receiving this season for the Zaporozhe Childrens Hospitals We are currently in the process of getting an additional piece of equipment. Thank you Cargill!

We also want to extend a thank you to the continued support of our medical consultant and help Medtexnika-Service

And what about the other items we need? In the hospital there are children that need additional equipment two electric suction pumps. This additional tool would also greatly improve the care of the little patients.

One specific tool we are looking at is the Biomed electric suction pump

We put the same one in the childrens TB unit. The retail cost is 140 USD, but we are sure that we will find it for cheaper. Please help us purchase one of these.

Once again, thank you to everyone that supports our program and the sick children of Zaporozhe and the greater region. Your continued support allows for the increased health and well being of children and the improvement of medical care for all children in our region.

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