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Tanya Zlobin continues its struggle

Every day, our Tanya harder to win in the disease life. But our girl does not even think to retreat and give up.

Author: Tatiana Zlobina, Olga Vovk, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-03-25 12-50-00 Viewed, times: 942
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Every day, our Tatyane more and more difficult to win in the disease life. But our girl does not even think to retreat and give up. His latest news she shares with us.

ЂLast time, all the time I feel weak. Throughout January was ill with pneumonia, was treated for a long and painful. Needless to say, hard to carry when healthy pneumonia at me, it's many times more difficult and dangerous passes. Now without oxygen saturation 74-80, 87-91 with oxygen, I know that this is very bad, but it is the only way. Without oxygen, I can not yet manage long condition worsens, fatigue comes quickly, and dizziness due to oxygen starvation.
But, nevertheless, I take myself in hand and try to at least 30 minutes and a day, but a walk on the street. I recall with sadness those moments when the strength enough to complete the walk. In spite of all, I'm trying to lead an active life, I prepare myself, I remove (naturally with rest), completely on their own self-catered.

With the help of doctors to adjust their treatment of Dnepropetrovsk. Big thanks to them, in spite of my age, they always help me with the selection of drugs.
In April, I plan to lie in a hospital inpatient, may be a positive change. I believe that I can still walk freely in the streets, actively relax and not choke!
In the meantime, I need at least 15 thousand hryvnia, in order to have something treated in hospital.
I am sincerely grateful to everyone who read my story of struggle, I decided to help me, and a kind word and financially. Frankly, without all of you, I would not have been .. Thank you, pray for you!ї

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