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A hiking trip to Vasylivka with kids turned to be exciting

On March, 25 27th 2016 Klubok touristic club had a three-day trip in Zaporizhya region

Author: Veronika Vasilieva, translated by Mariya Onishchenko, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-04-04 22-35-00 Viewed, times: 1385
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Notwithstanding the rain and the highest temperature at night of +1?C, the kids and parents, who allowed them to go for a hiking trip, not only went in for the trip, but behaved bravely (the girls as well) during the entire event.
Would many grown-ups venture on a hiking trip at such a weather? Everyone needs comfort, warm environment, a sofa and a TV set with a remote control. Should we mention now that we spent all these days without a television and charging our cell phones!?
Rain, dirt, heavy backpacks, smiles, excited eyes, real-life communication, meals and tea cooked on fire and washed plates, though after being reminded by the leaders
The kids are our heroes, whom we could hardly stop. I believe and hope that in their future lives they will not stop at difficulties and obstacles.
None the less, hiking trips teach a lot. They promote love for nature, respect to one another.
It was splendid to go to sleep with the noise of the sea, being close to Kakhovka dam lake.
And, by the way, it is possible to make fire in a wet forest and it is even easier when the entire team works.
What a pleasure it is to sit at the fire, have tea and sign songs accompanied with a guitar!

Our volunteer recalls:

Nikita Sova

Well .... Ill tell you about my week end. Ive been on a hiking trip with Klubok, It was a kind of a trial by fire for me, as uncle Tolya said. I finally experienced something I cannot express in words, I got to know what it is like to be a real tourist: walking overshoe in the mud with a 20-kg backpack, being the last in line and trying not to fall behind if falling in the mud. Its cuddling together not to freeze at ice-cold night and getting out of your warm sleeping-bag to the cold tent in the morning. It was unforgettable!!!))) Oh, they say a fire keeper is an irreplaceable person who always is near the fireplace Its as exact as it can be, you have to run right and left around the fire, you bring firewood, keeping the fire burning To sum it up, thank you for the wonderful week end!)))))

Thank you, our volunteers, Sergey, Nikita, Dasha.

Thanks to our kids for being strong and brave.



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