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The most expensive reward Dimka Anikeevas smile

Our Dima really believes in God that he his serious illness will be healed, but unfortunately this is not possible

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Andrei Vernon, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-05-10 15-00-00 Viewed, times: 1000
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Dima is a happy and lively boy, but fate has not been so kind to him as without certain machinery he cannot live. Looking at his brothers, he does not understand why HE is forced to swallow handfuls of expensive drugs and breathe in unpleasant and bitter antibiotics. He is constantly examined and every three months is in the hospital with IV drips and must be taken care of by doctors.

Fate, as the villain would have it, will not allow Dima to live much longer. It is very difficult to acquire the necessary vitamins, Aquadeks and specialized food that helps his development. Each day becomes more difficult for the family.

Our Dima really believes in God that he his serious illness will be healed, but unfortunately this is not possible picking up his little hands towards heaven, he asks for one thing make me healthy like my brothers and sisters. But there is no cure for cystic fibrosis. The one thing Dima trusts is the care he receives from his family and friends. He is waiting for them to come to his aid and get him the life-saving drugs he needs.

Despite Dimas current circumstances, he is very kind and affectionate. However it is true that it is hard to always be in a good mood when he is in the hospital and nothing can help. Dima knows what this means for other children with the same diagnosis. Every time when he was ick and feeling bad, he tearfully asked his mom and fate to give him the strength to overcome the terrible disease.

Once again Dima is having pain in the hospital. Dima needs your financial support. The family spends about 6,000 - 8,000 hryvnia on each treatment. As a mother of three, Dimas mom simply cannot afford such expenses. After the treatment and hospital costs, there is an additional list of drugs that our little soldier must take daily.

We and the Anikeeva family ask for your help!

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