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Vadim Melnichuk, 17 years old - an acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Fundraising is closed! For the first time, the treatment of the collected funds is enough for now.

Author: Alina Vakulinskaya, translated by Velychko Viktoriia, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-07-02 17-00-00 Viewed, times: 3263
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Vadim Melnichuk, 16 January 1999 born

Diagnosis: an acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

ATTENTION! AS OF 03.03.2017: Fundraising is closed!
For the first time, the treatment of the collected funds is enough for now.

Vadim is the eldest son of a single mother Zoryana. He had just graduated from high school and was going to go to college. He was happy that he truly began adulthood and like a strong young man could help his mother. Teener was filled with the brightest emotions of his future! But all this gladness was temporary.

At one moment he became ill with bronchitis. The temperature jumped to 40. He was admitted to the hospital where appendicitis was deduced. But after Vadim had his appendix out his fever wasn't down. The same day mother heard a terrible diagnosis. Her loved son has an acute lymphoblastic leukemia! From 4 July Vadim is in the hematology department of Zaporozhye Regional Children's Hospital. He has started chemo.

Currently he needs expensive medicines one of which is Zavedos (18 vials). The total price is about 1820 USD and it is unreal amount for a single mother with three children.

We ask you to help us with buying of this medicine. Your gift will help Vadim doing chemo and save his precious life!

The family leaves in the city of Zaporizhzhya

Contact tel. of Zoriana: +38 066 023 13 64 (mother)

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
24.06.2017Chashchina NinaUkraine0.96 US dollars
22.06.2017Scherbina L.Ukraine7.72 US dollars
22.06.2017AnonymousUkraine3.74 US dollars
16.03.2017Box for donationUkraine1.9 US dollars
16.02.2017MariaUkraine18.38 US dollars
08.02.2017Box for donationUkraine0.37 US dollars
27.12.2016Mariya L.Ukraine38.07 US dollars
21.12.2016Box for donationUkraine1.93 US dollars
14.11.2016VitalinaUkraine3.9 US dollars
21.10.2016Svitlana P.Australia52.52 US dollars
08.10.2016Natal'ya K.Ukraine4.25 US dollars
19.09.2016Natal'ya M.Ukraine18.77 US dollars
16.09.2016DenisUkraine3.65 US dollars
09.09.2016Svetlana ¬.Ukraine18.77 US dollars
06.08.2016Alvin S.Ukraine6.05 US dollars
02.08.2016Svetalana S.Ukraine20.17 US dollars
30.07.2016Alina i LeonUkraine20.16 US dollars
28.07.2016May F.Russia1.51 US dollars
28.07.2016Irina S.Ukraine0.98 US dollars
22.07.2016Kristina D.USA25 US dollars
14.07.2016Alina S.Ukraine7679.44 US dollars
13.07.2016Susan Y.USA100 US dollars
12.07.2016Irina T.Ukraine7.83 US dollars
12.07.2016runawayUkraine195.78 US dollars
09.07.2016Marina I.Ukraine2.04 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 8233.89 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
12.12.2017Medicinal preparations: Windusa 2 package634.47 US dollars
04.12.2017Medicinal preparations: Darsil, Etamsilate 6 pack, Kwamatel lyoph. 4 pack, Levofloxacin 10 pack, Medrol 5 pack, Methonate 3 pack, Fluconazole-Z-10 pack, Ceftriaxone 20 pack, Syringe 100 pack.193.2 US dollars
10.11.2017Medications: Grastim 10 pack, Zavedos 6 pack, Kwamatel 2 pack, Medrol, PR system 20 pack, Trisipin, Ceftriaxone-BHFZ 10 pack922.91 US dollars
28.08.2017Medicinal preparations: Grastim 7 pack136.23 US dollars
08.08.2017Drugs: Levofloxacin 10 pack, Linex 2 pack, System OL 60 pack, Tio-lipon 4 pack, Syringe 171 pack, Etamsylate 2 pack.112.43 US dollars
01.08.2017Medicinal preparations: Cerucal12.42 US dollars
31.07.2017Medicinal preparations: Glutargin, Levofloxacin 5 pack, Octave, Reosorbilact 6 pack, Ceftriaxone 10 pack65.98 US dollars
22.06.2017Medicinal preparations: Alex 10 pack, Allopurinol, Dexamethasone 2 pack, Zofran 2 pack, Preductal MR 0.5 pack, Trizipine, Filstim 5pack.163.05 US dollars
16.05.2017Magnetic resonance imaging of the abdominal cavity85 US dollars
11.04.2017Medications: Heptral 2 pack, Neoton 2 pack, Tevagrastim 6 pack306.52 US dollars
23.03.2017Medications: Heptral 2 pack, Zavedos lyoph. 5 pack, Neonon 2 pack.736.7 US dollars
16.03.2017Medications: Cytarabine 6 pack105.54 US dollars
13.03.2017Medications: Rheosorbylact 5 pack, PC systems 30 pack, Cytarabine 4 pack, Syringes 200 pack100.15 US dollars
16.02.2017Medications: Grasten 6 pack196.12 US dollars
02.02.2017Medications: Preductal5.5 US dollars
02.02.2017Medications: Gerovital4.06 US dollars
25.01.2017Multisrezovaya computed tomography of the chest and mediastinum23.78 US dollars
30.12.2016Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain34.94 US dollars
14.12.2016Medications: Avelox 5 pack, Digoxin, Neoton236.06 US dollars
09.12.2016Medications: Neoton, Panangin76.6 US dollars
06.12.2016Medications: Neoton, Refortant105.56 US dollars
29.11.2016Multisrezovaya computed tomography of the chest and mediastinum75.8 US dollars
09.11.2016Medications: Vfend 20 pack3225.14 US dollars
29.09.2016Medications: Itrakon 5 pack, Methotrexate Ebewe, Mitoxantrone Ebewe 2 pkg276.9 US dollars
09.09.2016Multisrezovaya computed tomography of the chest and mediastinum24.4 US dollars
09.09.2016Multisrezovaya computed tomography of the chest and mediastinum21.96 US dollars
05.08.2016Medicines: Vifend 2 упак319.92 US dollars
01.08.2016Medications: Alexan 6 pack166.89 US dollars
28.07.2016Medications: Alexan rr 50mg / ml 20ml (1000mg) 16 pack445.18 US dollars
26.07.2016Medications: Alexan 9 packing, Mytoksantron ЁBEVE562.22 US dollars
13.07.2016Medications: Zavedos 9 packing962.2 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 10338 US dollars

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