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Doctors from Germany have diagnosed a rare case to Denis Taran

At the moment the family needs to collect EUR 46 980, its the amount necessary for 90 days medical treatment in a university in Germany

Author: Alina Vakulinskaya, translated by Mariya Onishchenko, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-07-28 20-20-00 Viewed, times: 776
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With the help of many people little Denis managed to go to Vestische Kinder-und Jugendklinik (Datteln, Germany). The little boy has been examined very thoroughly at the German clinics. The diagnosis Ukrainian doctors made - viral (herpetic) encephalitis has been confirmed. More to that, a more shocking diagnosis has been made NMDA-receptor-positive autoimmune encephalitis. As prof. Rostazi says, it is a rare acute and very severe case of encephalitis that was discovered recently (in 2007). Exactly this form of encephalitis resulted in high fever and the symptoms that the doctors could not explain before. Medical science neither can name the reasons of this disease, nor can it offer a definite cure. The most effective cure is steroid therapy and immunoglobulin cure.

German doctors are very interested in this case, as its been considered that mostly women more that 25 years old get sick with NMDA-encephalitis. Little Denis doesnt belong to any of these categories. He is a child, a boy. So the family was offered to sign a contract on cooperation with Christian Albreht University (Kiel, Germany) and tests and Deniss examination results had been sent there for further scientific investigations. In its turn the clinics paid for the medicines necessary for the first period of treatment. However, German doctors prescribed to undergo several periods of treatment for the next six months and to make an obligatory control as they are finished. Their recommendation is to start in-hospital rehabilitation as soon as possible under doctors control.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to diagnose this disease in Ukraine and so it is impossible to control its progress.

Little Denis has been in Zaporozhye clinical childrens hospital since July, 18th. He undergoes in-hospital treatment as per the German program there. The baby continues taking expensive medicine Octagam.

At the moment the family needs to collect EUR 46 980, its the amount necessary for 90 days medical treatment in a university in Germany. So we are appealing to you, dear charity contributors, for help in collecting the funds for little Denis

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