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Dima Boznicha needs a bone marrow transplant

A relapse is unavoidable, he must have a bone marrow transplant. The cost of this surgery is very expensive - $75,000.

Author: Alina Vakulinskaya, translated by George Yost, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-08-11 06-00-00 Viewed, times: 992
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Last week, Dimas tests were sent to the laboratory in Kiev. The results, unfortunately, are not comforting. The attending physician is sure that a relapse can not be avoided and as a result a bone marrow transplant is necessary. He believes the time delay between previous treatments might have led to this present situation. He has begun more chemotherapy hoping for more time to arrange the bone marrow transplant, fight off a lung infection (pulmonary aspergillosis), and prepare for the next tests.

On August 1, Dimas dad should arrive in Kiev, so that both parents are able to undergo the typing procedure, to see which of them can be a donor for their only son.

Dont cry! We need to concentrate on saving the life of this child - These are the words of the attending physician. He is doing everything possible to save Dima, but unfortunately, the hospital is not equipped with the laboratories and equipment which are necessary. There is only one place in the Ukraine that is equipped to handle such a procedure, Okhmatdyt, but they have no space available.

After talking with the doctor, Irina wrote letters to the Moscow and the Belarusian clinics to consider Dimas situation and obtain their assistance. An answer came from Belarus, the clinic is ready to take him and begin treatment. This is great news but the procedure will cost $75,000. The amount is great, but there is a chance, their only hope, that this will finally cure their dear son.

"I once again appeal to you to ask for your help! Please! Do not look away! My son is everything to me! Please give a helping hand, open your heart to help save my baby"- Irina

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