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Paul Bogdan needs rehabilitation therapy at the "Innova" center

Little Paul needs $665 to attend the УInnovaФ rehabilitation center in October

Author: Alina Vakulinskaya, translated by George Yost, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-08-03 17-00-00 Viewed, times: 845
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For parents raising a child Paul Bogdan with cerebral palsy there are always constant demands. There is a daily routine of special exercise, traveling to visit doctors, medications, and more exercise. PaulТs parents are no exception to this rule.

On May 17th, Paul finished a two course of treatment at the Kozyavkin clinic in Truskavets. As a result of this visit, he is now able to stand and take small steps independently. This is a huge breakthrough for Paul and his parents as he was previously afraid to stand or walk. These victories were only possible because of the special care he received at the clinic. Now our hero is walking around the house and is even able to enjoy some outdoor activities.

He has progressed greatly because of this treatment and is now much more relaxed with less spasticity (the muscle tension related to cerebral palsy). He has become much stronger and more confident with greater coordination and strengthened back muscles allowing him to maintain an upright position much longer than previously possible. To continue this progress and consolidate his newfound skills for better movement and control, Paul will begin a month long rehabilitation course in Kiev using the Kozyavkin method. We are very hopeful that PaulТs progress will continue.

On August 29th, Paul will visit Odessa, where he will spend two weeks in the УFuture centerТsФ Angel House where he will experience new therapies and exercise. Then in October, there is a planned trip to Lviv to the "Innova" Rehabilitation Center for another two weeks of treatment. The price of this trip is $665 (16,500 hryvnia) but the family has no more resources to pay for this visit.

So we ask you to help the family in raising funds for the treatment of their only son. He has come so far and we need your help so that he can realize his potential and achieve the best possible life.

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