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Victoria Ivashchenko, 4 years old - Type 1 diabetes

Our little princess endures two-thirds less pain now that she has an insulin pump! But the disease still prevents the family from relaxing!

Author: Alina Vakilinskya, translated by Konon Pankratovich, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-10-20 12-30-00 Viewed, times: 367
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Victoria Ivashchenko, born in 06.07.2015

Diagnoses: Type 1 diabetes.

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For the Ivashchenko family, a month of turmoil, pain, and suffering turned out to be only the beginning of hardship.

In early July 2016, Victoria, who was just about a year old, was distressed, vomiting, crying, weak, and had a fever. Her mom Nadezhda sounded the alarm and the medical quest began. In a week of roaming from expert to expert, they consulted a lot of doctors. Nerves, precious time, and money were spent. Doctors diagnosed acute respiratory viral infection and the presence of E. coli, but those were just speculation.

By good fortune, Nadezhda took her baby to Zaporizhzhia Children's Hospital No. 5. There, doctors examined tiny Victoria and within 10 minutes could say with confidence that she had diabetes. Immediately, her blood glucose level was tested. A saline drip was connected and she was transported to the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital.

Victoria is undergoing medical treatment, which costs about $200 USD (5,000 UAH) a month. Her family really needs our support and help. Nadezhda’s husband is the only member of family employed. They have an older daughter who is trying her best to help her parents at home and in the care of her tiny sister.

The family lives in Zaporizhzhia.

For more information, please contact the staff of the Happy Child Foundation.

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31.03.2020Consumables for the insulin pump and test strips213.82 US dollars
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11.03.2020Consumables for the insulin pump and test strips434.55 US dollars
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05.09.2019Treatment and examination593.74 US dollars
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08.05.2019Drugs, medical examination in the children s hospital OHMATDET Kiev566.46 US dollars
10.04.2019Medical examination44.95 US dollars
09.04.2019Blood pressure meter, Magne-V6 2 pack, Cephavora, Eutirox, Cardonat 2 pack, Jodomarin, Tenoten 2 pack, Noofen 6 pack.131.2 US dollars
09.04.2019Drugs: Vitaton 2 pack; Alba 2 pack, Paramed Stethoscope with one side head 1 pc.35.37 US dollars
21.03.2019Food Pediashur Maloezhka, 200g. - 90 pcs.124.82 US dollars
07.03.2019Payment of drugs and medical examination151.05 US dollars
07.03.2019bank commission 03.20190.08 US dollars
08.02.2019Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain with contrast, angiography of blood vessels94.06 US dollars
12.12.2018Laboratory research58 US dollars
11.12.2018Insulin Pump Supplies540.02 US dollars
11.12.2018Commission for replenishment of cards for payments, unearmarked payments1.62 US dollars
12.09.2018Laboratory research42.83 US dollars
12.09.2018Laboratory research35.33 US dollars
01.08.2018Consumables for insulin pumps474.67 US dollars
22.06.2018Multislice computed tomography of abdominal organs and retroperitoneal space with contrasting51.7 US dollars
04.06.2018Payment for New Mail services - Forwarding documents1.53 US dollars
26.04.2018Consumables for insulin pumps304.52 US dollars
26.02.2018Insulin pump, Mini-link, Infusion set, Glucose sensor 2 pcs, Adaptation device4830.74 US dollars
26.02.2018Reservoir Paradigm31.12 US dollars
22.02.2017Medications: GlyukaGen 1 pkg.26.81 US dollars
25.01.2017survey201.23 US dollars
21.11.2016dialysis65.65 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 9942 US dollars

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