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The holiday helps doctors better than pills

New Years holiday and presents bind up our children, how can they dont get better. Positive emotions actively help to a fight against a disease.

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Elena Gonchar, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-01-15 11-50-00 Viewed, times: 902
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Santa Clauses and he Snow Maidens, from all over the country, created a holiday for our wonderful, but abused by diseases children. Children with cancer of the blood and fibrosis fibrosis got theirs cherished and long-awaited presents from wizards.

Our fabulous heroes came with the biggest bag of gifts and good mood to the Department of pediatric Hematology. Every child, which had treated there, received valuable gift, made especially for them by indifferent citizens of the whole country!

Our children sang, danced, guessed riddles and played fascinating games, and even the weakest and smallest could take part in our glorious feast. We watched with a sinking heart how the barely-smiled and tortured with the diseases and suffering children forgot about their pain and impressed into fairytale, smiled, filled happiness.

Patients with cystic fibrosis received their presents under New Year tree too! Wonderful Kiev firm MacPaw, realized deepest dreams of my children. They are the only help for some families. It was very painful to hear, if it wasnt our wizards children wouldnt have got presents only candies. One of my princesses made me cry. She said Mother said, that Santa Claus would not come this year, wouldnt bring the presents-we have no money But contrary to all moms prognosis, girl had a holiday!

Wizards from all over the Ukraine congratulated my cystic fibrosis patients fibrosis patients. A complete stranger people with warm hearts, gave their warmth to our guys, by responding to their dreams in networks.

Its very important to know, that you can always count on the assistance in every situation! One of my moms said a beautiful phrase Such people inspire faith and hope in better and in other people and I completely support it! My low bow before all concerned people from my parents, from children and from me personally.



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