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Alina Belyaeva, 8 year old - Acute lymphoblasticleukemia

Fundraising is closed! Chemotherapy is successfully completed. At the moment, the family does not need funds.

Author: Vakulinskaya Alina, translated by Elena Gonchar, deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-01-20 10-50-00 Viewed, times: 3378
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Alina Belyaeva, born 11.01.2009

Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblasticleukemia.

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ATTENTION! AS AT 17.10.2018: Fundraising closed!
Chemotherapy is successfully completed. At the moment, the family does not need funds.

Alina was born a healthy child on the joy of the parents. She was brought up in the close-knit family and was surrounded by love. She went to school following the end of the garden. She has a great talent for painting, this is her favorite hobby. Also, she has a dream to visit a Paris and will be a singer.

Alina grew up very active child. She had very active lifestyle bicycles, boards, trampolining, thats why emergence of bruises, firstly, didnt alert her parent. But once, the blood drew from her aching tooth and started bleeding. Here the family raised the alarm

Family went to a children's polyclinic, where she was administered first aid. There was voiced an early diagnosis acute leukemia. It was shock, crying, pain. Who knows the word oncology, that understands, what experienced family and our heroine.

At the Zaporizhzhya Oblast Children's Clinical Hospital Alina was tested and passed two rounds of chemo. She staying in hospital from 22 October till now. She was prescribed high-risk groups and hight dosage therapy. Unfortunately such procedure doesnt take place in clinic of Zaporizhya. Parents applied to foreign clinics, but responded positively only Belarus; they can take Alina on treatment. Provisional amount 43 000$ (1 234 000 UAH), it will vary during childs treatment.

We really need your help.. We cant handle our self! We beg you help us to save a girl, so that we will be able to make her dream come true and give her happy carefree childhood, and life filled with colors- refers to us Alinas father.

The family lives in Zaporizhya.

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
05.10.2018Svetlana .Ukraine3.55 US dollars
26.06.2018Mariya L.Ukraine19.06 US dollars
13.06.2018K.Dn.Ukraine3.83 US dollars
16.04.2018Mariya L.Ukraine38.28 US dollars
10.04.2018AnonymousUkraine0.93 US dollars
07.04.2018Nadezhda T.Ukraine3.86 US dollars
20.03.2018Mariya L.Ukraine38.07 US dollars
18.03.2018Nadezhda T.Ukraine3.81 US dollars
21.02.2018Box for donationUkraine8.5 US dollars
27.12.2017Box for donationUkraine10.38 US dollars
27.12.2017Box for donationUkraine7.16 US dollars
30.11.2017Box for donationUkraine9.62 US dollars
03.11.2017Box for donationUkraine20.46 US dollars
11.10.2017Box for donationUkraine10.47 US dollars
10.10.2017Kristina N.Ukraine3.72 US dollars
06.10.2017Sergej V.Ukraine18.47 US dollars
29.09.2017Box for donationUkraine6.42 US dollars
15.09.2017N. FurmanovaUkraine1.15 US dollars
01.09.2017SergejUkraine11.35 US dollars
17.07.2017Box for donationUkraine7.69 US dollars
29.06.2017Box for donationUkraine14.57 US dollars
08.06.2017Elena F.Ukraine7.63 US dollars
06.06.2017Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine5250.17 US dollars
02.06.2017Mariya L.Ukraine38.06 US dollars
26.05.2017Box for donationUkraine19.8 US dollars
24.04.2017Box for donationUkraine9.76 US dollars
14.04.2017Mariya L.Ukraine37.22 US dollars
18.03.2017Vadim B.Ukraine1.11 US dollars
26.02.2017Aleksandr E.Ukraine1.81 US dollars
21.02.2017Inna S.Ukraine1.85 US dollars
21.02.2017OlgaUkraine17.99 US dollars
20.02.2017Tat'yana M.Ukraine7.4 US dollars
19.02.2017Natal'ya P.Ukraine7.26 US dollars
17.02.2017Taras B.Ukraine36.03 US dollars
17.02.2017Natal'yaUkraine0.72 US dollars
17.02.2017Artur E.Ukraine7.43 US dollars
17.02.2017Yurij A.Ukraine9.33 US dollars
16.02.2017Svetlana D.Ukraine3.68 US dollars
16.02.2017Viktoriya P.Ukraine0.74 US dollars
16.02.2017Evgenij G.Ukraine9.14 US dollars
16.02.2017Lyubov' F.Ukraine17.87 US dollars
15.02.2017Nikolaj K.Ukraine3.68 US dollars
15.02.2017Vladislava K.Ukraine3.68 US dollars
15.02.2017Oksana D.Ukraine3.68 US dollars
15.02.2017Yuliya A.Ukraine14.3 US dollars
15.02.2017AnonymousUkraine3.57 US dollars
15.02.2017Ekaterina Y.Ukraine10.72 US dollars
15.02.2017AnonymousUkraine3.66 US dollars
15.02.2017Yuliya .Ukraine1.08 US dollars
15.02.2017Natal'ya Kh.Ukraine3.66 US dollars
15.02.2017Yuliya .Ukraine3.68 US dollars
15.02.2017Aleksandr K.Ukraine3.66 US dollars
15.02.2017Aleksandr S.Ukraine7.31 US dollars
15.02.2017Zalevskaya Anna NikolaevnaUkraine7.35 US dollars
15.02.2017VitalinaUkraine6.1 US dollars
14.02.2017Dar'ya N.Ukraine7.35 US dollars
08.02.2017Anastasiya Z.Ukraine1.87 US dollars
08.02.2017Svitlana P.Australia102 US dollars
02.02.2017Svetlana L.Ukraine1.85 US dollars
31.01.2017Anonimych AnonimUkraine0.35 US dollars
26.01.2017Dmitry K.Ukraine5.51 US dollars
24.01.2017Anonimnyj zhertvovatel'Ukraine3.55 US dollars
22.01.2017MusicUkraine1.76 US dollars
20.01.2017DenisUkraine7.04 US dollars
16.01.2017AnonymousUkraine3.51 US dollars
16.01.2017Irina S.Ukraine0.88 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 5938.15 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
21.11.2018Medicines216.11 US dollars
13.07.2017Treatment in the clinic HELIOS Berlin-Buch (Germany)5325.21 US dollars
13.07.2017Treatment in the clinic HELIOS Berlin-Buch (Germany)81.05 US dollars
16.05.2017Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain20.4 US dollars
21.04.2017Medicinal preparations: Depakin syrup, Octenisept26.95 US dollars
22.03.2017Medications: Sodium chloride 24 pack, Oliklinomel 3 pkg.385.37 US dollars
09.03.2017Medications: Holoksan 2 pack76.63 US dollars
03.03.2017Medications: Depakine syrup pack 2, Nurofen forte 2 pack, 2 pack Octenisept, UkrLiv suspension48.17 US dollars
08.02.2017Medications: Ukrliv 4 pack12.56 US dollars
30.12.2016Multisrezovaya computed tomography of the chest and mediastinum19.12 US dollars
30.12.2016Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain19.86 US dollars
21.12.2016Medications: Ukrliv susp.oral. 250mg - 2 pkg6.29 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 6238 US dollars

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