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Mother Anya shares news about her son Bratushkin Misha

Author: Anya Bratushkina, Olga Vovk, translated by Elena Gonchar, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-01-29 20-00-00 Viewed, times: 857
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Hello, IТll tell you a little bit about my Misha. Autumn was not very good for our health. We were diagnosed chronic pseudomonas in sowing in lungs in September. Pseudomonas seeded in large numbers, despite intravenous antibioticТs therapy,. Misha was losing weight, had bad sleep because of cough, he was running a temperature. It was prescribed inhalation of antibiotics colomycin. We got it thanks to good people and fund; many thanks to all our helpers. Our family couldnТt buy it ourselves because itТs very expensive, and we should inhale it at least during three month.

Misha feels good now, but he has lack of energy, tires quickly. But we believe, that thanks to right therapy the number of pseudomonas will reduce and we will keep it in check and everything will be ok. We also should pass medical examination of gastroenterologist. We bother much that Misha has enlarged spleen. He also worries about it, as he is a big boy and understands that cirrhosis of the liver and splenomegaly are very serious dangerous diagnoses.

IТll necessarily write you results after examination. Anyway we try staying positive. December and January are our favorite months as they represent our favorite holidays MishaТs Birthday, New Year and Christmas! We are very grateful to our kind wizards, which gave him presents under the Christmas tree. Misha was very glad!

Misha continued learning on homeschooling. We try as many as possible walk in any weather and in free from inhalation and kinetic therapy time. We go to the park and feed homeless animals every day. There are all news now. I want once more wholeheartedly thank all kind people and УHappy ChildФ fund for the invaluable assistance, with which you save lives children with cystic fibrosis, and you donТt let us, their parents, give up. With respect, Bratushkina Anna.

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