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Our Fund is proud of Sasha Boronin`s being so courageous and continues supporting him in rehabilitation that he really needs

ЂTake care of your family and yourself! Thank you very much for your supporting me at a time when I needed it so much!ї

Author: Yulia Moisiuk, Aleksandr Boronin, deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-04-06 17-00-00 Viewed, times: 673
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On 26.02.2017 Sasha and his mother returned home, they were eager anticipating the coming back home and finally, it happened. It was very difficult to get used to your home life, as after 100 days in a hospital ward he got unaccustomed to home. Now the status of Alexander if to take into account all his injuries is stabilizing. Sasha would like the most to forget everything that happened, but it`s not so easy. Doctors prescribed Sasha 6-9 months of rehabilitation, and during this period, he must not lift anything nor eat anything harder than cooked sausages. What about future plans, the mouth has to be completely restored and this includes artificial teeth, replacement of the dental fillings that dropped out due to the accident, but they can start it only after 6-9 months, doctors said.

This is frustrating to write about it, but during the jaw surgery aiming to replace one condyle, it came the thing that Sasha were afraid the most, regardless all the doctors` efforts. This is about the neck structure that became unstable. But, the guy didn`t not collapse, because there are few cases when people had stayed alive after such an accidents, so the principle of Alexander is Уwe have be satisfied with what we haveФ. Generally, Sasha is happy with his life, he has loving friends and mom who keeps the morale up in such a sad situation.

Our Foundation, Alexander`s mother of Sacha personally are grateful to all those who was not indifferent and helped him in his the most difficult days.

ЂTake care of your family and yourself! Thank you very much for your supporting me at a time when I needed!ї

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