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In Olia Kazakova`s life is best and most interesting with every day!

I am grateful to You All! Thank you for giving her the Chance to survive, endure and win the fight for the Life!

Author: Valentina Kazakova, Olga Vovk, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-07-02 16-00-00 Viewed, times: 824
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I am Valentina Kazakova (Olia`s mother). I would like to speak about the events that are happening in Olia`s life now, how we cope and how we feel about it.

After we were discharged from the hospital, we arrived home and clearly realized that we needed much more improvement. We need to engage more in respiration exercise, do more physical exercise, and keep a positive attitude. The present status of Olia`s lungs requires huge effort and, of course drugs (they are so expensive, but, unfortunately, they are needed). Only these conditions could yield positive results.

Now we do Colistin inhalations course at home. This antibiotic is very expensive, but very effective as well for the cystic fibrosis treatment. Unfortunately, the parents of children who are sick with this disease usually cannot afford these drugs. And then charitable foundations come to aid, people who care, I am grateful to You All! Thank you for giving her the Chance to survive, endure and win the fight for the Life!

From our side, we try to make every day maximally interesting, fully useful and vivid. In addition to school curriculum (at home) Olia does sculpture, painting, sewing, embroidery, even chemical experiments (of course only when an adults is present). For now we see her enjoying sculpture. And horse riding, of course, it is her favorite hobby! She is so excited when it is time to go for training, and after classes she stays for longer time with the horses feeding them, Sailor and Star, with apples and carrots. After that we usually walk and discuss, so happy. Like this, on the open air, close to the nature and pets she forgets about everything! Being in such a mood and positive we are able to "move mountains" and dream about the future. The Life is beautiful if there is the Hope and the Belief in victory.

Thank you for your kind and pure hearts, for helping our children!

With regards and gratitude, your Valentina Kazakova (Olia`s mother).

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