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News of the Karpachov brothers

The elder brother Cyril is eager to share about the events happening in their life.

Author: Olga Vovk, the Korpachov family, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-07-06 18-30-00 Viewed, times: 1028
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This spring I was in hospital. Under countless infusions and injections, as always. But, fortunately, my veins did not disappoint me, and they needed to change the catheter just 3 times.

After a 10-day "holiday" I started again to repeat the school program and to prepare for the EIT graduation exams. I registered for the courses at the Institute and go there continuously to be more confident in myself when passing the exams. Recently the Dean of the Medical School derailed me, he suggested I would not register for such an institution because of the high risk of catching some infection, as any contagion is very bad for me. But I didn`t give up on my dream to help little children, and we decided, all the family, that I will apply for a child speech therapist - rehabilitologist at the Hortytsia National High School.

Thanks to the Fund and two aunts Olia and Olia we were invited for a photo session at the entertainment center "Children's Planet". Tymofii and me, we liked it a lot, Tymmi surprised us of being very serious, one could read on his face that he was stunned to be in a new environment.

Another interesting news is we figured out how to translate Tymofii`s babbling into a language understandable to ordinary people. For example: "Nya" means give and "Nya-Nya" stands for my favorite sausage, and many other interesting words. He makes a lot of noise beeping, breaking everything down and mocking the cat and dog like he did it before. He made my headphones dead, that were donated by the Fund. They have already hundred layers of electrical tape and metals on.

I am grateful to The Happy Child Foundation for the joy and a great number of medications that they provide me every day.

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