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Good news!

Aniutka Diatlova`s mother shares good news with us.

Author: Olga Vovk, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-05-25 19-50-00 Viewed, times: 747
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Hello, dear friends!

We want to share some recent good news!)

On 19-th April we went to Zaporizhia to see our doctors. They liked Aniutka`s state, the results of analyses were good as well, we did bacteriologic culture analysis of the nasopharynx. Mostly it's good, except for some bacteria growth but they are not so bad for us. We did a Doppler imaging of the heart and it showed positive dynamics! Therefore, our girl does not have to take Enalapril and Ambroxol anymore. Ursodeoxycholic Acid is another medication that was lifted with a view to check how the liver is functioning without it. We started to take Pancreatin instead as Annie has already grown up well.

The next visit to a doctor is assigned in three months. The doctor also advised Anna to go to dance classes. Now we think what classes we should leave, because she goes to a lot of extracurricular activities and special classes and there is simply no time for dancing.

Annie grows, develops and learns this world with curiosity. We are very happy that everything is ok. We are grateful to you for the material and moral support. Thank you very much!



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