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Vanyas Struggle

We are starting collections for the ongoing and future rehabilitation (second round of rehabilitation is planned for July 30, 2017)

Author: Vakulinskaya Alina, deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-05-29 13-45-00 Viewed, times: 757
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The last 18 months have been very tough for Vanya He went through 4 surgeries and very difficult rehabilitation.

But Vanya is a real fighter who has worked really hard.

The latest surgery was in March 2017. Vanya was in a cast for a month following the surgery. This was followed by difficult rehabilitation at home. This is just a brief description of what the boy had to go through. There is also another side of the story, the emotional ups and downs of pain, despair, hope and recovery, as well as tears of joy after the first signs of improvement. A child must not only see the hospital walls, but have a chance to be a kid and enjoy childhood.

Vanyas family could never have coped with all the challenges had it not been for the support of their family, friends and perfect strangers who have made an incredible contribution in our heros life.

According to Vanyas mom: There are multiple rehabilitation courses still ahead of us, and we have no other choice than to ask for more help. We understand that we live in difficult times and that many people are dealing with their own difficulties, but we have no other options. A lot has been done and achieved and we cannot afford to stop now. And unfortunately we cannot succeed without financial resources.

We are starting collection of funds for ongoing rehabilitation (massages at home, medication which has been prescribed by the doctors) as well as the second rehabilitation course which will take place at the hospital INNOVO starting on July 30, 2017. We need 28,560 UAH. There is a lot to be done, but we believe that we will succeed!

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