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Children Needs a Family: Anastasia born in 2005, Nikolay born in 2009 and Viktoria born in 2006

A sporting family. Nastia є0296675, Kolia є0296677 and Vika є0296679.

Author: Anastasia Lysenko; and editor: Ruslan Zhyrov, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-06-13 13-40-00 Viewed, times: 2601
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Little Nistia was born in 2005. The eldest and the most responsible girl, she always says that she will never let offense anyone of her loved ones. She likes math, dancing ballet and hip hop. During our interview all the time she was following her younger sister and brother, Vika and Kolya. Her favorite hobby is to educate and teach small children about the goodness and the keeping everything in order. Nastia is very kind girl, so she says that happiness is mom and dad without addictions. On the street, she walks, runs, jumps with pleasure, and even climbs stairs in high heels.

The younger brother Kolia was born in 2009. He is cheerful, active, strong boy, and very shy at the same time. During the interview, he was hugging his elder sister firmly, because he still needed care and love of elder ones. When we were in the Sports Hall, he tried to show his best strong masculine side raising carefully the dumbbells, spinning hula hoop, walking on his hands.

Later, on the street, he was playing ball with pleasure with hands and even heading it. He was running up and down the stairs joyfully with his sisters, boasting of his strength, agility and speed, watching the buds on the trees, and resting on the bench with his sisters.

Vika was born in 2006, she is second child in the family. During the interview she was embracing firmly a soft white fluffy toy sheep. She believes that all people should be kind. She loves sports like her brother, especially gymnastics, she can even do back and front flips, walk bending over backwards, spin hula hoop on hand and even on the neck. She was trying hard to show her merits in front of the camera. On the street, she enjoyed playing badminton with her sister and was watching insects.

She also changed shoes with the elder sister for heels very quickly and with pleasure, and started walking proudly on them in front of the camera.

These wonderful children have two more younger brothers who didn`t appear on the video: Maxim 04.11.2013 #0296683 and Arthur 24.02.2012 #0296681

If you are interested in adopting Oleg, please read the memo to the potential adoptive parents, guardians, and foster parents; you can also contact ChildrenТs Affairs' service of the Zaporozhia State Administration by telephone (061) 239-01-56.and say the number of the children`s profiles in the same order - Nastia є0296675, Kolia є0296677 and Vika є0296679.

If for some reason you are currently not able to adopt (for example, you are a student and do not have a family of your own yet) you are still able to help children at a boarding school (an orphanage with your financial support. Ways you can help include: planning and participating in excursions and trips for children; visiting a child in an orphanage; or helping purchase developmental toys, books, construction sets, and sports equipment.

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