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Test of Daniil Arrows of hospital routine

The courage and resilience are not of child`s nature, because of the disease that has raised him this way.

Author: Olga Vovk, deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-07-04 13-30-00 Viewed, times: 1028
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I want to tell you some news about Daniil.

Daniel spent almost entire month of March at the hospital, his treatment lasted 25 days. This was an unexpected "gift" for his mother for a spring holiday. But we've already put up with such "gifts" of destiny, the main thing for us is the health of our child. A disease exacerbation, we have cystic fibrosis, brought us to the hospital.

Our child was harassed by painful cough around the clock. Immediately he got prescription for two antibiotics intravenously. And then, big problems of veins had started. As Daniil had 5 intravenous injections per day, catheters got out of order. We have already stopped counting, how many drips were changed, there were days when catheters changed three times. Our child`s nerves were frayed by the pain in hands that were terrible bruised. But he is a man and therefore he endured. As we are in the hospital already one months and a half, we come here as to our home, the medical staff support us.

Daniil had a standard examination at the hospital, that was ultrasound diagnostic of the heart and abdominal cavity, chest X-ray, blood and feces tests. Apart from main disease Daniel has problems with liver (fibrosis F3) and kidney (stones and salts deposition).

In the hospital Daniil had a course of medical gymnastics and of chest drainage. He likes a lot going for exercise therapy.

To miss break dance classes during the treatment was the hardest thing for him. He loves breakdancing, it brings him a lot of satisfaction and, of course, keeps him fit physically.

For cystic fibrosis patients sports are absolutely essential.

For parents the hardest is the financial side of treatment. All medications are expensive, especially antibiotics. The treatment took us more than 600 USD, that is very big money for us. In our hospital, alas, nothing goes through state support. The Fund helped us to get Adamethioninum for intravenous; this is a medicine to maintain liver. THANKS A LOT to them for that!

At the end of treatment, Daniil`s state was much better, we even visited the exhibition "Time Machine". Our friends came to visit to the hospital several times, and one fairy godmother (her name is Elena) sent very delicious sweets to Daniil.

Our dear helpers, our family really hopes for your support as Danny`s treatment must be continuous and permanent. We are not able to afford such amounts.

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