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Sasha and Liosha

Let's create decent living conditions for the children from Kalinovka together.

Author: Rafael Verenych, deti.zp.ua Published: 2018-02-06 21-00-00 Viewed, times: 2739
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We wrote about the situation with our wards from Kalinovka a year ago. Sasha Sidko, Liosha Romanov and Sasha Kosormygin had to return to the Chernigov psychoneurological (mental) institution from the Happy Home because of the bureaucracy then. Today they are the youngest and the most defenseless in the mental institution, because they are not able to walk. They share room with two more fellows, who are also not walking. As the director of the mental institution said, "This is the most difficult room".

Unfortunately, the mental institution cannot afford to hire enough staff. There are 28 people living in the building, and only two nurses taking care of them (it is necessary to specify the number of pupils and staff).

A considerable part of mental institution wards are able to take care of themselves to some extent, whereas our friends are limited in such opportunities. Just imagine how difficult it is for a nurse to feed, change diapers and clothes, and wash a mature young man. But the most important problem is that the fellows are lacking for communication and attention.

Thanks to Irina, the volunteer from Kyiv, and the donors she invited, we hired two assistants. We call them tutors, because their duties involve not only care for the boys, but also their intellectual development. For example, Sasha Sidko can read books, listen to the audio books, because now there is a person who keeps, charges and turns the player on. Liosha Romanov is able to paint, draw, and write letters and numbers.

Additional employees pay more attention to the boys, talk to them, take them out for a walk. From the time they were hired, the room became cleaner; the worry disappeared from the boysТ eyes. But this idyll is temporary, as we donТt have much money to pay the tutors, and some time later the fellows will have to return to their usual life. Let's together give the boys decent living conditions, join the fund-raising for the tutorsТ salaries.

To transfer the donation, please press the button УDonateФ and visit the site section where all the possible ways of transfer are placed.

After the funds transfer, please, send to e-mail info@deti.zp.ua the date, sum of money, account to which the donation was sent, and the special purpose - "Donation for tutors for Sasha and Liosha". We also ask you to indicate your name to display you in the report.

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