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Vladislav Logvin, 14 years old - cerebral palsy. УI want to get up from the wheelchair.Ф

Vlad is confident that the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia will wait for him because he wants to learn to walk on his own. He dreams of playing soccer with kids his age, running on the grass, and traveling, rather than sitting at home.

Author: Natalia Moroz, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2018-05-10 20-00-00 Viewed, times: 1724
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Vlad was born weighing 980 grams. Doctors gave dismal projections. VladТs whole life is a struggle with cerebral palsy: massage, exercise therapy, simulators and endless rehab centers. Even so, Vlad participates in master classes and events in his hometown. Thanks to the help of ICF UBB (), he visited Truskavets clinic in the western Ukraine twice last year for physical therapy. The outcome was very positive Ц Vlad walks with a walker more confidently, balances, and does pushups and situps.

In addition to the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, he has 2-3 degree sensorineural hearing loss requiring him to wear two earphones. In spite of everything, this child very confidently pursues all possibilities to improve his condition.

VladТs body is in a growth spurt necessitating doubling rehabilitation intensity so that his posture does not twist from spasticity. Regular courses in Truskavets and other centers give results, but this process is long and costly, and requires traveling about 20 hours by train to each way. But the main thing is that there is hope that Vlad's dream will come true. He will learn to walk and be able to travel, as he dreams of instead of watching TV.

Vlad plans to begin the next rehabilitation course in September 2018 and asked for assistance in raising funds. The amount needed is $450 USD.

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