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If the stars will meet on sport Olympus!

For the pupils of boarding-school of Molochansk great plans are on 2019.

Author: Yuriy Kovalevskiy, deti.zp.ua Published: 2019-04-01 16-30-00 Viewed, times: 1021
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The very expected final tournaments of the 2018-2019 sports season for young athletes of Molochansk Sports Club "Squall"; are approaching. The first of these is the performance in the open Melitopol Floorball Championship of the younger squad "Squall"; in the category of juniors under 9 in April. Kids prepare to perform in May and June for the Special Olympics of Ukraine for people with disabilities on football in Nikolaev and for swimming in Odessa. For the same months, the senior junior teams "Squall"; from 13 and 15 years of age are actively training at the "Floorball Knight Tournament"; in Boryspil on the floorball all-round in Odessa, and at the summer international floorball tournament in Lviv. Now boys and girls are delighted with the more sophisticated sport - volleyball. All-Ukrainian competitions will be held by the Special Olympics of Ukraine in October in Vinnitsa.

Also, the Special Olympics of Ukraine, the regional center of which is the Boarding School of Molochansk and the Union of Floorball Societies of the Ukrainian Floorball Federation, a member of which is the school sports club "Squall", have signed a cooperation agreement. The purpose of the contract is to attract children with special needs to active floorball matches and prepare a national floorball team from Ukraine for the World Special Olympics 2020 games that will be held at the home of floorball in Sweden. The young players of the "Squall" of Molochansk have every chance to get into the national team of Ukraine, if ... stars of children, coaches and sponsors will come together!

The development of sports in boarding-school is now supported by the well-known Foundation "Happy Child" of Zaporizhzhya by its project at the Ukrainian Charity. Support children here - "From Sports to Social Integration"

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