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Sensible charity is socialization through sports!

At Molochansk Special Boarding School in Zaporizka oblast, achievements in sports and socialization have been preparing pupils for adulthood. Now they hope caring people will support the program.

Author: Natalya Moroz, Yuriy Kovalskiy, deti.zp.ua Published: 2019-08-19 10-30-00 Viewed, times: 913
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Sports are the best way to rehabilitate and socialize children who, in various circumstances, find themselves in special educational institutions. Participation in large-scale sports activities enables such children to form and prepare themselves as individuals for adulthood within the boarding school. For many years, sports club Molochansk Squall has carried out this charitable cause for Molochansk Special Boarding School. The importance of this work was validated by victory in the 2019 Charity Zaporizhzhia competition in the category "Good starts with you", in the regional competition We are the City, and listing in the top 100 best social projects of Ukraine. Such honors inspire new achievements not only of the club's coaches, but also of young squallers.

Competitions in the 2019-2020 sports season of the All-Ukrainian Floorball League and the Special Olympics of Ukraine begin in September. This is an opportunity for orphans, children with disabilities, and children from large families with low income who attend the Molochansk school to compete for the All-Ukrainian Floorball Leagues Ukraine Cup, and of course, to participate in the All-Ukrainian Championship games for children with disabilities in floorball, volleyball, football, basketball at the Special Olympics of Ukraine.

Assistance in the purchase of floorball equipment and other sports gear is essential for a successful start to the season.

The Children sincerely express their gratitude to all friends who for a long time have helped them to feel like real athletes and worthy members of society. The young athletes promise their friends, partners, and sponsors to remain true fighters this year.

You can help our growing winners by supporting our project Sports for Social Integration! at the Ukrainian Charity Exchange (UBB).

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