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Kirill Leskov asks all wizards and saints for a chance to live at home not hospital.

Author: Olha Vovk, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2020-02-01 19-37-00 Viewed, times: 318
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An ordeal of nearly five months is on hold! From August to December, Kirill, aged 11 years, and his mother continuously stayed at the Kyiv Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Thinking that they would have only a brain MRI and urinary system x-ray, they packed bags for only one week. Unfortunately, УMan proposes, God disposes.Ф

At first, the news was rather good: MRI showed improvement. The right brain was rebuilding after a stroke and new blood vessels had developed. No changes were seen in the left hemisphere.

Then the urinary system was examined which revealed serious problems. The longer they stayed, the more problems that arose. Kirill underwent many short-term suprapubic cystostomy procedures (catheter inserted into the bladder to drain urine). The doctor hoped that the bladder would start working this way. Throughout September, every attempt failed. After each, a nephrostomy (catheter directly into kidney) had to be placed to drain the kidney. Soon, a kidney infection developed.

In October, the doctor decided to examine the patient more thoroughly to find the root cause of the problem. An x-ray showed that the ureter (which drains urine from the kidney) was kinked. Surgical correction is not possible because the kidney was surrounded by scar tissue, leaving the ureter inaccessible. Because of the high risk of kidney failure, only two new ducts were made to drain urine.

Doctors also found and tried to remove a 3.5 cm fecal stone, but failed. They think that Kirill has intestinal duplication subsequent to an earlier colostomy. Another surgery was scheduled to construct a new opening in early 2020.

On December 19, St. Nicholas Day in Ukraine, Kirill was discharged to go home! He had pleaded very strongly for such a priceless gift! His pleas were heard! But in mid-January, his ordeal resumes. It is necessary to stabilize the output of the urinary system, because the one kidney cannot function through the nephrostomy anymore. Plus, a surgery to remove the fecal stone is needed.

The family really needs our support! Over the previous five months of treatment, the familyТs savings were depleted. The parents ask for support at such a difficult time! Surgeries at the Institute are free, but require considerable amount of medication in the post-surgical period. By experience of the previous surgeries, about $330 USD (?8,000UAH) will be required.

We also believe that it is possible to break out of this vicious circle! Only financial and prayer support is needed. Please help KirillТs dreams to come true!

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