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Zaporizhye charity foundation Happy Child was a winner of the national contest Charitable Ukraine for a second year.

Best in Ukraine!

Author: Nikolai Kolodyazhni, translated by Mariya Onishchenko, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-04-02 12-00-00 Viewed, times: 950
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Zaporizhye charity foundation Happy Child, known for the site DETI.ZP.UA, was recognized as the best regional charitable organization of Ukraine. This decision was taken by the jury of the national contest Charitable Ukraine. The awards ceremony for winners was held on March 24, 2016, in Kiev, at the national cultural complex Art Arsenal.

The Charitable Ukraine competition was founded in 2007 to promote the best philanthropic and most effective charitable initiatives. This competition is organized by the Association of Philanthropists of Ukraine. As part of the competition, the best Ukrainian philanthropists - charities, non-governmental organizations, volunteers, businesses, children's and youth groups, and individuals - received the highest award to a Ukrainian charity, the Angel of Kindness, and with this, the recognition and appreciation of Ukrainian society.

The national competition commission, consisting of six permanent members and 38 external experts, evaluated 712 applications which were submitted for the 16 categories of the competition. The experts studied the applications and assigned scores for various criteria. Then scores were summed for each nominee's total points.

In the category "Philanthropist - regional charitable fund", Happy Child won the award for 2016. This honor in this same category was previously bestowed on Happy Child in 2014. According to the president of the Association of philanthropists of Ukraine Alexander Maksymchuk, the second award came as a surprise to everyone because the vote was held behind closed doors, but such was the decision of the competition committee.

The winner's diploma and the symbolic "Angel of Kindness" award was accepted on behalf of Happy Child by its head of projects, Nikolai Kolodyazhni. He said, "The victory in the competition is a credit not only to the merit of all employees of our foundation. This is the result of common efforts of volunteers to help our work, the benefactors who trust us with their donations, journalists telling about our requests, and everyone who helps Happy Child by word and deed."

The organizing committee gave a special posthumous award in the category "People's Benefactor" to a well-known volunteer from Zaporizhye, Irina Gavrisheva, one of the founders of Happy Child. The symbolic Angel of Kindness in memory of the good deeds done during the life of Irina was accepted by her mother, Natalia Gavrisheva, also a volunteer. (Irina was recently awarded another prestigious national award, the Voice of Charity.)

In addition, we are pleased to congratulate our colleagues and friends from Zaporizhye in the - volunteer group Angels, on winning in the category "Philanthropist: children and youth organizations".

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