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KolyaТs dreams of health

It would seem that all the worst is over, but .. Kolya Bozborodin is not allowed to leave hospitals and examinations. Our fighter needs support again.

Author: Olga Vovk, deti.zp.ua Published: 2018-01-03 10-40-00 Viewed, times: 1132
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After the surgery to remove the tumor in Zaporozhye, Kolya tries to live like a normal child, forget about everything (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and sore stimulants of blood and constant pains).

7-th class finished with a laudable sheet, plays in his spare time with a younger sister, helps his mother. But, the terrible disease does not allow to forget about itself, very poor health, the child is on individual training, practically all time the lowered pressure and temperature.

Yes, and the postoperative suture repeatedly diverged, which is a consequence of the fact that tissues affected by chemotherapy and radiotherapy do not heal well. On the recommendation of the attending physician, Kolya, he is shown conducting PET-CT for monitoring the postoperative period, as well as consulting at the Neo Life clinic in Istanbul, to solve the problem with the postoperative cavity in the upper palate, which constantly diverge after suturing.

KolyaТs mum, it's very embarrassing to ask you for help again, but they canТt cope on their own. The price of the question is 46,000 hryvnia, it is they who will clarify the question of why the seams on our hero "canТt hold on" and whether it can be "sewed" again. Mom in the family is the only breadwinner, Kolya does not have popes, the salaries in their village are very meager, they themselves never have to collect the necessary amount. They believe that you will not leave them in trouble again, that everything will be better, and the son will hear the long-awaited "Healthy, free!".

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