Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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We ask everyone for help in gifting this beautiful girl a happy childhood free of pain
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Help Mikhail build the future he dreams of and deserves
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Children born with cystic fibrosis are by nature gifted with a special intelligence and creative approach to life. Grisha is an example of this. But in order for our little genius to live, we need your financial support.
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My boy is not worse than any other, healthy child, but due to the circumstances he needs more care and attention and also a lot more drugs without which he will not be able to survive
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Vladislav needs urgent surgery in the Ladisten orthopedic cosmetology hospital. His parents are at the end of their resources, current treatment brings improvements, but they practically have no money to continueЕ
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Olga urgently needs financial assistance for her next round of chemotherapy. Please help this fragile young lady look forward to the future with confidence and to be happy
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Our Dasha is a special child. Firstly, because she is very talented, and secondly because she lives with cystic fibrosis. For our young talent to live, she needs to take a handful of expensive pills every day.
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These siblings urgently need financial support! MiraТs kidneys are drastically starting to fail, so she has to be examined in Germany as soon as possible. Danil, who has recently beaten cancer, is scheduled to have his implanted leg prosthesis lengthening
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As a result of purulent meningitis a lover of singing and dancing can no longer hear the music. Help Snezhana buy a hearing aid and return her happy childhood!
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Today we live in the time which is hard for everyone, but still we ask you, our dear helpers, to help save little Masha. Now this girl is going through high-dose chemotherapy. She will probably need bone marrow transplantation
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It is hard to realize that such a young boy is fighting the third recurrence of his disease! StasТs family members till the last moment hoped that they would cope with the treatment costs themselves, but all the possible reserves have been depleted
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Viktoria is being prepared for a donor transplantation which will most likely take place in a couple of weeks. This surgery will require approximately 2,600 US dollars for medical drugs only. Let's help this young lady in this difficult time!
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We are fighting for our son and our life is often like a nightmare but we want our boy to be happy and we really need your help!
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For many years, this small fragile lady lives with a terrible diagnosis: chronic renal disease, and KatyaТs life is regulated by its strict rules
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Faith and mother's love can accomplish a great deal. Little Andrey has achieved a lot recently but he still has to fight for his freedom. Let's all together prove that miracles can happen and help little Andrey!
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Sasha and Roma Bryansky, two joyful boys Ц they became orphans four years ago. Nobody thought that the fate would be so cruel to one of the boys
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Danil urgently needs an expensive surgery in the city of Moscow: according to the preliminary consultations with doctors, the surgery will cost the family 3,738 US dollars!
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The surgery to remove the tumor in the Burdenko Research Institute of Neurosurgery will cost approximately 6350 US dollars
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Competently resolved issues with availability of equipment of high quality help to preserve health and save money
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A few cycles of chemotherapy are ahead of this girl... Anna's dream "to leave Kiev and have no pain in the leg" can become a reality with your help!
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Stanislav had his leg amputated and he urgently needs 2,765 US dollars for his coming chemotherapy. Challenges make a person stronger. Stanislav is just like that. Support him, please!
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Despite congenital anomaly of right lower limb Arkhip has a chance to walk on his own. This baby has from 8 to 10 expensive surgeries to go through in the future. The boyТs family will be very grateful to you for any help!
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Little Andrei is fighting bravely for his life. This battleТs price is half a million euros. LetТs all of us make a miracle and save the child!
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The amount of money that needs to be collected before March 2016, as of today (09.10.2015) is 28,000 USD. Please support little Nikita!
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"Why was I born to stay in the hospital?"
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Two-year-old Arthur can't sit or walk yet. Every day he suffers from constant epileptic seizures. There is hope but no money. Please help us raise funds for the next course of treatment in October!
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Little and smiling Liza needs our financial support now so much. She is currently preparing for her checkup trip to Germany. Help her, please!
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The latest brain scan has shown that AlyonaТs tumour is backЕ She can feel it by headaches and seizuresЕThe girl urgently needs 4,608 for life-saving surgery!
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Kristina needs your support again! The only way to beat hepatitis B and D is to raise approximately 11,000 US dollars! LetТs help this lively girl together!
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Little Margarita needs approximately 970 US dollars a month to keep on breathing. LetТs help this sweet little lady to celebrate many more birthdays ahead!
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Natasha was slowly coming back to her life after a long and exhausting battle against cancer. Now, two years later, the girl is facing a relapseЕ
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