Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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Taisia vitally needs an expensive medicine, Sinacthen Depot, one ampoule of which costs about USD 27 (UAH700)
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"Sorry to bother you, but I need your moral support!
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Before the end of March 2016, we urgently need to collect $260, and before the end of the year - $1040
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Belarusian doctors are willing to treat Nastya, but the operation costs a lot of money - $170 000. Unfortunately, none of the family members are suitable bone marrow donors for Nastya
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Alyona is anticipating a long and expensive treatment of Temodal and radiotherapy.
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Little Makar is just one year seven months old, but instead of playing with other children and enjoying his new toys, he has to fight his cancer, fight for his life.
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Urgent help needed! Help mother to save her only son! That unfortunate January morning, Aleksandr Boronin thought that nothing bad could ever happen to him.
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Currently the boy needs 40 ampoules of Uromitexan. And only God knows what treatment will be necessary in future.
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The cost of dialysis in the initial stage is $6000. We have collected about $1000 so far, but this is not enough ...
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Right now we need 8,000 UAH for the consultation at Oxmatdet and another 6,000 UAH for his rehabilitation in Khmelnitsky.
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I am trying to earn money for Nazars healthy growth; but earning 7700 euros is an impossible task for me. I cannot earn this vast sum. That is why I ask you to help us. - Elena, mother of Nazar.
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And againDasha is in need of Your help to fight cancer! She needs resources for the costly and lengthy course of chemotherapy. Any help gifts the girl with the hope and possibility of better tomorrow.
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Two brothers, twice as much happiness twice as much worries for one frail woman. Alyona asks for help for her children.
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I rely on help of the kind people despite of the hard times. Great thanks to all who has already helped my son!
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One can talk or write about the little Pelasha only with a smile on ones face. She is constantly moving, jumping and smiling around!
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Mother of these guys, Lyudmila is worrying about her sons and waits for the time them to begin living a full life. My kids require kidney transplantation badly. They dream about normal life.
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For the chemotherapy passing Baiborodin Kolya needs expensive medicines. We need to gather 1,600 US dollars before 14.12.15.
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The balance for Alekseys treatment on the accounts of our foundation is 840 US dollars, but it is not enough. The family needs about 6,000 US dollars more
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The whole our life is an endless chain of droppers, injections, everyday inhalations and medicines taking. Every time interval between exacerbations is great happiness for all the family
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I was left alone to cope with my trouble, though I really need help and support. I pray for kind people to help me as I just cant survive alone
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"Our life is divided into two periods of time: when we are at home and when we are in hospital. We have to stay at hospital for a month and then, having received some medical treatment, go home for another 3 months"
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Help Mikhail build the future he dreams of and deserves
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Children born with cystic fibrosis are by nature gifted with a special intelligence and creative approach to life. Grisha is an example of this. But in order for our little genius to live, we need your financial support.
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My boy is not worse than any other, healthy child, but due to the circumstances he needs more care and attention and also a lot more drugs without which he will not be able to survive
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Vladislav needs urgent surgery in the Ladisten orthopedic cosmetology hospital. His parents are at the end of their resources, current treatment brings improvements, but they practically have no money to continue
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Olga urgently needs financial assistance for her next round of chemotherapy. Please help this fragile young lady look forward to the future with confidence and to be happy
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Our Dasha is a special child. Firstly, because she is very talented, and secondly because she lives with cystic fibrosis. For our young talent to live, she needs to take a handful of expensive pills every day.
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These siblings urgently need financial support! Miras kidneys are drastically starting to fail, so she has to be examined in Germany as soon as possible. Danil, who has recently beaten cancer, is scheduled to have his implanted leg prosthesis lengthening
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As a result of purulent meningitis a lover of singing and dancing can no longer hear the music. Help Snezhana buy a hearing aid and return her happy childhood!
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It is hard to realize that such a young boy is fighting the third recurrence of his disease! Stass family members till the last moment hoped that they would cope with the treatment costs themselves, but all the possible reserves have been depleted
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We are fighting for our son and our life is often like a nightmare but we want our boy to be happy and we really need your help!
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For many years, this small fragile lady lives with a terrible diagnosis: chronic renal disease, and Katyas life is regulated by its strict rules
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Danil urgently needs an expensive surgery in the city of Moscow: according to the preliminary consultations with doctors, the surgery will cost the family 3,738 US dollars!
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Competently resolved issues with availability of equipment of high quality help to preserve health and save money
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Despite congenital anomaly of right lower limb Arkhip has a chance to walk on his own. This baby has from 8 to 10 expensive surgeries to go through in the future. The boys family will be very grateful to you for any help!
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The amount of money that needs to be collected before March 2016, as of today (09.10.2015) is 28,000 USD. Please support little Nikita!
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"Why was I born to stay in the hospital?"
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Our little angel is getting prepared for school and finishing operations. We need your support!
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Two-year-old Arthur can't sit or walk yet. Every day he suffers from constant epileptic seizures. There is hope but no money. Please help us raise funds for the next course of treatment in October!
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The latest brain scan has shown that Alyonas tumour is back She can feel it by headaches and seizuresThe girl urgently needs 4,608 for life-saving surgery!
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Kristina needs your support again! The only way to beat hepatitis B and D is to raise approximately 11,000 US dollars! Lets help this lively girl together!
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Little Margarita needs approximately 970 US dollars a month to keep on breathing. Lets help this sweet little lady to celebrate many more birthdays ahead!
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