Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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10 points to help you better understand our project.
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The kids benefit as their self-worth increases, academics improve, become healthier, have fun, learn about faith, and they get to experience love and family often for the first time.
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Four Happy Homes for orphans got solar water heaters thanks to awards in We are city 2018
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The heroic story of Natalia Prodanova and her amazing family continues.
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8 orphans including with disabilities will receive loving parents and a beautiful home, but we need help with this project
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The first ladies of Hungary and Ukraine have inaugurated a rehabilitation center for orphans, backed by the Catholic Church, in a Ukrainian village as part of broader efforts to improve the lives of those sometimes referred to as "Ukraine's forgotten chi
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IOWA PARK, TX(RNN Texoma) - A group of bike riders who are making a journey across America made a stop at the Lakeview Church of God in Iowa Park Saturday.
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Sasha and Liosha - 06.02.2018

Let's create decent living conditions for the children from Kalinovka together.
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An inspiring life story of a former pupil of the psycho-neurological boarding school: reflections, personal experience and conclusions.
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A few words about how wisely to congratulate children with the heightened need for love and attention
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On Childrens Day, we signed a project agreement Legal support of deprived children in Zaporizhzhia region with the US Embassy in Ukraine
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At the final stage we need help with furniture, cooking staff, cutlery and dishes, computer and TV-set, bed linen
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With the support of the Consulate, the renovation of the second floor in the "Happy Home-3" is about tobe completed.
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Mattresses, pillows, blankets and bed linen are needed for 10 more orphans to obtain a family
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In order to finish construction, in 2017 we need 750 USD to pay for completing outside works
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In our hometown we cant get anywhere. When the drivers of the buses see us, they just dont make a stop. We can wait for 1 or even 2 hours
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The under-construction house for orphans in Lyubymivka gets heating. We really need your help to continue with the works inside the house.
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Another childrens home has been opened in the Zaporozhe region.
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To open Happy Home-3 for orphans on the eve of the New Year 2016, we really need your help in procuring furniture, lighting, dishware and other household supplies.
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Dr. Pritchard has suggested a program of cooperation and sharing of experiences with Happy Child in the creation of family-style homes
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We need to raise $500 for purchasing and installation 10 doors in Hapy Home-3. This will allow 10 Ukrainian orphans to have home already this Autumn.
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Instead of supporting the family, Ukrainian government spends more than 1,300 US dollars to keep one child in an orphanage. Education and Science Department of Zaporozhzhye Regional State Administration is thinking how to save jobs for orphanage staff
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This family needs a bigger car which can accommodate all the family members. Their current car VAZ-2106 is too small for seven people, and it is impossible to put a child safety seat there
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On the eve of the Childrens Day the state officials might once again remember their promised intentions to reorganize the current state orphanage system and move from institutionalization to a family-based care
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One more time the Governor voiced his support of the existing orphan care system and lack of trust to foster and adoptive parents. So will we keep on wasting millions to support childrens homes rather than develop family types of foster care?
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Group homes - 17.12.2012

Group homes are facilities in residential communities that house people with physical or mental disabilities or other challenges
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The Happy Child" foundation is actively working on creating the first children's eco-village in the Zaporizhzhia region, which will provide families for up to 30 orphaned children
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Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has said that orphanages in Ukraine should be liquidated and the country should switch to upbringing orphans in families
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Over the course of 21 years Valya and Sasha have brought up THIRTY children 15 boys and 15 girls! Nowadays the parents are also grandparents of 14 grandchildren (!), and when the whole family comes together there are no fewer than 58 relatives
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What happens to the majority of the children who arent adopted? The remaining children over 7 years of age (over 85%) have no option other than to spend their childhood in institutional care, and subsequently graduate to a forced adult autonomy
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Head of Kyiv Regional State Administration Anatoliy Prysiazhniuk has promised that 50 new family-type homes will open in Kyiv region this year
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Not only couples but also single people can open a family-type Children's Home
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Heart for Orphans (H4O) ministers to the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of teen orphans in Ukraine by providing a refuge and permanent hope in small, Christ-centered, family-style homes
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The slogan of past times `Every child is our child" is not reality in many cases but just a wish
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There are about 8 million 80 thousand children in Ukraine. 98 thousand of them are orphans and children without parental care. Only the third part of these children can be adopted
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In Zaporozhye Oblast, charity fund "Happy Child" is taking the initiative to develop a small village community of foster families where children and parents will live in harmony with nature
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Yahoo. We finally collected necessary sum of money for fixing roof for the future family based orphanage. While workers repairing roof we started collecting money for new windows and doors and redecoration inside.
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The founders of Kitezh, an experimental orphan community, hope that their village can be a model of reform for Russias decrepit child welfare system
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From the windows of the old tiny house seven members of the foster family can see their big and wonderful house in front
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The friendly family consisting of mother and six children wants to adopt two more orphans. It is necessary to enlarge accommodation for this purpose. Unfortunately, the mother doesnt have any money
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16 kids from Zaporozhye have found their families and parents from the beginning of 2010.
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Lack of money for the finishing of building of an apartment house doesn't give Rashkevich family an opportunity to accept two more girls
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The family of Victor and Svetlana are taking care of 11 children. The housing problem prevents them from helping more orphans
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