Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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Help us, please with the house reconstruction of the adoptive family Tkachenko and then a few more orphans from the orphanage will be able to live in a cozy home, where there is love, care and warmth
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The eternal truth is – every child needs loving and caring parents. Please help this foster family enlarge their house so they can welcome more orphans into their home!
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The Vertegel Family helps children from orphanages learn family warmth by hosting them every weekend. The only sad moment is the couple does not have enough funds to provide children with good food
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Grandma Galya and grandpa Dima have recently received custody of three orphans. On weekends the couple also hosts 3-4 children from the orphanage.
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Miling with newly repaired teeth and showing their healthy summer tans, 50 lucky children from Belarus gathered at the Belleville-area home of Brenda and Farley Vader Saturday for the end-of-summer party for Quinte's Children of Chernobyl
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Give me a life - 12.04.2007

Our chances are high, 70%. And what about the other thirty? I can’t see anything or anybody. I’m looking at my baby sleep after extensive manipulations. Temka, Artermushka, my baby, just hold on, breathe, live!..
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“Guest routine or hosting” doesn’t mean further adoption or special relations. It’s just a friendship with a kid. But I’m not going to hide it from you: very often an adult gets attached to a kid and take him to his/her family
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A trip to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo gave a group of Ukrainian orphans a rare chance Wednesday to see the world beyond their economically depressed former Soviet republic
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More than a dozen orphans from the Ukraine arrived in Colorado this week
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Denise and David Funaro began their international adoption adventure in 2005 as hosts of two Ukrainian orphan brothers
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A handful of pre-adolescent kids, wide-eyed and weary after a 20-hour flight from Ukraine
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During the two weeks that Marino and Debbie Prozzo welcomed a Ukrainian orphan in their home, they fell head over heels for a 7-year-old child they may never be able to adopt
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