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News about reconstruction of Happy House -2 for disabled orphans

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The heroic story of Natalia Prodanova and her amazing family continues.
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We wish to arrange a shade structure and a ret area nearby the Happy Home 2
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We are looking for a set of parent-caretakers to live at Happy Home in the village of Kalinovka, Chernigov region, Zaporozhe oblast.
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On Tuesday, June 3rd, the formal opening of the second "Happy Home" in Kalinovka took place
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The second "Happy Home" is going to be opened in April thanks to your support!
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The construction works on the second family-type УHappy HomeФ in Kalinovka have been actively proceeding and we look forward to opening the doors of a new sweet home for little orphans later this year!
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Roofing works in Kalinovka have been completed, the construction is in progress, and this year we plan to open our second Happy Home
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The works on the nets in Kalinovka have been completed, and last Friday the roofing of the second УHappy HomeФ was started
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After a two-month break, the construction works in Kalinovka are back on track to complete the Happy Home-2
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The construction works in Kalinovka are in progress, and very soon we will start assembling the roof. We would like to say thank you to all those who are helping us!
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The reconstruction of the УHappy Home-2Ф has finally started!
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Give Kids a Chance - 02.08.2012

УHappy HomeФ for kids with special needs has been working in Kalinovka for two years. Now the volunteers of УHappy ChildФ would like to build another УHappy HomeФ. The renovation project has been approved and the construction begins in August
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The building plan of the УHappy Home-2Ф in Kalinovka is almost completed. We again need your kind support to make this fairy tale dream of little orphans come true!
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Nine boys with special needs have already been living in their new УHappy HomeФ in Kalinovka village. LetТs try our best to create one more Happy Home for seven more orphans!
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