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Matveevka orphanage publications

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On January 23rd as a part of a motivational УI want to beЕФ project fifteen orphans of the Matveevka orphanage had УAlexФ TV Channel Tour
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If we had to answer the question УWhat is the Khortitsa Treasure Quest Game?Ф with one word, that word would be an ADVENTURE. For adventure is the thing which both children and adults often lack in their lives
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Pupils of the Matveevka orphanage met with the medical workers of the Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Hospital on May 29
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To diversify students' spring holidays the administration of the УKatranФ ice rink together with the УHappy ChildФ, invited students of Matveevka Orphanage, as well as foster children and large families to spend an unforgettable time
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As a part of УI want to beЕФ project Chef Michael Pokrikyan and a representative of the УHappy ChildФ Charity Fund visited children of Matveevka Orphanage
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On Saturday, March 17 at the Sport Palace УYouthФ Zoya Saganenko, a participant of the fourth season of a popular TV show УEverybody Dances!Ф, met with the students from Matveevka orphanage and boarding school #7
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25 children from Matveevka Orphanage visited Zaporozhye Firefighting Station #8 on February 29, 2012
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