Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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Every parent wants to give children more chances for development. Especially when the child is limited in its capabilities.
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Every trip to a medical institution for disabled people is an ordeal.
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Continuous rehabilitation courses cut into the family budget, but kids with such serious illnesses cannot survive without rehabilitation.
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Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child
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For the rehabilitation of the Pasha family, 3 000 USD is needed. Without us they can not cope
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The fund-raising campaign is closed Currently Andrew is located in Truskavets in rehab. Thanks to the donors of the Russian baby with her mother carried out their plans. Once the family arrives, we learn about the news and
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We really need your support to manage the salary of a weekend educator for the grown up orphans in the Kalinovka orphanage. We greatly appreciate your cooperation!
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In June nineteen bed-ridden children from Kalinovka moved to the Kirovo orphanage. These helpless orphans still need your support!
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The fund-raising campaign is closed. Mark is successfully continuing his treatment thanks to your support!
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The fund-raising campaign is closed. Thanks to your donations, we could finance DianaТs trip to Saint Petersburg and her checkup there
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From the moment of her birth Julia canТt see the world around her. Soon she will turn 18, but there are not many options in life for a blind girl living in an orphanage. Only the kindness of people around her may do miracles and change the girlТs destiny
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Dear Friends! We still need your financial support for maintaining educator staff salaries in Chernigov ChildТs Home
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One year ago on December 1st in the village of Kalinovka (Zaporozhye Region) the first family-type home in the region was opened for nine special-needs orphaned children. Now the construction of another УHappy HomeФ for seven more kids has begun
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A unique institution for unique children Ч it's possible!
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Nine boys with special needs have already been living in their new УHappy HomeФ in Kalinovka village. LetТs try our best to create one more Happy Home for seven more orphans!
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I received a very tough task Ц to explore some pressing problems and urgent needs of Ukrainian young people with various types of disabilities. So, here is the result of my monitoring
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IТd like to tell you about my first working day at УThe Happy ChildФ Foundation. That day I happened to visit the worst place I had ever seen in my life
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It is very hard to be a kid and not to be able to run after a ball or crawl after a kitty. Because of the sickness Bogdan cannot walk, stand nor crawl. He so much needs some help from healthy and grown-up people.
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