Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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Fundraising is closed! We express our sincere thanks to all our helpers, especially Yuri and Marina for a significant contribution to the further treatment Bears. Now he will be able to receive the necessary treatment in Ge
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Fundraising is suspended! Thanks to our dear mates, the required amount collected for the immediate treatment
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Fundraising is closed! Sergei underwent planned treatment and is now at home. By the end of the year is scheduled CT alone. Thank you all for your help!
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Fundraising is closed! With the help of caring people from Kiev Vlad operated. The child does not need help.
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Fundraising is closed! Many thanks to the distinguished contributors for helping to Victoria. Her condition was stabilized, family tries to cope with the costs yourself.
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Fundraising is closed! Grateful kind and sympathetic people, with your help, the necessary amount collected!
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Fundraising is closed! At the moment, the family cope on their own, thank you all for the help.
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Fundraising is closed! Many thanks to all our helpers and wizards! The operation of the double transplant paid for our state! In the near future Pauline flies to India. The collected funds will be spent on the needs associa
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Fundraising is closed! For the first time, the treatment of the collected funds is enough for now.
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Fundraising is closed! Kid continues treatment at the hospital is that everything you need is there.
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Fundraising is closed! Sincere thanks to our helpers! Fundraising suspended. Thanks to your help, we have Temko reserve funds for the immediate treatment
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Fundraising is closed! In the absence of information about the child
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Fundraising is closed! Denis went on December 5th checkup in Germany. We expect news from the parents for the resumption request. Many thanks to all caring people who help your child
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Fundraising is closed! Together, we were able to raise funds for the treatment of Cyril. Man was sent home after a couple of months of follow-up examination. Cyril joined the Faculty of Law! Keeping him cams and wish only t
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Fundraising is closed! Thanks to the many donations we have been able to purchase vital medicines for Thai. Thank you all for the help
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Fundraising is closed! For a few months, Violetta provided with the necessary medicine , thanks to you , our dear contributors.
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Fundraising is closed! Nastya continues treatment in OKHMATDET. The collected funds so far is enough. Thank you very much to all indifferent
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Fundraising is closed! At the moment, the family cope alone
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Fundraising is closed! We express our gratitude to all the sympathetic and kind people, for helping the kid. The collected funds are sufficient for the final two chemotherapy blocks. We expect good news from the doctors.
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Fundraising is closed! The examination revealed that Denis, because the operation is strictly forbidden to carry out their health status. The guy is now at home on the restoration.
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Fundraising is closed! Danilka all treatment will pay the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The collected funds will be used for the treatment of other sick children
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Fundraising is closed! Pavlusha passed a rehabilitation course at the Lviv Center "Innova". The results are very pleasing to the eye and Pasha. The next year, the next trip is scheduled, but more on that later ..
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Fundraising is closed! In July this year, Nazar, along with her mother sent to Germany. German Fund has agreed to help the boy to undergo treatment.
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Fundraising is closed! Hooray! Thanks to your kind assistance Daria has successfully completed her treatment! We honestly hope that Daria will enjoy a long and healthy life!
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Fundraising closed! Parents were asked to hide the information on the site
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Fundraising is closed! Thank you very much to all the people who helped raise money for treatment Kolenka! Our little boy June 5th is sent to the hospital!
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Fundraising is closed! Alex with his mother are now in the clinic to them. Filatov, at reoperation. Thank Vesma who actively participated in fundraising.
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The fund-raising campaign is closed We ask everyone for help in gifting this beautiful girl a happy childhood free of pain
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Fundraising is closed! Sincere thanks to all our assistants. Grigory's family moved permanently to another country.
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The fund-raising campaign is closed The amount needed for the treatment of collected Nastya. Parents are helped through social networks and other sources to collect all the money. We wish Nastyusha luck and a speedy recove
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Fundraising is closed! For us and Olechka great news: The Ministry of Health will pay for the treatment of Olga in Italy. She is receiving treatment and is waiting to return home. We wish her a speedy recovery!
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As a result of purulent meningitis a lover of singing and dancing can no longer hear the music. Help Snezhana buy a hearing aid and return her happy childhood!
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Fundraising is closed! We express our gratitude to everyone who participated in saving the life of Masha. Transplants carried out safely. Next, we will certainly keep you informed of all developments.
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Fundraising is closed! Our Stasik is now being treated in Russia, and it is supported by local funds
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Fundraising is closed! Victoria is almost ready for surgery, there are very little. We wish her good luck and a speedy recovery.
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Fundraising is closed! Parents are yet to cope on their own. Like any new need - we 'll talk about it.
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Fundraising is closed! Listed funds Katyusha will suffice for several trips. About all the news we will inform you. Thank you near, dear donors.
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The fund-raising campaign is closed Currently Andrew is located in Truskavets in rehab. Thanks to the donors of the Russian baby with her mother carried out their plans. Once the family arrives, we learn about the news and
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The fund-raising campaign is closed Thanks to you, our valued donors, the amount required for ordering hardware, for Sasha, collected! Thank you very much for your kindness and support and confidence
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Fundraising is closed! We managed to collect 900 USD. of 5700 USD. The missing amount on the operation, intensive care and rehabilitation period promised to pay Rusfond. I sincerely thank everyone for their support!
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Fundraising is closed! Anya is now at home. Doctors in Kiev advised not to carry out yet chemotherapy. The following year, Anya waiting in the hospital for consultation.
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Fundraising is closed! Stas Andreev behind two complicated operations. The tumor in the lung was defeated! Surveys have shown that he is healthy, which we all rejoice!
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Fundraising is closed! The kid is being treated. As soon as there is a need of our help parents turn.
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The fund-raising campaign is closed Andryusha a rare diagnosis - a primary immunodeficiency, chronic granulomatous disease. But you can save yourself Andryusha parents are fantastically done a lot for this.
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Fundraising is closed! Thanks indifferent to the donor, the family was able to pay the entire bill for the current stage of treatment. After examination in the end of June, the new treatment protocol to be appointed.
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Fundraising is suspended! Due to the lack of relevant information and news about the baby.
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Fundraising is closed! Lisa has been once again visited Germany. New lesions there and it pleases.
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Fundraising closed Cristina has successfully completed the expensive treatment in Kiev and is now home to recover.
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Fundraising is closed! The necessary amount for the rehabilitation of Maksimka is collected.
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Fundraising is closed! Once we get the news from her parents and learn the course of treatment of the child - the information will be updated.
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Daniil has completed his treatment and temporarily doesn't require the welfare
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