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Just before May 9th female residents of psychoneurological institutions from Zaporozhzhye region visited the Island of Khortitsa
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In the heady days after the protests in Kiev's Maidan square brought transformation to Ukraine's government. Disability rights and children's advocates at the meetings were clear: We must get rid of Soviet-era orphanages
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89 minutes is a lot. But please find this time to watch the video. Orphanage systems in Russia and Ukraine are almost identical. This video will help you learn more about the lives of orphans and understand how institutions change those children
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"Prav.Da" is trying to examine how it is possible to finance an orphanage with no children for 17 years and why regional authorities spend millions of our hryvnias for repairs of establishments which they later will close
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On the eve of the Childrens Day the state officials might once again remember their promised intentions to reorganize the current state orphanage system and move from institutionalization to a family-based care
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A few days ago, we visited one of the orphanages in our area. And I want to share with you some of my impressions. Purposely I do not call a specific place: each orphanage has its own skeleton in their closet, but there is something common about them all
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Rosenthal and his colleagues traveled to Ukraine to document and expose the treatment of the disabled in institutions and to train local activists
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An orphanage has had plastic windows fitted and has been partially refurbished. No one knows what to do with these buildings now. Do you have any ideas?
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Karyna Zhyronkina represented Ukraine at Miss World 2012. For her Beauty With a Purpose project, she frequently donated her time to a local orphanage in her home city of Kharkiv
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I was, and continue to be, amazed at the wonderful experiences I have in Zaporozhye visiting the orphans. If a fellow American were to ask me if they should go, I would say, definitely yes!
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A few days before Adoption Day the correspondents of ReporterUA decided to visit the Zaporozhye Regional Center of Social and Psychological Rehabilitation to see how children - orphans live in Zaporozhye at present
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An elderly woman happily knitting while watching TV might not strike you as anything out of the ordinary. It seems like a common hobby among those of a certain age
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Three Curtin students recently traveled to Ukraine as part of our Go Global program, which provides international fieldwork for Health Sciences students and helps develop sustainable health services for communities
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When orphans in Ukraine reach adulthood, some are deemed "incapacitated" - a label that consigns them to a life in institutions. But many of these young people may have nothing wrong with them at all
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Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in New York City, NY hosted a fundraising event to benefit the needs of the disabled children
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The orphanage is struggling to provide for its nearly 2,000 charges in the midst of a global financial downturn that has decimated its budget. In 2008, the organization had a $12 million budget, but with donations down 30 percent, the budget is now $7.3 m
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During the last two years the number of adopted children decreased in our country. But we cant say that there is any indifference to orphans. And the number of people who want to adopt a child didnt become smaller
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Most of those, who break the law, are not born criminals. They are turned into ones by environment, ways of upbringing and violence
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Today there are 248 children in the educational and rehabilitation centre, 72 of them are deaf and others have gastrointestinal tract diseases
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There are boys aged 11 to 15 years studying at this school. They have been convicted for various crimes. Most of them are from dysfunctional families
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The educational institution is more than forty years old. Nowadays there are brought up 81 children and 21 of them are orphans
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The orphancy issue has never left the list of urgent problems. The absence of parental care often leads to personality destruction, difficulties with socialization and consequently increase in crime and social strain in general
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This institution can shelter up to 50 children with hard fate aged from 3 to 18 at the same time
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130 children of ages ranging from 5 to 19 years live in this institution from the Tokmak, Chernigiv, Primorsk and Orekhov districts. All the children are from problematic families. 20 of them are orphans
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123 children with chronic bronchitis and asthmas are both learning and undergoing treatment in the institution. 20 of them are orphans
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We travelled through several villages in the Zaporizhia region to clear up this issue
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The Happy Child Charity Foundation holds a press conference devoted to an exciting and interesting project Children From Zaporizha Climb Hoverla, the highest mountain in Ukraine
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Young Cossacks from Zaporizhzhya recently climbed Mt. Hoverla to read a letter from a boy from the Kalinovka internat for severely disabled children
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Without a Family - 29.06.2011

Parents in Zaporizhia leave their children in orphanages
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The school is situated in the grounds of the picturesque, 19th century landmark, Popovs Castle
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The author of this article Alexander Khvostenko is an orphanage graduate, a foster-father honoured with Conscientious Parenthood. Although this article was written in 2009, it is still relevant today.
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Field Development - 07.03.2011

Dmitry Markov volunteer and photographer tells how the Russian social security system mutilates children and what can be done about it in one specific house
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Due to one of our contributors the fund was able to provide sufficient support to several boarding schools in the region.
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The round table, initiated and held on November 25, 2010 by the Development of Ukraine Foundation, has once again gathered people who for the recent 710 years have been and continue trying to do all they can not to allow strengthening of orphanage system
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Special children - 18.01.2011

They are children with special needs. And they need special help. These children are from the youth department
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The problem is that orphans are not socialized. While living in an orphanage, a child does not obtain any vital skills. In an orphanage children are not permitted to iron, do laundry, wash dishes, and clean premises
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Being raised at their homes helps children develop a sense of security in life, though this is not always evident for officials
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About the problems of children with special needs, which they face in orphanages
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From the 3rd to the 10th of August 2010 the Moscow Detskij dom (Childrens home) Foundation together with the Zaporizhian Happy Child Foundation held a cooperative walking tour to visit many sights in Crimea
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260 children are raised in the boarding school. Fortunately, many of them completely get rid of the speech defects by the end of education.
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The boarding school staff administers professional care for 240 children. However to implement some projects the boarding school needs the support of contributors
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There are 57 children with deep intellectual backwardness in children's branch, the majority of them have parents, but they are compelled to spend all their time in the invalids house
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Four kids and two adults died, and five kids were hospitalized on August, 7-11 because of an unknown infection in the Nezhin Children's home
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The key aim of Zaporozhye Rehabilitation Center activity is to fulfill the action plan in terms of social, pedagogical, psychological and rehabilitation, occupational guidance and medical care of children with special needs.
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At present 250 children (from 4 years old to 18 years old) are brought up at Berdyansk boarding school
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In Donetsk President Victor Yushchenko held a gathering dedicated to problems of orphaned, disabled, homeless children and large families
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The decision was made that all funds raised should be transferred to the Oncology-Hematology Ward of the Zaporozhye Region's Hospital
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Gazing at the wonders of the nature awakening and bloom every spring is indeed one of the most amusing and pleasant moments that became the presents of this life. In spring of 2007 we organized several hikes to the Khortitsa island and to the bay of Dnepr
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One of the largest company of Zaporozhye continue to help orphans and sick children
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It looks like only the priests and volunteers of the Catholic church care about the life of the homeless in Zaporozhye
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BBC Scotland journalist Paula Mackinnon gathered six-and-a-half tonnes of toys and clothing with the help of friends, colleagues and the Blythswood Care charity. Since March, she has been distributing them to orphanages in Ukraine which are home to 100,00
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They were wide-eyed 21-year-olds fresh off LDS missions to Ukraine when they hit up family, businesses and acquaintances for donations and flew right back to Ukraine to buy food, medicine, clothing, toys and candy for needy orphans
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