Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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Profiles of orphans who need a family

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Do you want to find out how you can really help orphans find their new family? Then read this article, and take action!
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According to the principles of wise charity the Happy Child Foundation expands the family placement program. And in order to do that we need your help!
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Explanation to foreigner visitors from the admin of www.deti.zp.ua
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Ruslan - cheerful and active! Profile (0232283)
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Ulyana, a tempermental girl, profile (0311643)
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Daryana is a special child. file (0288605)
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Timothy, kind sunny child. File (0306392)
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Dima, a special boy. file (0232284)
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Anya, open and cheerful baby. File (0324414).
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Musical Nastenka! Questionnaire number 0289689.
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Amazing brothers Maxim 0240503 and Kolenka 0296822
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Aleksandr is a kind-hearted, open-minded and joyful boy! Profile 9961105
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A sporting family. Nastia 0296675, Kolia 0296677 and Vika 0296679.
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Dasha with special eyes. File No 0204350.
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Danil - Full of Sunshine! About number 0220192
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Eugene - the joy and charm! About number 0170136
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Bogdan - the future great football! About number 0257675
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Ilya and Nina - happiness in the house for the parents! Profile: Ilya 0056453, Nina number 0056455
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Denis - boy, with eyes the color of the ocean! About number 0057712
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Fyodor a little boy that needs the love and care only a mom and dad can give! File number 0286780.
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Vladislav is a redhead miracle! File number #0155850
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An active fisherman and sportsman! File number #0248094
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Pure singing soul that dreams to become a builder. File number #9962091.
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This kind boy dreams of having a family once again! File #0055960.
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A lively boy with a taste for curiosity file # 0212158.
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Princess Anastasia file # 0059049.
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Galya a child with a sincere and charming smile, file #9961959.
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Brother and sister are looking for a family. Profile #0059853 and #0059851
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This boy needs love and care. Profile # 0059548
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A modest boy Andrey. Profile 0056903
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Stepan is an active little guy. Profile# 0245152
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A mature little girl. Profile# 0171422
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Dima is a good-natured and charming teenager. Profile# 0251663
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The world by touch... Profile# 0251663
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Kolya, like no one else, needs support, permanent care and custody. Profile #0060824
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Help the boy to find a loving family. Profile #0060575
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Sasha is a smart and smiling child. Profile #0055275
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Vladimir seems to be born to be admired and loved despite all his life obstacles. Profile# 0055230
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Sonia is a warm-hearted and energetic girl. Profile#0055226
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Anna is a smiling girl even though she used to be unsociable and did not like to be bothered. Profile # 0208875
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Sergey is a little energy ball. Active play excites him beyond measure. Profile # 0056289
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Viktor is a sunshine kid. Profile # 0055228
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Sergey is very sociable and never plays alone. Profile #0061017
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Sergey loves endearment and attention. Profile # 0163815
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This boys name means happy in Greek. Profile# 0156412
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An enormous amount of Marinas energy should be aimed at something useful. For example, at a nice active vacation with her loving mom and dad. Profile # 0058689
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Oksana feels absolutely comfortable with guests and is happy to discover the world around her. Profile # 0152725
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Polina draws with her fingers and is always happy about kind smiles towards her. Profile# 0058230
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Little Tania can pose like a real model. This is definitely a signal for her future parents: take a closer look at this wonderful girl! Profile# 0055257
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This little dreamy girl turns to all adults for some gentle touch, which she may one day enjoy from her loving parents. Profile# 0058941
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Maxim likes to be around people. He likes school parties and loves guests who come with gifts. Profile # 0060770
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Kesha is a good boy, - educators say to him. He came to the orphanage two years ago. Profile # 0055253
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A tender girl who knows nothing about conflicts and has enough kindness for everyone. She would bring great emotional warmth to her parents! Profile #0055242
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Vladislav responds actively to kind words and likes when somebody takes him in his arms. Profile #0058266
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Veronika lacks family and parental care, so she seeks it in her caregivers. Profile #0057344
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A careful and cautious child, she does not open to new people at once, but eventually all the timidity goes away. Profile #0060434
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He is a sweet young man who is eager to please always ready with a smile and always looking for human interaction. Profile # 0055301
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Ivan is pretty serious, maybe because he doesnt have many reasons to smile yet Profile # 0058257
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Kirill likes to play with the mirror and tries very hard to see his reflection in it. Profile # 0058657
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All the kids in orphanages want parents. Julia shocked me. She does not know what is it - a "family", "mother", "father"... Unfortunately, many children lack family experience, and Julia doesnt even understand the meaning of these words. Profile #0058430
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Every day they give others their warmth and love, and they look forward to getting the same in return from their parents... Profiles # 0060618 and # 0060615
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From the moment of her birth Julia cant see the world around her. Soon she will turn 18, but there are not many options in life for a blind girl living in an orphanage. Only the kindness of people around her may do miracles and change the girls destiny
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My mommy is everything Igor is able to say the small boy with the eyes of an old man. Profile # 0061240
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This boy with a rare name, but with quite a typical destiny of an orphan. Although Ermak has been living in an orphanage for many years, he has just recently obtained the right to be adopted. Profile# 005913
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Olga is a little princess with big brown eyes, a bright personality and a quick temper which you will definitely notice as soon as you meet this girl. Profile #0092574
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Alexander is one of those children, looking at whom we think: how did it occur, that he is still at the orphanage? Profile# 0205894
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This little sweet hare-runner loves assembling construction sets and musical toys. Profile # 0055279
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Victor has a very sincere smile: it is hard to make him angry or put him out of temper. Profile No. 0055256
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Karina is both easy and difficult to write about. She doesnt meet typical expectations of prospective parents, and that is probably the reason she was placed into a state institution. She needs parental care just as any other child. Profile # 0059514
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A cute boy who loves putting puzzles together - that is how one can best describe Vladislav. Profile #0057319
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Aleksey likes to entertain himself and uses a variety of items as toys. Profile # 0061084
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Oleg fancies cars more than anything else in the world he gets wildly excited whenever he sees a car in real life or in a film. Profile# 0055217
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A sunny smile of little Ivan melts everyones heart
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Alexander was so serious that he even didnt smile during our interview. Profile: 0059455
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His confident manner indicates that he is a very popular boy. And he seems to be very much aware of it. How could anyone not like such a lovely energetic boy? Profile # 0057306
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Isus (Jesus) is a common name for many nations. But in Ukraine this name is quite unusual and makes people very curious about the personality of a person who bears this name. Profile # 0060582
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It was very hard, almost impossible to take a picture of Vadim as he was so interested in our camera and how it works. Profile #005721
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People I talked with about Masha, started smiling and comparing this girl with the principal hero of a famous Russian cartoon Masha and a bear. Profile # 0055270
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One could wonder how such a cheerful and naughty boy turned into a taciturn one in front of a camera! Profile # 0057290
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This short movie was made by Belgium volunteers in Zaporozhye orphanage for boys. Without words you can feel all worries of special children
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New loving parents took Tania into the family
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Profiles of children who need not an adoption any more
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Profiles of children who were adopted, taken under guardianship, in a foster family or children's home of family type
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