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Profiles of orphans who need a family

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Another meeting with the brothers who are looking for the family. Profile Nos: Andrey - 0056260, Vladimir - 0056261
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Alexey is a friendly guy with beautiful eyes. Profile# 0223809
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Lyana is a brilliant young knitter. Profile# 0196652
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Katya is an open-minded, lively and active girl you feel easy to be with. Profile# 0060894
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Anna is a smiling girl even though she used to be unsociable and did not like to be bothered. Profile # 0208875
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Sergey is a little energy ball. Active play excites him beyond measure. Profile # 0056289
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Viktor is a sunshine kid. Profile # 0055228
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Sergey is very sociable and never plays alone. Profile #0061017
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Sergey loves endearment and attention. Profile # 0163815
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This smiling little kid happily sent us kisses trying to attract our attention in every possible way. Profile # 0253597
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This boys name means happy in Greek. Profile# 0156412
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Matvey is a calm and kind boy. He enjoys doing what his educator asks him to and is truly happy when he does something right. Profile # 0168987
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An enormous amount of Marinas energy should be aimed at something useful. For example, at a nice active vacation with her loving mom and dad. Profile # 0058689
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Oksana feels absolutely comfortable with guests and is happy to discover the world around her. Profile # 0152725
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Polina draws with her fingers and is always happy about kind smiles towards her. Profile# 0058230
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Little Tania can pose like a real model. This is definitely a signal for her future parents: take a closer look at this wonderful girl! Profile# 0055257
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This little dreamy girl turns to all adults for some gentle touch, which she may one day enjoy from her loving parents. Profile# 0058941
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Maxim likes to be around people. He likes school parties and loves guests who come with gifts. Profile # 0060770
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Eugeniy is a sociable child but he only opens up to people he knows well. Profile # 0057298
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Kesha is a good boy, - educators say to him. He came to the orphanage two years ago. Profile # 0055253
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Kolya plays with toys and especially likes rattles. He is a peaceful wee soul. Profile # 0060824
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Zhenya is very affectionate in a sensory way and really needs touch. Profile # 0155208
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Elena is not just a little actress, but also the most enthusiastic helper of the caregivers. Profile #0055234
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A tender girl who knows nothing about conflicts and has enough kindness for everyone. She would bring great emotional warmth to her parents! Profile #0055242
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Vladislav responds actively to kind words and likes when somebody takes him in his arms. Profile #0058266
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Veronika lacks family and parental care, so she seeks it in her caregivers. Profile #0057344
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A careful and cautious child, she does not open to new people at once, but eventually all the timidity goes away. Profile #0060434
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Maria is always happy to welcome guests. Maybe, they will become her new parents? Profile #0056931
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Vova deserves a family. I am confident that with love and support the behaviors will fade and the bright boy inside will shine. Profile # 0147630
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Dancing and moving is Anastasias life. But still this life is not complete without a loving family Profile # 0055278
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Despite special needs this little lady carefully takes care of herself. Profile # 0055302
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Anastasia shares new impressions with all people around her with pleasure. The condition is simple people have to inspire her confidence. Profile # 0055246
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He is a sweet young man who is eager to please always ready with a smile and always looking for human interaction. Profile # 0055301
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The beautiful and rare name Svyatoslav fits the boy. He is indeed cheerful, charming and open-hearted young man! Profile # 0056842
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Ivan is pretty serious, maybe because he doesnt have many reasons to smile yet Profile # 0058257
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Kirill likes to play with the mirror and tries very hard to see his reflection in it. Profile # 0058657
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The care of loving parents will make this girl's life happier. Profile# 0058817
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Margarita is a little princess who has to fight day by day... Profile# 0055617
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Marya has great difficulties. She is faced with a difficult task - to choose a profession and purpose in life. Profile # 0059869
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"Are you a child or an adult?" - "Of course, I am an adult, - Konstantin answers without a moments of hesitation. However, he cannot explain what it means to be an adult. Profile # 0058137
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Dmitry is a small adult. He already knows what he wants from life. Profile # 0061699
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All the kids in orphanages want parents. Julia shocked me. She does not know what is it - a "family", "mother", "father"... Unfortunately, many children lack family experience, and Julia doesnt even understand the meaning of these words. Profile #0058430
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Every day they give others their warmth and love, and they look forward to getting the same in return from their parents... Profiles # 0060618 and # 0060615
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We have already written about Egor and we want to tell you about this very interesting and restless child again. Profile # 0061294
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Who's the hardest worker in the school? Vitya, of course. Profile # 0061380
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We called Tatyana Little Red Riding Hood not only because she really wears a red hat, but also because this girl is cute and charming, just like the heroine of the fairy tale. Profile number is 0059016
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Michail curiously touches thorny pine branches because he is not aware of any danger and perhaps he realizes that it hurts much more to stay alone, without his loving mommy and daddy. Profile# 0055259
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From the moment of her birth Julia cant see the world around her. Soon she will turn 18, but there are not many options in life for a blind girl living in an orphanage. Only the kindness of people around her may do miracles and change the girls destiny
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Peacock, poseur, model or just a little comedian thats who this Sergey is. Profile # 0059188
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Vladislav likes laughing and knocking on anything he can find. Now he has to knock his future mothers heart. Profile # 0060575
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My mommy is everything Igor is able to say the small boy with the eyes of an old man. Profile # 0061240
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This boy with a rare name, but with quite a typical destiny of an orphan. Although Ermak has been living in an orphanage for many years, he has just recently obtained the right to be adopted. Profile# 005913
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Valentina is a cheerful and an easy-going girl. She is difficult to be confused. Rather Valentina is not familiar with paralyzing strength of this feeling, she can get pleasure even from confusion Profile # 0156660
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When Angela is in the playroom, she manages to look through all toys and have a walk along the huge room in just a few seconds. Profile # 0061655
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Little Varvara is a real fidget and super mega hyperactive child!
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Olga is a little princess with big brown eyes, a bright personality and a quick temper which you will definitely notice as soon as you meet this girl. Profile #0092574
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Alexander is one of those children, looking at whom we think: how did it occur, that he is still at the orphanage? Profile# 0205894
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It takes enormous efforts for Vladislav to just get up in his bed and he cannot manage it all alone without his loving family! Profile# 0055237
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Even a lone wolf or a complete recluse needs someone by his/her side. Especially when he is a lonely little orphan. The profile # 0059377
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Any visitors coming to the orphanage, if these visitors are men, are sure to play with Yulia. Profile # 0060468
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It takes a special person to hear and see emptiness. Vlada is this unique childProfile # 0147721
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I hope fortune smiles upon Victoria and this cute girl finds her loving family. Profile number 0057559
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Little meanie - that's what Katya is called by those who got to know her restless nature. Profile# 0057116
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All Vera needs to suddenly turn into a little Princess just a girl like her peers is hope and love. Profile # 0057801
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This little sweet hare-runner loves assembling construction sets and musical toys. Profile # 0055279
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Victor has a very sincere smile: it is hard to make him angry or put him out of temper. Profile No. 0055256
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Vitaliy still has so much to learn. If only he had a chance... Profile No 0055276
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Sergey tries to study nature and to bring people joy with his smile, despite his abilities being so limited
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A calm and diligent child, who often spends several hours at a time doing his favorite activities. Profile # 9961756
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A little pantomime artist is ever so eager to impress, especially when he doesn't know hes being watched
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This young model is waiting for her hour of triumph. Profile # 0059192
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Its difficult to believe that one could ever hear any sound from Yulia! However, you only should switch on the musical toy to see Yulia try to speak and even dance in her bed. Profile # 0019456
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Although a strange tube in Danils nose seems to be his only entertainment, as soon as the boy hears birds singing his face radiates with joy. Profile # 0055963
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Music does not interest little Svetlana, all her days resemble each other. She seems to be constantly occupied with the question what is about her body that prevents her from having a loving mom and dad. Profile # 0061711
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Karina is both easy and difficult to write about. She doesnt meet typical expectations of prospective parents, and that is probably the reason she was placed into a state institution. She needs parental care just as any other child. Profile # 0059514
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Artem is a talented singer and a very gallant gentleman. Profile # 0057402
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A cute boy who loves putting puzzles together - that is how one can best describe Vladislav. Profile #0057319
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"Ooh, a car!" - that's the first thing Vladislav says, as soon as the playroom door is opened. Profile # 0058082
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Aleksey likes to entertain himself and uses a variety of items as toys. Profile # 0061084
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This little angel smiles at you in response to each touch and kind word, sharing his silent joy with you. Profile # 0055227
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Do you want to find out how you can really help orphans find their new family? Then read this article, and take action!
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Maxim can easily copy any gesture and share his love and smile with everyone around. Profile# 0024415
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According to the principles of wise charity the Happy Child Foundation expands the family placement program. And in order to do that we need your help!
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Oleg fancies cars more than anything else in the world he gets wildly excited whenever he sees a car in real life or in a film. Profile# 0055217
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A sunny smile of little Ivan melts everyones heart
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Alexander was so serious that he even didnt smile during our interview. Profile: 0059455
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His confident manner indicates that he is a very popular boy. And he seems to be very much aware of it. How could anyone not like such a lovely energetic boy? Profile # 0057306
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All the children of her age, whom we offered to try finding parents through the Internet, denied this idea. She was the only one patiently waiting when her turn comes. Profile # 0056971
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Our meeting was not a usual one. When I offered Karina to find a family for her, she burst into tears. Profile numbers 0056859 and 0056860
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Yuriy is very persistent and always tries to get what he has set his mind for. Profile # 0058312
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Tanya is a shy and tender girl. It is hard to say what is special about her, but when you think about her, you just cant keep from smiling. Profile # 0057659
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There are three of them. Three brothers so alike and yet so different. Profiles numbers: 0059232, 0059233, 0059234
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Lyudmila is well aware that she is the prettiest girl in the class, but in some magical way that does not make her arrogant and overconfident. Profile number 0056908
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On our way to the National Reserve, a small naughty girl from a foster family made friend with Mariya. Unfortunately neither her stepmother, aunt, nor grandmother noticed it. Profile # 0057645
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Isus (Jesus) is a common name for many nations. But in Ukraine this name is quite unusual and makes people very curious about the personality of a person who bears this name. Profile # 0060582
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Children in boarding schools try to adapt to life without a family in their own way. Alexander is cautious about people and needs some time to establish a relationship. Profile # 0057931
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Irina is a quiet and low-key kid. This is not very typical of orphanage children many of whom try to be in the center of attention. Profile # 0058296
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Anything but not the orphanage, - repeats Sergey every morning. It would be great if his aunt could adopt him, but Profile # 0059616
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It was very hard, almost impossible to take a picture of Vadim as he was so interested in our camera and how it works. Profile #005721
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We, adults, often think that orphanage children treat each other like brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, this is just a romantic illusion. Profiles # 0058137, 0058138, and 0058139
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People I talked with about Masha, started smiling and comparing this girl with the principal hero of a famous Russian cartoon Masha and a bear. Profile # 0055270
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The orphanage has been home for Nastia since her very early childhood. This girl doesnt even remember what a real home means. Profile # 0059260
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One could wonder how such a cheerful and naughty boy turned into a taciturn one in front of a camera! Profile # 0057290
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You would never guess that Ivan is already fourteen years old. His short stature and childish face make him look younger. Profile # 0057083
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Its not easy to write about Veronika. A twenty-minute interview is not nearly enough for this girl to open up about herself. Profile #0057552
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This boy is as brilliant at taking your breath away as he is at confusing you. A hard orphanage reality made him this way alike many other children. Profile #0060379
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Its not a secret that a boarding school is not the best place for life and development of any child. And some find life there especially difficult. File # 0059330
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Julia has been brought up in an orphanage with her older sister. As happens with many families, the sisters do not get along well that is a great pity because Julia desperately needs her friendship, warmth and support of a family. Profile number-0170316.
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Denis is fully aware of the fact that his dream to become a doctor requires diligence in the studies right now but he lacks will-power to independently withstand different temptations and to climb the mountain of knowledge. Profile 0057705.
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This short movie was made by Belgium volunteers in Zaporozhye orphanage for boys. Without words you can feel all worries of special children
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Thanks to TV channel "Zaporozhye" and web site www.deti.zp.ua you can see the video of orphans so you can understand them better
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Like many orphanage children, Nikita has often stayed with Italian families for vacations. And like all the orphans, the boy called his host parents mom and dad and his host siblings brother and sister. Nikita is always looking forward to a new trip to It
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Alya has older brothers and sisters. They are adult already, but what way they can help? They can not start their own lives... Alina profile # 0060691, Ulia's #0060693
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Tania is a sunny and kind little girl. She doesnt know yet what a child with special needs means. We hope that there will be a person who wont feel afraid of such challenges. Hopefully this person is you
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Kristina is a great baby sitter and nurse, she can cook borsch-soup and cutlets but she just started to learn spelling now Profile # 0163604
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A warm and heartfelt communication for Zhenya is much more important than her toys, and the girl is right. Profile# 0056919
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Who knows whom Kolya could become when he find himself surrounded by people giving him life-long love and sincere affection
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If you wish to help a child from the orphans' personal pages, please read this information.
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Profiles of children who need not an adoption any more
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Profiles of children who were adopted, taken under guardianship, in a foster family or children's home of family type
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