Детские дома и интернаты Запорожья

Report on donations to project Счастливый дом-3 - первый дом в детской деревне
for the period since 01.01.2007 to 01.01.2030

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
12.03.2019Strogaz proekt OOOUkraine2580.58 US dollars
19.07.2018Strogaz proekt OOOUkraine305.26 US dollars
16.02.2018V VUkraine467.76 US dollars
10.02.2018Ol'ga K.Ukraine12.55 US dollars
30.12.2017Nadezhda O.Ukraine1.78 US dollars
14.11.2017Inna K.Ukraine151.01 US dollars
18.07.2017Flosal' kompaniyaUkraine833.9 US dollars
24.05.2017BF MariamUkraine175.91 US dollars
28.04.2017Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine129.88 US dollars
27.04.2017Irina Y.Ukraine374.07 US dollars
21.02.2017Alena P.Ukraine7.77 US dollars
24.11.2016General'ne konsul'stvo GermaniiGermany2090.93 US dollars
18.11.2016Vitalij K.Ukraine18.98 US dollars
29.08.2016General'ne konsul'stvo GermaniiGermany3714.99 US dollars
16.08.2016Predstavitel'stvo BM'YuZ gruppUkraine97.83 US dollars
27.07.2016Zaporozhstal metal plantUkraine4020.55 US dollars
27.07.2016Elena B.Ukraine3.41 US dollars
05.07.2016Katya and Sasha Z.Ukraine40.24 US dollars
03.06.2016Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine544.16 US dollars
01.06.2016Alexei T.Ukraine651.67 US dollars
10.05.2016Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine295.12 US dollars
25.04.2016Alena P.Ukraine8.28 US dollars
11.04.2016Anyutka O.Ukraine24.92 US dollars
11.04.2016Zaporozhskij vektorUkraine192.62 US dollars
07.03.2016Anyutka O.Ukraine22.54 US dollars
11.02.2016AssistantUkraine204.53 US dollars
15.01.2016Zaporozhskij vektorUkraine206.68 US dollars
18.12.2015Andrej К.Ukraine127.73 US dollars
25.11.2015Irina NikolaevnaUkraine876.86 US dollars
07.10.2015Patorzhinskaya MargaritaUkraine9.2 US dollars
05.10.2015Ukraine260.08 US dollars
05.10.2015Svetlana В.Ukraine47.29 US dollars
02.10.2015Timur М.Ukraine4.61 US dollars
29.09.2015Fiks OxanaUkraine509.52 US dollars
29.09.2015Ron R.Netherlands48.1 US dollars
21.08.2015AnonymousUkraine0.23 US dollars
19.08.2015Box for donationUkraine19.42 US dollars
19.08.2015Box for donationUkraine5.25 US dollars
19.08.2015Box for donationUkraine15.03 US dollars
19.08.2015Box for donationUkraine8.96 US dollars
19.08.2015Box for donationUkraine19.47 US dollars
19.08.2015Box for donationUkraine4.03 US dollars
19.08.2015Box for donationUkraine16.62 US dollars
10.08.2015Paul Z.USA38.82 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine10.15 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine40.96 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine17.83 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine20.2 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine23.51 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine18.2 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine14.57 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine33.65 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine23.97 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine23.27 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine17.69 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine26.07 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine26.9 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine24.76 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine21.32 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine13.78 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine42.92 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine31.65 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine17.22 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine19.55 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine2.33 US dollars
07.08.2015Box for donationUkraine15.78 US dollars
08.07.2015Lina Ch.Ukraine23.58 US dollars
25.02.2015Lenard D.Canada1000 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 20698.96 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
26.03.2020LED lamps 3 pcs, switches 6 pcs, tool, clock36.88 US dollars
26.03.2020Payment for light and heating50.08 US dollars
26.03.2020Payment for gas in cylinders5.37 US dollars
26.03.2020advance on gas delivery19.46 US dollars
26.03.2020Water pump repair18.67 US dollars
14.02.2020printing documents - connection to gas system5.72 US dollars
27.01.2020repair of gas boiler20.55 US dollars
17.01.2020for gas, starting of the heating system8.3 US dollars
17.01.2020Payment for water, watering trees, swimming pool, accommodation for graduates of boarding schools83.01 US dollars
10.01.2020Refueling a gas cylinder, refueling a chainsaw27.36 US dollars
11.12.2019Heating system repair25.71 US dollars
18.10.2019Boiler start-up, leak repair18.36 US dollars
20.08.2019Well pump, pipes, taps, accessories for connection148 US dollars
20.08.2019Well pump, pipes, taps, accessories for connection55.83 US dollars
28.07.2019call to specialist for testing gas connection11.77 US dollars
06.06.2019delivery of washing machine after repair18.57 US dollars
26.03.2019Components for connecting the gas boiler to the heating system70.75 US dollars
12.03.2019connection to gas network2580.58 US dollars
12.03.2019connection of gas and electric boilers91.29 US dollars
12.03.2019ventilation hatches, foam assembly, brushes28.85 US dollars
07.03.2019Payment of construction and installation work on the gasification of the house 3490.81 US dollars
22.02.2019Surcharge for the construction of an outbuilding, wicket, gate99.66 US dollars
05.02.2019Heating system repair, metal delivery10.94 US dollars
10.01.2019Household expenses: keys, festoon, handsaw, sealing tape, lamps, 3 pcs., Plastic glass for the door, electric heated towel rail and 2 floor boards, shelves155.71 US dollars
07.12.2018profile pipe 40 * 25 36 m + elekkrody for the manufacture of shelves in the barn53.34 US dollars
07.12.20184 sheets OSB 9 mm + 200 screws46.41 US dollars
22.11.2018payment for the connection to gas network38.74 US dollars
22.11.2018repair in electric network11.52 US dollars
01.10.2018fence boards + paint46.69 US dollars
25.09.2018for 2 windows for barn71.83 US dollars
20.09.2018Payment for gasification inspection24.05 US dollars
14.09.2018payment for technical documentation 2nd floor80.53 US dollars
03.09.2018Enamel white, self-tapping screws for a professional flooring 1000 pieces, 2 extenders by the check29.07 US dollars
15.08.2018hole for a toilet, trenches49.16 US dollars
09.08.2018Profile of steel sheet bent НС35 0,45 mm - 196,092 m2; Screws with drill 4,8x35 (250 pcs.) - 5 packs for the construction of auxiliary rooms463.8 US dollars
19.07.2018project of connection to gas system305.26 US dollars
16.07.2018Gas stove GEFEST 1200-C7 and gas heater VIESSMANN VITOPEND 100 A1JB 29 кВт966.18 US dollars
31.05.2018New stairs 5 pcs. to bunk beds on the 1st floor38.26 US dollars
31.05.2018Handles, locks and lining to newly installed doors on the 1st floor47.21 US dollars
31.05.2018Castle on the bedroom door on the 2nd floor7.65 US dollars
31.05.2018Lamp in the corridor in front of the boiler room12.59 US dollars
08.05.2018Brick masonry, Pit for water68.43 US dollars
04.05.2018Consumables for water supply16.25 US dollars
02.05.2018Installation of a sewerage system in the kitchen, water outlet to the street, installation of pumps and a meter, connection of a boiler65.22 US dollars
27.04.2018purchase of a cable, electric equipment - connection of boilers, the external socket, an electric stove + payment for work104.23 US dollars
27.04.2018digging of a drain hole for kitchen, digging of holes for planting of trees and grapes39.46 US dollars
27.04.2018production of a door with a mirror for a sliding wardrobe50.06 US dollars
27.04.2018renewal of the contract with the power supply network (the master s call), journey to Mikhaylovka, paperwork on purchase of the house24.78 US dollars
23.04.2018Curtains241.42 US dollars
18.04.2018payment for paperwork (connection to natural gas system)32.47 US dollars
13.04.2018installation of sattelite TV23.09 US dollars
21.03.2018replacement of a cable for the Internet, installation of the switch and connection of the house to the Internet26.62 US dollars
21.03.2018journey to Tokmok (3 times), to Lyubimovka - an preparation of documents for connection of gas system26.43 US dollars
16.02.2018natural gas boilers467.76 US dollars
02.02.2018Electricity connection17.96 US dollars
18.01.2018Electricity connection project290.94 US dollars
17.01.2018showel8.03 US dollars
12.01.2018Cable 101 m, clamp anchor 2009 pcs.23.86 US dollars
04.01.2018Electricity connection25.1 US dollars
30.12.2017the axe for firewood, shovels of 3 pieces21.38 US dollars
27.12.2017rake, axe, shank38.79 US dollars
25.12.2017sliding wardrobe, 2 book cases, 1 angular locker286.69 US dollars
25.12.2017transportation of furniture19.39 US dollars
23.12.2017service instruments, lamps, cable39.13 US dollars
06.12.2017locks14.73 US dollars
20.11.2017linen, 3 sets32.15 US dollars
06.11.2017Earthing device148.82 US dollars
30.10.2017Accessories for locks, delivery14.77 US dollars
30.10.2017Cylinders of propane 4 pcs., Delivery (Deliveri)139.01 US dollars
30.10.2017Pit for water9.3 US dollars
23.10.2017Works and materials for earthing150.72 US dollars
29.09.2017Clock, towels9.29 US dollars
18.09.2017carpets and clocks for the 2nd floor99.87 US dollars
14.09.2017sattellite antenna and tunners82.09 US dollars
11.09.2017notebook for children288.42 US dollars
11.09.2017curtains for 2 windows, blankets, shelf, etc254.67 US dollars
10.09.2017Box for the garbage 240 litres42.11 US dollars
10.09.2017Buckets and plastic boxes57.3 US dollars
06.09.2017Gas stove Greta131 US dollars
03.09.2017cable, night lights, etc.17.51 US dollars
07.08.2017Installation of a toilet bowl, bathroom, kitchen, wash basins and the sewerage on the 2nd floor83.54 US dollars
18.07.2017connection to the electricity network567.58 US dollars
18.07.2017Linens81.48 US dollars
11.07.2017painting of the starirs41.96 US dollars
05.07.2017Worktop49.91 US dollars
03.07.2017Furniture for kitchen97.49 US dollars
29.06.2017Linoleum 52m, Plinth 46m, Thresholds 17,8 m100.19 US dollars
23.06.2017Painting, trowelling, priming of walls -128 m.116.84 US dollars
23.06.2017Assembling 8 tables and kitchen15.36 US dollars
23.06.2017Building materials (laying of linoleum, plinths)19.97 US dollars
21.06.2017Powders (0,9 m) - 17 pcs; End for the skirting board 32 pieces; Corner; Liquid nails 2 pcs.46.35 US dollars
14.06.2017mounting of the door7.66 US dollars
14.06.2017Linoleum (3,0 m) - 16,5 m; Polyurethane varnish; Powders; Cement153.11 US dollars
14.06.2017Fixtures of 32 pieces; Fare43.64 US dollars
14.06.2017Cable 50 m10.66 US dollars
13.06.2017Paint brush; Polyurethane varnish .; Interior paint 2 pcs; Socket 14 pcs.53.13 US dollars
08.06.2017stairs installation96.81 US dollars
06.06.2017Electric water heater GORENJE EWH 50NGV996.23 US dollars
31.05.2017Installation linoleum 67 sq m; Installation skirting 70 m.103.27 US dollars
25.05.2017Bar (50 * 120 * 4500mm) - 17 pcs; Screw; Bolt; Nut; Washer; Glue84.09 US dollars
24.05.2017Wooden bed with mattress 4 pcs175.91 US dollars
23.05.2017replacement of the window26.92 US dollars
22.05.2017Plinth (2,5 m) 60pcs; Stapler; Staples; Accessories for plinth; Interior paint 2 pcs; Crusiter; Enamel; Platen cover 43 pcs; Lamps LED 4 pcs; Glue 9 pieces; Door Latch221.2 US dollars
22.05.2017Connections for skirting boards 30 pcs.6.47 US dollars
19.05.2017Profile pipe 40 m, Rolling stock production 150 m163.26 US dollars
19.05.2017Bed, two-story, Mattress 4 pcs.381.91 US dollars
18.05.2017Blanket 9 pcs, pillow 9 pcs, delivery146.34 US dollars
05.05.2017Metal-plastic windows for access to the attic 2nd floor 4 pieces195.53 US dollars
04.05.2017Searchlight, lamps, core, etc. by the check56.67 US dollars
04.05.2017hard putty zatirka, gurntovka + walls painting and ceiling 2 floor of 134 m of quarter, zatirka + primer of 154 sq.m.190.21 US dollars
03.05.2017Boiler installation19.02 US dollars
03.05.2017plastic and P-level for a ceiling over a ladder32.08 US dollars
24.04.2017Lamps on the base of light-emitting diode 9 pcs40.88 US dollars
20.04.2017Lamps on the base of light-emitting diode 9 pcs36.72 US dollars
18.04.2017Installation of drywall and insulation, putty, installation of doors, laying of tiles (7 rooms)678.06 US dollars
18.04.2017Final payment for the installation of 76 outlets and switches, 40 boxes, shield and wiring265.18 US dollars
06.04.2017tile for bathrooms and kitchen, self-tapping screws, cement, etc. by the check - the 2nd floor the house 3293.63 US dollars
05.04.2017advance payment for installation of 9 doors on the 2nd floor66.37 US dollars
03.04.2017payment for hard putty, gypsum cardboard installation, warming on the 2nd floor, 7 rooms (partial payment)931.29 US dollars
22.03.2017Self-leveling mix for floor (25kg) 20 pcs, Drywall Knauf 39 pcs, Satengips Knauf (25 kg), Glue for tiles CERESIT (25 kg)175.97 US dollars
22.03.2017Drywall Screws, bolts, nuts, Crosses for tile24.62 US dollars
16.03.2017Partial payment for installation of drywall and insulation446.42 US dollars
15.03.2017The mix Moment the self-leveled floor of 18 bags, hard putty the Finish, cartridges for lamps, edges97.08 US dollars
13.03.2017Isohypses Knauf of 8 bags, primer of Tserezit of ST of 17 60 l68.95 US dollars
09.03.2017Clay Perlfix, hard putty, Primer, etc. by the check109.05 US dollars
09.03.2017self-tapping screws for gypsum cardboard of 200 pieces.7.49 US dollars
09.03.2017wire for grounding of 5 mm 45 m11.38 US dollars
09.03.2017return of the rest for the sewerage-78.9 US dollars
09.03.2017Primer tserezit ST-17 of 10 pieces66.63 US dollars
07.03.2017advance payment for installation of plaster and a heater on the second floor222.05 US dollars
06.03.2017Foam mounting 10 pcs, Self-tapping screws, Circlip pliers, Switch 2 pcs, Cartridge 5 pcs, Rosette71.78 US dollars
03.03.2017Accessories for heating system installation308.42 US dollars
15.02.2017household expenses, accessories for the antenna and a mast - advance payment154.99 US dollars
15.02.2017household expenses, accessories for the antenna and a mast - advance payment20.5 US dollars
03.02.2017Casserole with lid, rubber mat, bucket for garbage, laundry basket 2 pcs., Door closers, metal Shelve stand, electrical switch, Delivery149.4 US dollars
26.01.2017The mix which is self-leveled for a floor a tile, sealant, putty for joints of a tile, plasticity and another by the check222.64 US dollars
22.01.2017glue for a tile, the mix which is self-leveled by the check104.4 US dollars
22.01.2017the lamp of LED 18 W, bases of 5 pieces, board plastic by the check9.85 US dollars
13.01.2017mounting of system of heating on the second floor366.95 US dollars
30.12.2016payment of the loader - loading of furniture5.52 US dollars
30.12.2016Delivery of furniture25.74 US dollars
25.12.2016advance payment for mounting of system of heating on the second floor90.92 US dollars
13.12.2016Wire, cable trough, flexible tube90.66 US dollars
05.12.2016Stool black 8 pcs 3 pcs Wardrobe267.27 US dollars
05.12.2016Wardrobe61.93 US dollars
02.12.2016Wardrobe 2 pcs.230.84 US dollars
02.12.2016Wardrobe 4 pc, computer table, set of kitchen furniture307.22 US dollars
02.12.2016Computer table 7 pcs 3 pcs Sofa522.25 US dollars
01.12.2016Sink Franke PXL stainless steel.56.32 US dollars
01.12.2016Kitchen table sliding76.2 US dollars
01.12.2016Kitchen table sliding73.56 US dollars
30.11.2016Fare1.24 US dollars
28.11.2016Bed 4 pieces; Mattress675.62 US dollars
26.11.20166 LED lamps19.7 US dollars
25.11.2016registration of property7.03 US dollars
23.11.2016Mattress 2 pieces; Delivery114.61 US dollars
23.11.2016Three-element ladder; Delivery135.51 US dollars
22.11.2016Hardware for doors (set) - 12 pcs; Lamp 3 pcs51.78 US dollars
22.11.2016200 meters of cable170.91 US dollars
15.11.2016wiring117.05 US dollars
15.11.2016Commission of the bank0.78 US dollars
10.11.2016corrugation for a cable, a box for a cable, etc.18.62 US dollars
07.11.2016door box of 14 sm*2,05 18 pieces83.85 US dollars
25.10.2016Delivery by two machines of gypsum cardboard, hard putty, doors, plumbing fixtures, cotton wool and other building materials from Zaporizhia in the Ukrainka village103.35 US dollars
18.10.2016Sockets, switches, cable228.74 US dollars
11.10.2016Laying 23 m3 aerocrete partitions for 2 floor269.67 US dollars
10.10.2016Tile 37,5 m2; Tile 34 pcs; Glue 11 pcs; Flooring 107.6 m2; The door leaf 9 pcs; Snowball FT-14 kg - 5 pcs.1272.96 US dollars
10.10.2016Bath; Compact; The siphon, draining, the LED lamp 10 packs; Domestic wheelbarrows and construction263.85 US dollars
07.10.2016Groundwater Ceresit 10l - 5 pcs; Screws Foam vsezenon.65l - 10 pcs; Profile 130 pcs; Bracket 800 pieces; Screws with presshayboy 15000 pcs; Glue for DHA 30kg - 2 pcs.547 US dollars
07.10.2016LGC 90 pcs. Parobarer 75 square meters - 4 rudder. Smooth floor 23 kg - 15 pcs; Shpatl.finish 25 kg - 10 pcs;573.06 US dollars
05.10.2016delivery of electric equipment3.09 US dollars
29.09.2016fittings of 14 mm, 120 m57.54 US dollars
27.09.2016payment of operation of the crane (unloading of the gas-block)26.64 US dollars
22.09.2016Replacing the ridge104.24 US dollars
22.09.2016Accessories on the roof204.63 US dollars
22.09.2016Covers 10 pcs96.53 US dollars
20.09.2016Jalousie115.83 US dollars
20.09.2016delivery of 100 sections of radiators from Kiev15.71 US dollars
16.09.2016Бойлер FERROLI BLUEOCEAN FEB 100, Организация доставки97.47 US dollars
16.09.2016Heating Radiator Mirado 96/500 - 80 pcs488.85 US dollars
16.09.2016Heating Radiator Mirado 96/500 - 20 pcs122.21 US dollars
09.09.2016Socket 25 pcs; double switch 12 pcs44.74 US dollars
08.09.2016Блок UDK 25,2 м.куб1050.28 US dollars
08.09.2016Clay UDK 25 kg. 30 pcs.73.22 US dollars
06.09.2016Pipes and fittings for connection Heating (second floor)653.67 US dollars
06.09.2016heating pump (second floor)65.71 US dollars
31.08.2016Lamps 14 pcs59.87 US dollars
31.08.2016Pots 2 pcs, 20 pcs Dishes39.15 US dollars
31.08.2016Cornices 8.5m, Tulle 9m , work77.21 US dollars
17.08.2016gluing of wall-paper and photowall-paper, installation of plinths, baguettes, corners in a hall, hall, bedroom and corridor207.51 US dollars
17.08.20165 LED lamps dimmable32.88 US dollars
09.08.2016Cornice 4 m, 11.1 m curtains, Tulle 5 m.72.52 US dollars
08.08.2016Welding of the antenna for the Internet14.11 US dollars
08.08.2016Welding of a ladder in a cellar (completion of works)14.11 US dollars
05.08.2016On the roof ridge (128 pcs) + porolonы (final payment)42.54 US dollars
03.08.2016Pipe Tee 3 pcs, 2 pcs angle9.28 US dollars
22.07.2016On the roof ridge (128 pcs) + porolonы (Chastychnaya payment)95.3 US dollars
21.07.2016On the roof ridge (128 pcs) + porolonы (Chastychnaya payment)122.33 US dollars
10.06.20168pcs Blanket, Pillow 8pcs, bed linen 7 pcs, Delivery New Mail 280.77 US dollars
10.06.2016Mattress Classic 80h190h15sm 5 pcs177.67 US dollars
08.06.2016Cleaning of stainless steel double-bath 2 pieces, kitchen components assembly, assembly and installation, Delivery218.34 US dollars
08.06.2016Repair of building cars14.02 US dollars
30.05.2016Transfer documents0.99 US dollars
27.05.2016Transportation costs (fuel and depreciation), transportation of construction workers and building materials, water (Reno)47.62 US dollars
27.05.2016Mattresses 5 items, bed linen 3 pieces, Blanket 2 pieces, Pillow 2 pcs, Delivery New Mail 285.27 US dollars
26.05.2016Gas stove ZANUSSI ZOG 511211 W300.05 US dollars
17.05.2016Sockets 12 pcs, 2 pcs switches communicating, frame 3pcs, 3 pieces buckets, rubber mat34.42 US dollars
17.05.2016metal sheets, tubes, hinges, bolts37.55 US dollars
05.05.2016Reconstruction of the roof of 67 m2265.86 US dollars
05.05.2016Accessories for roof renovation9.01 US dollars
25.04.2016Screws, screws, foam, wheels for completion on the roof valleys43.9 US dollars
21.04.2016Materials for roofing revision (replacement of the valley, foam rubber)137.39 US dollars
21.04.2016Plaster, stucco (stairs to the 2nd floor, the stairs to the basement and basement), Power point: the installation of 4 pcs63.98 US dollars
11.04.2016Hatches sewer polymer, derzhak 5 pieces, socket - 2 pcs shoes, Plugs straight 2 euro piece, Renault spare key31.09 US dollars
11.04.2016Installation of radiators, transportation expenses34.67 US dollars
11.04.2016Tube 125 2 pieces, tee, elbow, bolts 8pcs, nuts 8 pcs, primer, White spirit, Gloves 2 pieces, 4 pieces pipe 25, a cap, plaster dry 12 pieces, enamel paint46.26 US dollars
04.04.2016Production of stairs to the basement 5 meters, Manufacturing of doors in the basement of 1.8 * 0.8 m.91.54 US dollars
29.03.2016Furniture Corner 783.93 US dollars
16.03.2016Screws 130 pieces, drill, pipe 40 * 25, cutting electrodes, faucet, LED lamps 37 pieces, Delivery122.94 US dollars
03.03.2016Foods for builders Jan-Feb 201633.27 US dollars
01.03.2016Installation of electrical outlets 13 pieces, plaster, tile laying57.02 US dollars
25.02.2016pre-payment for the big sofa for living room93.11 US dollars
25.02.2016Nut 3 pcs, 6 pcs Tee, Elbow 4 pcs, 2 pcs Coupling, Tee 2 pcs, 4 pcs Crane31.84 US dollars
25.02.2016Tubes, pipes Fastening 7 pcs 9 pcs Elbow, Tee 5 pieces, nails, grouting Ceresit, plugs, reducers, clamp, Transportation expenses 640 km.67.21 US dollars
25.02.2016Locks Door 3 pieces, pots, pans, light bulbs, shower siphon45.25 US dollars
11.02.2016Chandeliers and lighting fixtures 28 pcs204.53 US dollars
11.02.2016Sewer pipe, hose oxygen, transition fitting, Elbow 2 pieces, buckets with lids, Coupling21.33 US dollars
08.02.2016Furniture for kitchen385.91 US dollars
05.02.2016Box locks 3 pieces, installation of casings, Stacking of linoleum, and insulation, installation outlets, Laying of laminate, Installation of baseboards88.56 US dollars
29.01.2016Door Handle 5 pcs, 5pcs Castle interior, cylinder mechanism 5 pcs, 5 pcs Cover cylindrical, Postage, Tile Grout, Socket with 12 pieces ground, Screws, Frame 5 on the outlet piece, under the linoleum substrate, Saddle211.12 US dollars
26.01.2016transportation - 2 level bed8.07 US dollars
19.01.2016Strengthening of paws of rafters, Strengthening of rafters, Betogirovaniye in the kotelena34.09 US dollars
19.01.2016Laying of a tile, slopes on doors of 15 pieces, Installation of Wash basins of 2 pieces, Installation of platbands of 6 pieces, Filling of a floor116.19 US dollars
19.01.2016The lamp of street 2 pieces, Regulators of light of 2 pieces, the Boss suspended, the Boss usual, the Hose - an eyeliner 0,8m, the Pipe, the Cap, Gruntovka Tserezit, Transportation54.45 US dollars
14.01.2016corrugated cable , hoses , rollers , saw a mixture of floors in the hallway , LED lamp47.54 US dollars
13.01.2016Bunk bed for children174.45 US dollars
13.01.2016Bunk bed for children85.96 US dollars
12.01.2016Construction Materials42.55 US dollars
12.01.2016wallpapering in 2 bedrooms, 78 sq meters49.53 US dollars
30.12.2015Install faucet, slopes 15 pcs, box of blocks, Installation of electrical points 5 pcs, 4 pcs plastic ceiling, Installation of doors 4 pieces, tile laying, bathroom installation, bathroom by Dash, ducts for pipes in the bathroom286.88 US dollars
30.12.2015Building materials: nuts M12, M12 large washer 100 pieces, LED lamps 2 pcs, 2 pcs set of drills, Circles cutting 5 pieces, pipe №25 2 pieces, plastic ceiling Bath 3 pcs, screws, etc. 300 pcs.91.37 US dollars
30.12.2015Building materials: Tile Cerezyme 4 pieces, 2 pieces wash basin mixers, Circles cutting 5 pieces, Drills 2 pieces, lamps, corners, screws 20 pcs, delivery137.67 US dollars
29.12.2015Porolonovy mattress 600grn, Bed 850grn, Filling of self-bulk floors 172m2 4300grn, podshiva of 70 m of the item 7000grn, Works on warming of a facade 2350grn.652.63 US dollars
22.12.2015Power builders November-December 201538.22 US dollars
22.12.2015Payment for electricity in November 20158.92 US dollars
18.12.2015The door glass 3 pieces, without glass door, Ludka 100mm wide. 4 pieces, 20 pieces plat, louver 2 pieces, Cerezyme Tile 6 pcs, Grout 2 pieces, screws, Angles, soldering and dr.stroymaterialy. Transportation487.56 US dollars
18.12.2015Transfer 2 computer desks127.73 US dollars
14.12.2015Foam concrete laying, laying of a heater, installation of OSB43.08 US dollars
14.12.2015Kitchen hoods 2 pieces; Tile 9.24 m?; Kitchen furniture (prepayment); Construction Materials; fare685.12 US dollars
03.12.2015Installation of electrical points in the basement luminaires on the house 28 pcs, 2 pcs toilet, plaster and putty, Wallpapering, laying tiles, installation of doors in the shower257.74 US dollars
01.12.2015Car Trailer 2500 Bed 1075; Transportation costs 561; Construction 1473.50236 US dollars
30.11.201510 pieces of OSB; Stapler; Staples; Goggles; Screws; Plug; Reiki; Fixing; Corner; trowels116.06 US dollars
25.11.20157 doors given by Irina from Zaporozhye876.86 US dollars
24.11.2015Ventilation grille, Small 20 / 15- 4 pcs, Crane №15 - 4 pieces, Tee number 25, aerated concrete 10 cm - 60 pieces, the kitchen lamps Feron AL504 - 20 pcs, 3 pcs lamps sanblok260.79 US dollars
24.11.2015Reinforcement, concrete floor in the boiler room; Reinforcement, concrete stairs 2nd floor; Suspension formwork40.9 US dollars
24.11.2015Profile for ceiling 14 pc, ventilation grille, Tile Grout, gloves, ventilation pipe 100 mm - 2 pcs; Corner Brackets, hose flexibles, spatulas32.06 US dollars
24.11.2015Cement 5 mesh .; Fixtures for bathrooms 4 pieces; Baguette 10 pieces; Glue two pieces; Elbow 10 pieces; Cap 10 pcs; Tee; Crane on the water; Diesel fuel97.19 US dollars
24.11.2015Bed 2 pcs; Mattress 2 pieces168.44 US dollars
17.11.2015Wardrobe and mezzanine 2-door; Wardrobe and mezzanine 3 doors; Assembly426.6 US dollars
13.11.201520 pack Cerezyme, adhesive silicone profiles, tubes ventilation, driving builders Grout for tiles, galvanized pipe, foam assembly, Elbow, Tee, Oil, Fasteners, Mixer151.18 US dollars
13.11.2015Laying tiles, plastic ceiling, extractor fan, wiring, boxes in a closet, Laying of laminate, Laying tile floor, Vytzhka kitchen, hallway lighting fittings221.43 US dollars
11.11.2015payment for electricity sept-october11.89 US dollars
11.11.2015nutrition of builders - sept, october 201535.15 US dollars
09.11.2015Concreting of the wall rack and 2; Concreting of the ramp; Concreting platform; Prepare the soil for concreting56.26 US dollars
05.11.2015Foam mounting and pistol hinges, screws for wood; vent pipe; cement; Circles cutting 10 small pieces; Silicone Glue white and gun; Cerezyme 30 bags; Transportation (fuel)146 US dollars
03.11.2015Installation of towel 3 pieces52.19 US dollars
03.11.2015Laying the tiles in the shower - 1.2 m .; Installation of doors 4 pcs .; Plaster in kitchen, 3 m .; Laying and installation el.rozetok 5ps.92.42 US dollars
02.11.2015LED panel64.8 US dollars
27.10.2015The tile rest, building materials, the canister, oil, gasoline for a petrolsaw, laying of a tile on a floor of kitchen is finished120.32 US dollars
22.10.2015Carport under the car, carport loggia704.31 US dollars
21.10.2015Plastic pipes, sockets82.17 US dollars
20.10.2015Laying the tiles 44 m2206.6 US dollars
16.10.2015doors 7 pcs448.45 US dollars
16.10.2015Electrocable9.3 US dollars
16.10.2015Grout tile22.61 US dollars
16.10.2015Hardware, Accessories20.61 US dollars
16.10.20155,4 sq. meters of ceramics for kitchen32.55 US dollars
05.10.2015Computer set (system unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse) 3 pcs; Wi-Fi router 1 pc.260.08 US dollars
05.10.2015Computer set (system unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse), Wi-Fi router198.61 US dollars
30.09.2015Advance payment. Payment to the builders of the area under the carport464.52 US dollars
29.09.2015Payment for heating, installation of heated towel rails55.59 US dollars
29.09.201530 sections of radiators, chimney 2 sections, heater for the kitchen416.89 US dollars
18.09.2015large towel, stainless steel, 3 pieces.206.04 US dollars
17.09.2015Advance payment. Payment to the builders of the area under the carport322.6 US dollars
16.09.2015Advance payment for the purchase of plumbing materials: pipes, fittings, pump, expansion tank, pump electronics460.86 US dollars
16.09.2015Advance payment. Payment to the builders of the area under the carport184.34 US dollars
03.09.20154 LED lamps and lustre (parcel from Kiev)37.76 US dollars
27.08.2015Payment to the builders: the advance of the concrete pad90.52 US dollars
19.08.2015Payment to the builders: the advance of the concrete pad45.96 US dollars
10.08.2015Facade work partial payment227.6 US dollars
10.08.2015Facade work partial payment9.48 US dollars
05.08.2015Buying fan power cable, video cable for computers15.38 US dollars
05.08.2015matress 2*1,6 m45.44 US dollars
05.08.2015facade works278.04 US dollars
28.07.2015Prepayment for mineral wool insulation of the facade, plaster and painting453.26 US dollars
28.07.2015The power cord 50m38.51 US dollars
20.07.2015intenet wi-fi router Wi Fi TP-L WR 842 ND33.57 US dollars
20.07.2015fasad insolation and painting, partial payment184.56 US dollars
20.07.20152 doors (to 2nd and 3rd homes)86.03 US dollars
10.07.2015Prepayment for the insolation of fasad951.57 US dollars
09.07.2015Purchase of materials: paints Exterior 50l; Exterior primer 10L161.77 US dollars
08.07.2015Materials: 5 bags Siltek; Pigment Colore for 22 pieces of the facade.74.89 US dollars
07.07.2015Fundraising in the social network on Facebook21.88 US dollars
01.07.201515 bags of T-87 putty for facade71.41 US dollars
25.06.2015Baguette 26 foam pieces12.02 US dollars
25.06.2015Screws on wood 200 pieces5.55 US dollars
25.06.2015Perfougolok slopes for 20 pieces8.32 US dollars
25.06.20154 sets smew and casings, 1 pair veil, 1 leaf door96.79 US dollars
25.06.2015Silicone for baguettes 5 tubes18.49 US dollars
23.06.2015Flat floor 10 bags45.3 US dollars
23.06.201520 bags of the mixture27.73 US dollars
23.06.2015Foam mounting cylinder 214.79 US dollars
23.06.2015Water paint for the ceiling 2 cans, roller and ball pen50.84 US dollars
23.06.2015Scotch mastic wide (20 cm) bitumen sealing joint with the chimney canopy20.8 US dollars
16.06.2015Siltek 25 kg - 20 pieces; Sanding grid 4 pack .; Plastic in the hall 8 lanes139.37 US dollars
15.06.2015Wood for filing roof24.93 US dollars
15.06.2015Plastic strips 40 to the kitchen, hallway, bathroom and toilet251.68 US dollars
11.06.2015Delivery laminate, wallpaper16.11 US dollars
05.06.2015Invnntarization of a real estate object in the village. The Ukrainian the house 40 of the Mikhaylovsky district of the Zaporozhye Region regarding receiving a tekh.pasport70.52 US dollars
05.06.2015Expanded polystyrene for slopes52.06 US dollars
05.06.2015Rollers and dyes for a facade28.4 US dollars
04.06.2015Delivery of building materials A-92 Gasoline of 10 l.4.51 US dollars
04.06.2015Purchase of building materials: Coupling, tee, corner, pipes, knee, hardware13 US dollars
04.06.2015Installation of a flue18.97 US dollars
02.06.2015Laying pits - 400 pcs bricks45.53 US dollars
28.05.2015Laying sewage - 3420 pcs bricks365.12 US dollars
28.05.2015Fill foundation and welding fittings sewage68.15 US dollars
28.05.2015The irrigation of trees9.6 US dollars
20.05.2015Payment to the builders: the expansion of the sewage pit (large) 10 m?. Purchase of materials: brick b / u red for the pit. Deepening cooking pit 4 m?239.44 US dollars
14.05.2015Payment builders: a trench drain. Laying of sewerage to 80 meters (on the street, from the kitchen, from the bathrooms, 2nd floor).97.14 US dollars
12.05.2015Foam assembly 2 pieces; Tee 6 pieces; Knee sewer 3 pieces; Trap; Revision of sewerage. 4 pieces; Grease pipe40.72 US dollars
08.05.2015Cement for caps on drain well (kitchen and sewerage) -40 bags; The cement for the foundation of the kitchen drain hole 8 bags; Cement for bricklaying in the drain hole 100 bags259.13 US dollars
07.05.2015The gun for polyurethane foam, the ChV-pigment of 20 pieces, ChV-paint fasadnaya10l. 8 pieces, enamel, tape of painting 2 pieces, knee kanaliz.9 piece, tee of 5 pieces, coupling of 5 pieces, film of waterproofing 150 sq.m, fibreglass mesh of 200 sq.m645.32 US dollars
07.05.2015The self-leveled floor of 20 pieces88.92 US dollars
07.05.2015Glue for a tile of 54 pieces136.28 US dollars
07.05.2015Plaster of decorative 20 pieces175.04 US dollars
07.05.2015The mix reinforcing for thermal insulation of 40 pieces216.92 US dollars
07.05.2015Glue for thermal insulation of 40 pieces168.27 US dollars
06.05.2015Sewer hole under kitchen of 8 m ?; a trench from the house to a drain hole; 2 wells89.91 US dollars
06.05.2015Delivery of cement and masonry grid40.22 US dollars
05.05.2015Grid kladochnaja 50 pieces, fittings 60 m85.18 US dollars
24.04.2015Grid masonry 100х100х2,5 - 50sht57.7 US dollars
24.04.2015Serpyank s grid, Primer (10l) - 3sht55.04 US dollars
24.04.2015Hardware for a hypocardboard (self-tapping screws on metal) 3000 pieces, flea beetles of 2000 pieces24.41 US dollars
21.04.2015Bricks for slyvnoy yamы 1500 pcs, delivery150.53 US dollars
21.04.2015Cement for foundation lodzhyy 50 Meshkov; Cement for the foundation in 10 Yame slyvnoy Meshkov; Road 30 tons and delivery; Uhlublenye kanalyzatsyonnoy yamы 1m393.18 US dollars
20.04.2015Tuner of digital television39.21 US dollars
16.04.2015Screws with rubber cap 1500 Pieces47.02 US dollars
16.04.2015Sand for the site under the car of 30 tons, delivery242.95 US dollars
16.04.2015Ognebiozaschita28.35 US dollars
09.04.2015pipe; coupling, corner; branch; crane; washer; electrodes54.2 US dollars
09.04.2015Payment for work on heating installation238.25 US dollars
09.04.2015Payment builders: aerocrete and masonry pier in the cellar; welding of the frame; oplubki installation; pouring concrete foundations in the cellar91.02 US dollars
07.04.2015Umbrellas front 1500 Pieces95.71 US dollars
07.04.2015Upload and climb to the top 90 m? wool. Unloading 7 tons of cement69.5 US dollars
07.04.2015The pipe sections 66 m; Mason s net, 80 pcs; Reinforced rolling 180m250.54 US dollars
03.04.2015Electrodes, a plasticizer, dowels facade, sealant34.81 US dollars
03.04.2015Gazoblok for piers in the cellar under the stairs and 1.8 m?90.35 US dollars
03.04.2015Angle front with a mesh of 150 m (60 pcs)37.26 US dollars
31.03.2015Sewage pit 10m?; Shipping wool facade house; ognebiozaschita - 2 cans155.27 US dollars
31.03.2015Elbow, pipe tee, watering can, staples258.08 US dollars
31.03.2015Cone weather vane46.62 US dollars
26.03.2015Thread, plumbing accessories38.84 US dollars
26.03.2015plumbing accessories110.67 US dollars
26.03.2015Electrodes circle cut22.07 US dollars
25.03.201530 LED bulbs70.52 US dollars
25.03.2015bank commission0.44 US dollars
24.03.2015Brush removal, coupling, thread, primer solution11.8 US dollars
24.03.2015Crane, coupling, pipe thread fittings171.69 US dollars
23.03.2015payment for electricity for 2 months17.25 US dollars
20.03.2015200 bags of cement; 40 tons of rubble; Delivery of 110 km633.9 US dollars
19.03.2015Payment builders: pouring plates cellar 1,4 m?; welding reinforcement cage floor slabs, laying dvutavrov86.82 US dollars
16.03.2015Delivery valves, metal canopy for, metal, styrofoam59.22 US dollars
16.03.2015Radiators 40 sections277.57 US dollars
11.03.2015Pipe 12 m, 300 m Rental reinforcement, Mason s net, 30 pcs241.41 US dollars
10.03.2015Payment builders for the installation of roof windows 16 pc, windows salary279.51 US dollars
06.03.2015Floor tiles 22.4 m116.32 US dollars
02.03.2015Payment builders: installation of plasterboard ceiling, primer, putty, paint 110m?. The slopes window and door 18 pcs. Primer, putty, grout under the wallpaper 410 m? (partial payment)841.48 US dollars
02.03.2015Gazoblok for piers 1,92m? vestibule71.88 US dollars
02.03.2015Foam for 2 beds54.2 US dollars
26.02.20150356.56 US dollars
25.02.2015Pipes and other materials356.56 US dollars
24.02.2015Mason s net floor attic of 80 pcs89.25 US dollars
24.02.2015Sewer pipes 100 m258.97 US dollars
23.02.2015solid propellant copper Viadrus815.08 US dollars
19.02.2015Services for obtaining building passport, data sheet, examination, state registration27.89 US dollars
17.02.2015Rental rebar 504 m Beam 9 m for canopy287.46 US dollars
13.02.2015Metal 60m2 for canopy379.75 US dollars
13.02.20155 mixer-taps for water for the bathroom110.19 US dollars
12.02.2015Mineral wool 600m?1099.55 US dollars
11.02.201530 tons of sand, delivery200.35 US dollars
11.02.2015Tile floor 37.54 m?, 77.88 m? Tiles Decoration 15pcs, Freese 71 pcs381.5 US dollars
11.02.2015Mural 10.08 m?, Laminate 56 pack, baseboards, blinds, floor covering 16.5 square meters1348.19 US dollars
10.02.2015Wall-paper of 30 rolls; Glue 11 упак.; Tile of 88,59 m ?877.82 US dollars
10.02.2015Installation of windows and doors; Sand bedding; Laying insulation and waterproofing; Fill parking with reinforcement; 160m? floor; Laying of sewer 114m; Gidrobarer 3 rudder; Installation of ceiling 80m?; device cellar1138.48 US dollars
10.02.2015Delivery of rubble, sewage pipes, 25 liters of diesel fuel, payment unloading trucks48.57 US dollars
10.02.2015Payment builders: for the installation of roof 400m?1121.97 US dollars
10.02.2015Materials for shelter under the car: the rafters 0.7 m?; 0,6m? crate; martselat 0,3m?. Hardware: nails 10kg; screw 500pcs; Area 52sht; 5pcs plate; 30pcs anchor; 30 bags of cement220.55 US dollars
09.02.2015Clamps for wiring 5 pack14.54 US dollars
09.02.2015Payment for wiring: 80 sockets; 20 switches; 20 raspred.korobok; 15 machines; el.yaschik; 22 points. Foam assembly, dowels, fastening strap; Blaszki for fixing profiles 5000 Pieces298.88 US dollars
06.02.2015Plumbing for the bathroom: Compact 2 pieces; Cabinet with washbasin 3 pieces; washbasin; Siphon 7 pc; bathtub446.54 US dollars
05.02.2015Expanded polystyrene, 55 m?, sills, window sills298.88 US dollars
30.01.2015House electrical wiring device: materials1666.92 US dollars
30.01.2015Boiler - 2sht253 US dollars
30.01.2015Boiler - 2sht0.25 US dollars
27.01.2015Mineral wool TEHNOFAS - 240,48 м?1579.96 US dollars
22.01.2015Oil heater ELEKTROLUX EOH/M-3221, Delivery88.09 US dollars
20.01.2015Building materials: Profile of 185 pieces; Fixing 1250 pcs; Dowel 40 Pace; Area 35 pieces; KNAUF 260sht; Cerezyme 20pcs; Net trowel 100pcs; TECHNOPLEX 52sht1673.81 US dollars
13.01.2015UDK block of cubic meter 20,88; Glue 32 pieces.1260.59 US dollars
31.12.2014Crushed stone 110km delivery - 30 tons294.89 US dollars
31.12.2014Materials for everything cellar: Brick & Shipping 3000 pcs; Fittings 240m; Roofing felt 6 rudder .; 40 bags of cement; Mason s net floor 12 pcs.577.1 US dollars
30.12.2014Digging holes for cellar136.98 US dollars
30.12.2014Device of floors588.2 US dollars
29.12.2014Prepayment builders for construction of floors: Ground layout; crushed stone backfill; insulation; waterproofing; concreting - 100 m?645.27 US dollars
29.12.2014Softener 20l, enamel, axe, anti-frosty additive, grid of 55 sq.m, self-tapping screws, delivery339.6 US dollars
26.12.2014Payment for builders laying gazoblokov 27.26 m?295.81 US dollars
24.12.2014Industrial fan heater55.74 US dollars
19.12.2014Transfer of a heater2.8 US dollars
18.12.2014Expanded polystyrene of 614 sheets; ement of 315 bags; Grid of armirovochny metal 105 sheets; Waterproofing 3 rolls; Delivery of materials3249.52 US dollars
24.11.2014Nails, Area, screws, mauerlat128.21 US dollars
24.11.2014Installation of racks under the canopy 11sht; painting; concreting51.13 US dollars
24.11.2014Clay winter piers for 40 bags159.36 US dollars
24.11.2014Covering forests ognebiozaschitoy; screws with rubber gasket for fixing tiles 500pcs; studs; nuts46.41 US dollars
13.11.2014Materials for the canopy: metal 71.313 m?; Metal stand 40m; cement; paint; forest; fittings904.5 US dollars
31.10.2014Window (prepayment) - 17 pieces; Doors 3 pieces; Sills; ebb231.65 US dollars
30.10.2014Window (prepayment) - 17 pieces; Doors 3 pieces; Sills; ebb1930.08 US dollars
28.10.2014Window (prepayment) - 17 pieces; Doors 3 pieces; Sills; ebb1544.29 US dollars
14.10.2014Work truck crane, unloading aerocrete 40m?92.65 US dollars
17.09.2014Materials for arrangement of roof: Metal 409 square meters and accessories. The device of drainage system: Trench 19sht; 18pcs tube; 36sht knee; holder plastic gutter 95sht; holder tube steel 48sht; plugs; the knee; livnepriemniki; connector11465.9 US dollars
15.09.2014Roof windows 16 pc.3875.04 US dollars
11.09.2014Installation of fence mesh netting: installation of columns; Digging pits; colored bars; stringing nets; concreting racks412.28 US dollars
09.09.2014Installation on a wooden fence stands 50 m154.73 US dollars
09.09.2014Installation of doors 2 pieces of shaped tube with mesh netting; installation of racks, painting61.89 US dollars
09.09.2014Wicket: installation of racks, painting; concreting11.6 US dollars
01.09.2014Payment builders the foundation for the piers180.72 US dollars
01.09.2014Cock for a temporary sink in the house4.19 US dollars
27.08.2014Delivery valves, mesh, cement, 6 pairs of curtains for the gate, wire knitting for the attachment rabiitsy97.73 US dollars
27.08.2014Aerated concrete roof under Armopojas-220 units; Expanded polystyrene for thermal insulation of 30m2; Welding of reinforcing cage 400m; Payment builders1479.38 US dollars
15.08.2014Paint Rack 3ban fence; 2ban solvent; Primer 3ban; Cement for the foundation under Perestenko and under racks fence 30 bags of 50kg; Work truck crane installation plit- 10 hours.304.52 US dollars
15.08.2014Building materials38.26 US dollars
11.08.2014Rabitz 15 rolls210.51 US dollars
11.08.2014The pipe sections are 214 m, 504 m rolled rebar736.21 US dollars
07.08.2014Materials for the horizontal bar and basketball boards: Tube O20,40,32,76- 48m; Self-tapping screws 2 pack.123.53 US dollars
25.07.2014Purchases of construction materials: PC slab 29 pcs.4568.1 US dollars
18.07.2014Payment for the work of the builders: aerated concrete masonry 587m, 406M Reinforcement, Masonry airpicha 400pcs; Device window and door jumpers; device Armopojas1512.99 US dollars
24.06.2014UDK unit 80 pcs.538.17 US dollars
23.06.2014Work truck crane324.12 US dollars
05.06.2014Aerated concrete wall reinforcement device (Grooves, laying rebar, pouring glue) 145 m86.31 US dollars
05.06.2014Gasoil (Delivery builders)14.46 US dollars
02.06.2014Work truck crane, unloading aerocrete83.35 US dollars
02.06.2014Mason work, masonry aerocrete 16.8m ?212.16 US dollars
02.06.2014Payment builders: basement waterproofing (2 core layer 1 layer of soil) 78 m ?164.18 US dollars
20.05.2014Payment of mason (10.8 m3); 166m Stroebe device; Laying of 166m and a bunch of fittings; Fill glue; Payment for fuel (delivery workers); Preparation of the soil under the floor installation; Prepare well in the house under the water inlet311.11 US dollars
19.05.2014Bituminous-rubber waterproofing basement BauGut18kg - 13 units; Primer bitumen-rubber BauGut 16 kg393.74 US dollars
12.05.2014Work truck crane; unloading aerocrete (70tonn); purchase and laying of roofing material - 9 rolls; buy 40 pieces of brick; fittings for delivery and reinforcement Armopojas aerocrete; POL262.81 US dollars
05.05.2014Payment Delivery of building materials, buy 15 bags of cement, payment for work bricklayer280.7 US dollars
05.05.2014Rental rebar 1212 m490.9 US dollars
30.04.2014Sand 20 tons.301.71 US dollars
10.04.2014Formwork, pouring concrete, podsypka soil ligament reinforcement cages459.66 US dollars
09.04.2014Concrete M200m -4 cubic meters336.75 US dollars
08.04.2014crane services51.16 US dollars
04.04.2014Delivery reinforcement cages, boards Children s Village51.72 US dollars
04.04.2014transportation costs25.86 US dollars
04.04.2014Rearrange the blocks21.55 US dollars
04.04.201424 cubic meters of concrete M200m1422.28 US dollars
27.03.2014Purchase and delivery of formwork boards, nails374.81 US dollars
06.03.2014Set UDK_WALL_Winter 154 kit unit UDK 153,6 m3 glue UDK 154 pcs.11490.2 US dollars
25.02.2014Making the reinforcement cage for Armopojas (800 m fittings)221.3 US dollars
21.02.2014Rental rebar 0.52 tons373.8 US dollars
17.02.2014diesel fuel25.11 US dollars
29.11.2013crane operation344.05 US dollars
25.11.2013Installation of foundation blocks287.75 US dollars
20.11.2013Cement, blocks Installation75.07 US dollars
20.11.2013Delivery of cement and concrete mixers31.28 US dollars
20.11.2013Blocks PBS-41949.21 US dollars
11.11.2013Work on filling pillows, order and receive mixers, work on leveling concrete100.09 US dollars
07.11.2013Concrete M 24 200 m3, service trucks1861.63 US dollars
06.11.2013Extra work on reinforcing68.81 US dollars
05.11.2013Reinforcing steel bars 252 m136.09 US dollars
01.11.2013Reinforcing steel bars 504 m261.68 US dollars
31.10.2013Delivery, filling, waterproofing, concrete reinforcement pads387.84 US dollars
22.10.2013River sand delivered 20 tons.231.45 US dollars
10.10.2013foundation prepayment375.33 US dollars
07.10.2013Partial payment / / Prepare the foundation pit62.55 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 133437 US dollars

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