Детские дома и интернаты Запорожья

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
18.12.2016Particulair v/Thomas L.Denmark462.4 US dollars
08.10.2015Svetlana В.Ukraine23.64 US dollars
11.02.2015David P.USA58.38 US dollars
09.01.2015AlexeyUkraine12.68 US dollars
30.12.2014Anna M.Great Britain48.1 US dollars
27.12.2014ANTONIO N.Spain118.63 US dollars
21.12.2014Sven P.Germany461 US dollars
28.11.2014Yuliya P.Ukraine3.65 US dollars
21.11.2014Elena K.Ukraine66.24 US dollars
08.10.2014ELENA О.Ukraine2.3 US dollars
15.09.2014StanislavUkraine7.53 US dollars
28.08.2014AnonymousUkraine122.79 US dollars
28.08.2014Lorna V.Great Britain23.9 US dollars
28.08.2014Erich S.USA97.5 US dollars
28.08.2014Anna A.USA48.6 US dollars
27.08.2014Carlos H. L.Portugal60 US dollars
26.08.2014Golden Age factoryUkraine204.26 US dollars
26.08.2014Aleksey К.Ukraine43.93 US dollars
21.08.2014AnonymousUkraine15.1 US dollars
20.08.2014AnonymousUkraine14.97 US dollars
19.08.2014Alexander P.Russia27.66 US dollars
31.07.2014Stuart S.Great Britain57.67 US dollars
30.07.2014AlbertUkraine5.83 US dollars
30.07.2014AnonymousUkraine8.09 US dollars
30.07.2014Olga K.Ukraine41.66 US dollars
30.07.2014Lorna V.Great Britain23.9 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 2060.41 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
05.05.2017Purchase of washing machine75.41 US dollars
21.10.2016Autoservices in transportation of things for immigrants2.88 US dollars
15.01.2016Transportation of things2.55 US dollars
12.10.2015Payment for the delivery of parcels2.61 US dollars
23.03.2015Soft toys, toys, stationery, gift sets (sweets), gift sets (toys), cookies, candy, juices337.08 US dollars
25.02.2015Help to families of Avdeevki of the Donetsk Region. Diapers, baby food.122.82 US dollars
13.01.2015delivery of humanitarian help3.05 US dollars
02.12.2014Transportation to the refugees3.92 US dollars
21.11.2014shampoo, soap, toothpaste, dishwashing detergent66.24 US dollars
30.08.2014Bus tickets to Slavyansk-Donetsk-Zaporozhye15.95 US dollars
29.08.2014Diesel fuel for the trip g.Slavyansk124.95 US dollars
29.08.2014Baby food, soap, shampoo, clothes for the baby, stationery52.33 US dollars
28.08.2014Charity to help children in Donetsk186.05 US dollars
28.08.2014Dry Soup - 336 pcs. (packages) Sprat in tomato sauce - 5 sht.Konservirovannaya corn - 10 pcs.122.79 US dollars
26.08.2014foods and diapers for refugees204.26 US dollars
22.08.2014Foods for the children of refugees149.64 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 1473 US dollars

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