Детские дома и интернаты Запорожья

Report on donations to project Счастливый дом - 5 (Любимовка)
for the period since 01.01.2007 to 01.01.2030

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
12.10.2019Anna B.Sweden51.54 US dollars
08.07.2019Anna B.Sweden56.74 US dollars
14.05.2019Future Youth Project (Vinca Peterson)Great Britain492.23 US dollars
27.03.2019Ruslan G.Ukraine7.44 US dollars
28.02.2019Viktoriya K.Ukraine11.11 US dollars
05.02.2019Anna B.Sweden54.7 US dollars
20.12.2018Denis K.Ukraine7.18 US dollars
02.12.2018Anna B.Sweden44.53 US dollars
23.10.2018Anna B.Sweden47.36 US dollars
01.10.2017Svetlana KichkasUkraine18.85 US dollars
22.09.2017Best SecondUkraine552.65 US dollars
30.08.2017runawayUkraine114.68 US dollars
27.08.2017Margarita Z.Ukraine11.73 US dollars
28.07.2017Lilya G.USA142.28 US dollars
18.07.2017BF "Mennonitskij tsentr"Ukraine1921.78 US dollars
10.07.2017Yuliya D.Ukraine7.65 US dollars
30.06.2017Box for donationUkraine7.86 US dollars
07.04.2017BF "Mennonitskij tsentr"Ukraine3682.29 US dollars
25.02.2017Amy S.USA200 US dollars
16.02.2017AnonymousUkraine22.05 US dollars
20.01.2017Julia SerbinenkoUkraine3.62 US dollars
06.01.2017Pavel S.Ukraine957.32 US dollars
03.01.2017Svetlana В.Ukraine18.39 US dollars
20.12.2016Ltd.Delta 5Ukraine378.85 US dollars
05.12.2016Sven P.Germany522.41 US dollars
01.12.2016Lenard D.Canada1000 US dollars
15.08.2016Pavel S.Ukraine1477.39 US dollars
25.03.2016Petr D.Ukraine156.23 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 11968.85 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
04.12.20192 baloons of natural gas for cooking27.24 US dollars
22.11.2019electricity14.47 US dollars
07.10.2019Partial payment for the refrigerator20.6 US dollars
30.09.2019Partial payment for the refrigerator21.05 US dollars
27.09.2019Prepayment for electricity supplier 10-201959.64 US dollars
25.09.2019Internet payment8.34 US dollars
03.09.2019Refrigerator delivery, washing machine hose, LED lamp13.06 US dollars
27.08.2019Penalty 3% per annum for electricity 04.2019 and 06.20193.09 US dollars
26.07.2019bank commission 07.20190.06 US dollars
26.07.2019Prepayment for electricity supplier 06-07-2019129.45 US dollars
17.07.2019Meals, accommodation for pupils for June - July 2019136.21 US dollars
17.07.2019Meals, accommodation for pupils for June - July 201916.78 US dollars
06.06.2019Final payment for consumed electricity for 05.2019103.29 US dollars
20.05.2019The final payment for electricity supplier 04.201969.86 US dollars
13.05.2019Water meter connection kit46.25 US dollars
03.05.2019nutrition, home expenses73.8 US dollars
09.04.2019Nutrition of pupils38.28 US dollars
09.04.2019Electrical equipment maintenance services15.01 US dollars
25.03.2019nutrition, transportation for March60.02 US dollars
13.03.2019The final payment for the supply of universal services (electricity) in February 201971.96 US dollars
12.03.2019nutrition, payment for water and heating for 3 men in February100.87 US dollars
12.03.2019payment to electricity report17.48 US dollars
05.03.2019Prepayment for electricity supplier 01.201981.95 US dollars
22.02.2019Meals, domestic needs 2 graduates of psycho-neurological boarding schools92.14 US dollars
05.02.2019The cost of heating, water, food for 3 pupils80 US dollars
10.01.2019Router, payment for the Internet 01.201926.67 US dollars
04.01.2019Nutrition, domestic needs of 3 young people with disabilities 12/01/2018 - 01/10/2019179.09 US dollars
26.11.2018Consumables for the repair of the pump and water supply system, plumbing72.17 US dollars
22.11.2018anti fire device51.31 US dollars
06.11.2018transportation2.96 US dollars
11.10.2018replacement and installation of the pump35.71 US dollars
15.09.2018nutrition and gs fro cooking for 2 raduate orphans from mental institution50.49 US dollars
06.06.2018payment to electrician29.85 US dollars
17.05.2018payment for water from December, 2017 to May, 201832.74 US dollars
19.04.2018Preliminary payment for active electricity for 05.2018360.94 US dollars
12.03.2018Heating of the house for February - March 201853.65 US dollars
07.03.2018Prepayment for active electricity for 04.201815.22 US dollars
21.02.2018Payment for consumed electricity for January 201823.49 US dollars
21.02.2018Prepayment for active electricity for February 201886.32 US dollars
21.02.2018Prepayment for active electricity for March 201871.94 US dollars
20.02.2018heating (wood)22.51 US dollars
28.01.2018wood heating, water, electricity80.88 US dollars
24.01.2018Prepayment for active electricity for February 201819.02 US dollars
24.01.2018The fee for exceeding the contractual amount of electricity consumption4.53 US dollars
12.01.2018heating (wood)21.18 US dollars
25.12.2017internet connection14 US dollars
21.12.2017heating + internet for dec 201721.18 US dollars
08.12.2017Prepayment for active electricity for January 201839.57 US dollars
08.12.2017Payment for electricity for November 2017g.18.1 US dollars
08.12.2017The fee for exceeding the contractual amount of electricity for November 2017.37.29 US dollars
08.12.2017Sliding wardrobe 2 pcs.200.26 US dollars
01.11.2017payment to the electrician14.89 US dollars
24.10.2017Prepayment for active electricity for November 201737.63 US dollars
23.10.2017Arrival for a car15.07 US dollars
23.10.2017advance payment for 2 closets301.44 US dollars
15.10.2017Hammer, hanger, stamestka, etc.44.99 US dollars
13.10.2017Sliding dining table70.68 US dollars
10.10.2017advance payment on building materials on houses No. 5 and No. 3 (water, a socle)89.75 US dollars
09.10.2017wi fi router with three antennas26.14 US dollars
08.10.2017Wall clock, plates, pillows, spoons, flat-nose pliers and other kitchen stock by the check271.35 US dollars
06.10.2017internet connection52.24 US dollars
06.10.2017connection of gas baloon26.12 US dollars
01.10.2017heater and wacuum cleaner18.85 US dollars
29.09.2017plastic home equipment (boxes, buckets)37.77 US dollars
28.09.2017Broom 2pcs, Door mat, Scoop 2pcs, Extension piece, Insulating tape, Espagnolette 2pcs.15.15 US dollars
28.09.2017Taz 2pcs, Bucket with lid 2pcs, Drying for dishes, Rubber mat, Hanger, Hook 4 pcs.20.13 US dollars
26.09.2017Refrugerator and washing machine Atlant552.14 US dollars
26.09.2017preparing of 8 curtains33.51 US dollars
25.09.2017Tulle, drapes167.74 US dollars
18.09.2017Transportation of furniture26.69 US dollars
18.09.2017Partial salary of the watchman and caretaker for 09.201639.09 US dollars
13.09.2017Payment for electricity 08.201716.84 US dollars
13.09.2017Prepayment for active electricity for October 201740.94 US dollars
11.09.2017PAYMENT TO guardian and technical worker for July72.87 US dollars
05.09.2017Payment for builders for work performed271.86 US dollars
03.09.2017Stool 2 pieces8.87 US dollars
18.08.2017preparation of wood for roofing45.09 US dollars
08.08.2017Set for cleaning the pool, tablets, baroque, waterproofing43.74 US dollars
07.08.2017advance payment270.23 US dollars
07.08.2017painting pipes of heating system19.3 US dollars
06.08.2017The final calculation for the installation of the siding39.44 US dollars
31.07.2017Installation of baguette and chandelier67.06 US dollars
31.07.2017Stacking of linoleum and installation of skirting boards133.13 US dollars
31.07.2017Purchase of building materials (advance)192.94 US dollars
28.07.2017Gas stove GEFEST142.28 US dollars
27.07.2017PAYMENT TO guardian and technical worker for July65.68 US dollars
26.07.2017building materials176.71 US dollars
21.07.2017Furniture for kitchen1080.48 US dollars
21.07.20170582.38 US dollars
20.07.2017Development of the project for the reconstruction of house 5 (final settlement)115.63 US dollars
20.07.2017Bed linen set of 6 pieces; Delivery124.85 US dollars
11.07.2017Advance project development house 5115.37 US dollars
10.07.2017Grout, priming, painting walls and ceilings 293 sq.m.281.87 US dollars
06.07.2017Laying of paving slabs - 53 sq m124.05 US dollars
04.07.2017Technical inventory of the property49.2 US dollars
29.06.2017Expertise115.03 US dollars
29.06.2017Draft design and hail calculation115.03 US dollars
27.06.2017Installation of siding (the second part of payment, 161 sq. M. * 95 UAH)149.79 US dollars
27.06.2017Installation of siding (the second part of payment, 161 sq. M. * 95 UAH)349.51 US dollars
26.06.2017Partial payment for the development of a draft design38.42 US dollars
23.06.2017Partial payment for guard services May 201723.05 US dollars
23.06.2017payment to guardian9.03 US dollars
23.06.2017transportation of expert9.6 US dollars
22.06.2017Alkyd enamel, Primer, Antiseptic, Brush, Adhesive tape, Interior paint 4 pcs, Dye 3 pcs, Gloves63.91 US dollars
21.06.2017Lamp diode 14 pcs.26.88 US dollars
19.06.2017For consumed electricity for May 201716.82 US dollars
19.06.2017Prepayment for active electricity for July 201723.91 US dollars
18.06.2017Alkyd enamel, Interior paint 4 pcs.57.93 US dollars
06.06.2017Payment for concreting the slab pit, installation of formwork, fittings and 2 hatches106.58 US dollars
06.06.2017Payment for the services of the guard, the manager of the household60.9 US dollars
06.06.2017Interior paint 2 pcs; Pigment 3 pcs, Tape paint29.76 US dollars
05.06.2017Interior paint 2 pcs; Dye13.93 US dollars
26.05.2017Siding installation (advance payment)190.28 US dollars
24.05.2017Tiles for walls; Beam; Shield plastic44.37 US dollars
24.05.2017advance payment for siding installation108.46 US dollars
19.05.2017Rebar rental 12 measure 6m - 135 m70.22 US dollars
19.05.2017Hypsoraton Knauf (2,5 * 1,2 * 12,5) - 3 pieces; Adhesive for tiles Ceresit (25 kg) - 4 pieces; Insulation foam pen; Sealant silicone 4 pcs; Ground Ceresit 10L; Cement (25kg) 15 bags; Screws73.96 US dollars
18.05.2017Siding pearl 25 pcs., Pearlescent profile 26 pcs., Angle for siding 8 pcs.285.23 US dollars
15.05.2017Sand of 30 tons222.56 US dollars
15.05.2017Puttying, priming, painting, laying linoleum, installing skirting boards and baguettes in 1 room99.96 US dollars
15.05.2017Satengips, Interior wall paint, Dyestuff26.36 US dollars
15.05.2017salary to guardian and foods for Maxim K.42.99 US dollars
10.05.2017Direct suspension 60 * 250 - 200 pcs.36.67 US dollars
05.05.2017Payment for electricity April 201715.99 US dollars
04.05.2017payment responsible for electrical facilities15.08 US dollars
03.05.2017Installation of bathroom, toilet, dryer, sink114.12 US dollars
03.05.2017Pipes for irrigation system, cranes, pump, tulip, faucets in bathroom and kitchen267.86 US dollars
03.05.2017The UD profiles, unions, coupling gayfk for a water supply system26.44 US dollars
03.05.2017the UD and SD profiles for a siding, nuts, washers for a water supply system62.27 US dollars
21.04.2017Construction nails 2 pack, Heated towel rail, Door handle 6 pcs.63.74 US dollars
20.04.2017Payment for electricity March 201720.46 US dollars
19.04.2017Interior paint 2 pcs.28.33 US dollars
19.04.2017Interior paint for walls 3 pcs, Primer moment (10l) 3 pcs, Adhesive tape (48mm) 2 pcs., Dye 4 pcs., LED lamp, Grid nets 5 sets, Roller, Paint cuvettes 2 pcs.61.81 US dollars
18.04.2017Installation of 22 LED lighting fixtures24.62 US dollars
17.04.2017Scotch tape (48 mm) 3 pieces6.7 US dollars
15.04.2017Primer Moment (10l) 4 pack, Interior paint 4 pack, Panel plastic., Profile, Thinner, Sealant silicone, Adhesive tape, Roller, Brush, Acrylic lacquer, Dye133.74 US dollars
12.04.2017Paint brush, Towel dryer, Primer mlt (10l) 2 pcs, Roller, Cuvette, Roller handle, Dye, Emery grinding 15 pcs, Paint interior for walls70.08 US dollars
12.04.2017installation of a ceiling of an extension (with a heater), installation and a covering of pediments, installation of a canopy, podshiv, installation of water waste system and an outflow on pediments600.74 US dollars
11.04.2017Screws4.05 US dollars
11.04.2017Steller, Cartridge 5 pcs, Fixture 2 pcs, LED lamp4 pcs, Straight suspension (60 * 250) 200 pcs, Screws for gipsaraton 11 pcs.181.16 US dollars
11.04.2017Washbasin, Siphon for washstand, Compact, Toilet bowl, Steel bathtub + legs, Bathtub siphon, Mixer194.08 US dollars
10.04.2017Respirator 3 pcs., Gloves 3 pcs.5.33 US dollars
10.04.2017Profile for gypsum board (3 m) 72 pcs; Grout CERESIT76.27 US dollars
10.04.2017Lazur MICS (0,7 kg) 7pcs; Grid Grinder, Primer CERESIT 10L, Glue for tile CERESIT (25kg), Profile, Window-sill, Foam mounting, Screw with screw88.23 US dollars
10.04.2017Screws8.08 US dollars
06.04.2017advance payment for installation of water waste system and filing27.99 US dollars
02.04.2017expenses from 2:04 till 03:05 - payment of the watchman, painting and whitewashing furnace, linoleum unloading, a chain for the chiansaw, country houses, paint, etc. Expenses111.58 US dollars
31.03.2017payment of work of the watchman and supply manager for March55.61 US dollars
20.03.2017payment of work of the watchman supply manager for march74.32 US dollars
15.03.2017payment of work of the watchman supply manager for February30.18 US dollars
07.03.20172 hatches plastic for a drain hole34.34 US dollars
06.03.2017payment of work of the watchman for February47.64 US dollars
03.03.2017Accessories for heating system installation282.31 US dollars
03.03.2017Compensation for electricity in 02.201718.82 US dollars
03.03.2017Payment for active electricity for April 2017.23.45 US dollars
27.02.2017Prepayment for the saw double7.38 US dollars
25.02.2017Eko s paint of a snowball of 10 l12.38 US dollars
24.02.2017payment of the watchman and supply manager for February44.37 US dollars
23.02.2017LED Floodlight 2 pcs, 2 pcs Chandelier, Socket 3 pcs, 3 pcs Lamp, LED Lamp. 3 pcs, Foam, mounting, multi-finish (5kg) 2 pcs95.81 US dollars
23.02.2017Ceresit Primer, nut, Door Handle., Plinth, Axe 2 piece, Clay Corner, Liquid Nails, Screws82.54 US dollars
22.02.2017Compensation for electricity 01.20171.79 US dollars
16.02.2017Clothing, footwear, heater, bag22.05 US dollars
16.02.2017Compensation for electricity in November, December 2016235.39 US dollars
14.02.2017room hard putty, preparation of firewood51.46 US dollars
08.02.2017payment of the watchman and supply manager for January69.92 US dollars
04.02.2017tile laying, installation of doors, hard putty of walls and ceiling, filling floors1062.8 US dollars
04.02.2017payment for a pokdlyucheniye of sockets, lighting, installation of an electrical wiring and automatic machines245.06 US dollars
03.02.2017Delivery of construction materials mail Intime91.87 US dollars
26.01.2017alignment of walls at the level of the base (a concrete skalyvaniye on perimeter)29.4 US dollars
26.01.2017hard putty of walls and ceiling finishing (advance payment)3.68 US dollars
20.01.2017Unscheduled call technical audit engineer9.29 US dollars
19.01.2017Linoleum 90.8 sq.m.617.83 US dollars
19.01.2017Lining and wall insulation1663.38 US dollars
19.01.20176W LED panel - 30, 9W LED Panel Light - 10 pcs.94.21 US dollars
18.01.2017TV T2 tuner + cable19.83 US dollars
17.01.2017tile for 2 bathrooms, a toilet, kitchen427.33 US dollars
17.01.2017boxes distributive and podrozetnik3.47 US dollars
17.01.2017T2 TV tuner, cable14.38 US dollars
17.01.2017installing 5 doors36.14 US dollars
17.01.2017podrozetnik, boxes distributive1.55 US dollars
13.01.20175 handles + latches on a door4.78 US dollars
13.01.2017payment of the watchman for December69.89 US dollars
13.01.2017installation of a mast and antenna + extender20.23 US dollars
30.12.2016Facing brick of a drain hole110.33 US dollars
30.12.2016covering gypsum cardboard of walls and ceiling, hard putty of joints, hard putty of walls starting, ceiling covering plastic and warming, installation of doors, processing of slopes1198.57 US dollars
30.12.2016metal goods25.74 US dollars
23.12.2016Heater, single-phase meter, LED Lamp 2 pcs, ceramic cartridge, Foam, mounting 3 pcs50.58 US dollars
22.12.2016payment of work of the watchman (advance payment)16.67 US dollars
22.12.2016installation of 9 doors (preparation)68.19 US dollars
15.12.2016laying of paving slabs (advance payment)38.01 US dollars
14.12.2016Compensation for electricity in June, July, November 2016135.29 US dollars
13.12.2016Installation of radiators, boiler and heating system (16 points)36.13 US dollars
13.12.2016Heating installation materials (pipes, tap, spigot, carving, corner, tap the substrate, filter)189.36 US dollars
13.12.2016broad tank + screws for heating fastening31.88 US dollars
13.12.2016payment of work of the watchman for November, 201657.96 US dollars
13.12.2016the magazine of an examination for connection of the electric power11.59 US dollars
08.12.2016Installation of radiators, boiler and heating system (16 points)406.36 US dollars
07.12.2016Reimbursement for sending MoneyGram20 US dollars
01.12.2016project of connetion to electricity19.56 US dollars
01.12.2016Installation of the ceiling plasterboard on profiles, insulated with mineral wool 90 sq.m.313.01 US dollars
01.12.2016Of interior mechanism 5 pcs; Door handle 3 pcs18.42 US dollars
01.12.2016Door handle 2 pcs; Ceresit 3 pcs22.19 US dollars
29.11.2016tubes 6 meters16.33 US dollars
26.11.20163 doors82.81 US dollars
24.11.2016Compensation for electricity 08-09.201645.6 US dollars
22.11.2016reinstallation of a door - 550, dismantling of a threshold - 400, vykladyvany holes a brick (advance payment) - 850102.49 US dollars
22.11.2016minvata for warming of a ceiling of 45 sq.m.47.15 US dollars
22.11.2016Socket 36 pcs; Switch 17 pcs70.69 US dollars
22.11.2016Accessories for Doors76.11 US dollars
17.11.2016crane of connection to a vodoporovod (nurse)14.35 US dollars
16.11.2016delivery of building materials9.36 US dollars
14.11.2016Insulation 54.72 m2, Screws d / plasterboard 18 pack, 28 pcs Enclosures, Distribution box 18 pc104.65 US dollars
14.11.2016Gypsum, Soil, Profile, Small, Drywall, Hanger straight, panel formation.341.91 US dollars
14.11.2016Plasterboard ceiling 34 pc112.76 US dollars
10.11.2016Decking 115 sq.m, L-bracket 200 * 40 29 pcs, Planck-tide 8 pieces, the outer angle 50 * 50 13 pcs, the internal angle 50 * 50 13 pcs, special profile 0,12h2m 5 pieces, Universal sealants 1 rm 12 pc527.49 US dollars
10.11.2016self-tapping screws, screws, shovels30.67 US dollars
10.11.2016S-ki suspensions (200 pieces)9.55 US dollars
10.11.2016connection of water, excavation of a hole near a trunk pipe31.3 US dollars
10.11.2016reinforcing of the base of a drain hole27.38 US dollars
10.11.2016Compensation for electricity 08-09.201626.16 US dollars
09.11.2016Payment for the installation of the roof of 300 square meters.234.59 US dollars
08.11.2016Payment for the installation of the roof of 300 square meters.351.89 US dollars
04.11.2016transportation expenses on delivery of materials in 3 months209.3 US dollars
03.11.2016concreting of a drain hole (base, floor, alignment of edges)68.4 US dollars
03.11.2016concreting of slopes of 6 doors, laying of apertures with a brick, expansion of apertures, corridor plaster, dismantle of windows and lattices, roll of 2 trees, impregnation of beams, unloading of materials418.61 US dollars
03.11.2016payment of work of the watchman for October, 201635.18 US dollars
03.11.2016installation of a roof of 300 m sq. (partial payment)469.03 US dollars
03.11.2016boards, self-tapping screws for a roof74.26 US dollars
03.11.2016rock wool for warming of 21 sq m, self-tapping screws72.27 US dollars
03.11.2016digging and instillation of a hole - connection of water31.27 US dollars
26.10.2016antifrosty additive in cement 40 l12.66 US dollars
25.10.201668 m of a sq. blind area around the house (work) + additive to cement178.23 US dollars
25.10.2016Payment of work of the watchman + hoznuzhda for September and a half of October44.58 US dollars
22.10.2016digging of a drain hole of 24 m cubic with excavator, planning of the ground73.92 US dollars
21.10.2016Boards odds and roof of-43 PICES, Niles of-5 kg, RSD and dress of-8 Peaches, Tkhe of-Var 3 PICES165.3 US dollars
21.10.2016Payment for the installation of the roof of 300 square meters. (prepaid expense)428.63 US dollars
21.10.2016Payment for the installation of the roof of 300 square meters. (prepaid expense)155.87 US dollars
18.10.2016Rainwater system446.03 US dollars
18.10.2016delivery of pipes and plumbing fixtures from Vasilyevka in Lyubimovka9.7 US dollars
17.10.2016boiler Thermobar KST-18-1239.06 US dollars
14.10.2016Payment to guardian38.68 US dollars
14.10.2016cleaning of the territory, unloading7.54 US dollars
14.10.2016for concreeting around the house23.21 US dollars
13.10.2016Pipes diam.32,25,15 - 155m; Reinforcement 18m; Crane 30pcs; Taps 45 pcs; Fumlenta 12 pcs; Fixings for radiators 60 pcs.491.65 US dollars
10.10.2016Canvas dvernoe 12 pc; Box 12 DOORS complex .; PVC trim 30sht483.74 US dollars
10.10.2016Trotuarnaya tile 100 m2, Border Stamp 40, Stolb vynohradnыy 15 pc; Facing trotuarnaya 20 pcs.465.86 US dollars
05.10.2016grid of kladki100*100*3mm 38 pieces * 2 m of quarter (for concreting of a blind area)55.83 US dollars
28.09.2016m pipe 76*3 21 (a support for a canopy)86.51 US dollars
28.09.2016cement of 90 bags Kryvyi Rih (for a blind area)147.68 US dollars
28.09.2016boards-storpila for a roof of 150*50 6 m, 19 pieces, a board for overlapping 150*25*6 m, 34 pieces198.68 US dollars
28.09.2016delivery of cement, hard putty, minvata, gypsum cardboard, metal, board, etc. from Zaporizhia in Lyubimovka (10 tons)75.29 US dollars
28.09.2016fittings of 14 mm11.54 US dollars
27.09.2016installation of a column from the well - technical water15.44 US dollars
27.09.2016Alebastr 25 kg6.68 US dollars
20.09.2016Delivery of a metal tile in Lyubimovka from Zaporizhia7.72 US dollars
20.09.2016automatic equipment for the pump on a well, the plumber, installation of window slopes, a roulette, bulbs, brooms, a circle, self-tapping screws, works on unloading99.92 US dollars
16.09.2016Wiring (advance)74.98 US dollars
14.09.2016VVG cable 5 * 4 - 17 m27.99 US dollars
14.09.2016Payment coordinator jobs in September (Sergei Y)13.12 US dollars
13.09.2016Alebastr 25 kg3.22 US dollars
12.09.2016Metal doors, door closers176.2 US dollars
09.09.2016750 ml Foam assembly 8 pieces, Ceresit Primer 5L 30 pieces, putty 30 kg 30 pcs, adhesive 30 kg 8 pcs, Alabaster 5 kg 10 pcs, 4 m Profile 430 pcs1357.88 US dollars
08.09.2016Payment coordinator jobs in August (Sergei Y)74.84 US dollars
08.09.2016Payment for plaster, buckets building, on the slopes of the windows, concrete pit water, cleaning of construction debris112.26 US dollars
06.09.2016cement of 60 bags * 25 kg, fittings of 14 mm * 30, isohypses Knauf start of 30 kg165.59 US dollars
06.09.2016for the concreting of floors157.7 US dollars
02.09.2016Crushed to the blind area of 30 tons.235.4 US dollars
01.09.2016Metal 0.50 - 307 square meters, Gidrobarer, Accessories2397.04 US dollars
31.08.2016plate water-supply hole brick, mounting of slopes 2 window62.77 US dollars
31.08.2016protection, arrangement of the territory around the house for August62.77 US dollars
31.08.2016payment to the builders102.01 US dollars
31.08.2016concreting, gas-block laying of the walls223.63 US dollars
29.08.2016Socket switch double 33 pcs 12 pcs 2 pcs double switch, circuit breaker 7 pcs Box 50 pcs KM40022 installation, distribution box plastic cover with 15 pieces, wire 600 m472.02 US dollars
22.08.2016cleaning of garbage and dismantling of building materials in the territory5.94 US dollars
20.08.201616 bags of cement on 25 kg22.88 US dollars
17.08.2016Journey of the measurer of windows from Tokmok in Lyubimovka5.99 US dollars
17.08.201612 bags of cement on 25 kg22.51 US dollars
17.08.2016Windows - 14 pcs.1284.96 US dollars
11.08.2016Cement 50 bags Gazoblok 125 pcs. 200 * 300 * 600, Antiseptic for wood 20 l289.63 US dollars
11.08.2016Transportation costs for delivery of materials8.46 US dollars
11.08.2016Armature 8 mm, Liquid Soap - an additive in concrete, for gazoblokov Clay30.74 US dollars
09.08.201640 bags of cement68.53 US dollars
09.08.2016gas-block of 50 pieces 200*300*600mm68.94 US dollars
09.08.2016Hose for watering 25m, foam 0.75L. Soap 5l30.29 US dollars
08.08.2016Payment I guard also to a hozrabotnik for 07.2016g.52.41 US dollars
03.08.2016payment for concreting, winterization and adding floors, installation of partitions from a gas concrete407.53 US dollars
03.08.2016Cable GDP -1 2 * 2.5 mm 65 m23.6 US dollars
03.08.2016Small rolling, cutting corner30.99 US dollars
02.08.201640 bags of cement , adhesive for aerated concrete 10 bags of 25 kg , liquid soap , by check103.09 US dollars
29.07.2016Delivery of construction materials44.33 US dollars
28.07.2016The sand is 30 tons, 30 tons of screenings, delivery314.36 US dollars
25.07.201625 bags of 50 kg of cement85.64 US dollars
25.07.2016adhesive aerocrete , cement profile , floor tape , fittings, hangers on the check181.12 US dollars
25.07.2016dismantling of the floor boards in korrridore , removal of soil100.76 US dollars
25.07.2016payment for an extension device Laying nets64.48 US dollars
25.07.2016digging trenches and pits near wells , burying 14 cubic meters104.79 US dollars
25.07.2016laying, installation of pumps , pipes , drinking water and sanitation80.6 US dollars
25.07.2016floor concreting64.48 US dollars
25.07.2016wash the walls - 161 m.65.29 US dollars
19.07.2016beams ( board ) for the roof of extension 200 * 100 * 6000 - 9 pc.121.9 US dollars
19.07.2016transport expenses on the constraction87.07 US dollars
14.07.2016Insulation Penoplex XPS 195 pcs 1200 * 600 * 30 floor21421.4 US dollars
14.07.2016net for concrete 100 * 100 * 69 * 3mm 2 m square7697.45 US dollars
14.07.2016Granite eliminations 30 tons Zaporozhye delivery in Lyubimovka8052.48 US dollars
14.07.2016Sewer and water pipes , connectors , kakbel channel Optima pump with tank , etc. on a waybill19217.9 US dollars
14.07.2016reinforcement for concrete belt5196.81 US dollars
14.07.2016liquid soap for builders 5L120.92 US dollars
14.07.2016Payment of the guard and technical worker May - June 20165196.81 US dollars
07.07.2016Zhelezobetonnыy barring351.29 US dollars
07.07.2016Payment of electricity101.43 US dollars
19.06.2016Concrete mixer160.72 US dollars
15.06.2016Gas for builders10 US dollars
15.06.2016Aerated concrete masonry 15.4 cubic meters and reinforcement199.92 US dollars
15.06.2016Payment caretaker and household employee in May (advance)39.98 US dollars
15.06.2016Hose 25 meters, the expert 3/4 for water supply, and adapter tips for him22.43 US dollars
08.06.2016service needs for May12.18 US dollars
08.06.2016payment to watchman for May7.05 US dollars
08.06.2016Drill Forte RH-26-971.55 US dollars
08.06.2016Antiseptic for wood 30 litres24.76 US dollars
08.06.2016tubes for water, brushes, gloves23.4 US dollars
31.05.2016Boiler ARISTON SUPERLUX NTS 100, delivery organization81.95 US dollars
27.05.2016Transportation costs (fuel and depreciation), transportation of construction workers and building materials, water (Reno)47.62 US dollars
24.05.2016Payment to guardian and improvement works for April60.31 US dollars
23.05.2016Digging the soil with a stone for foundations Perestenko, formwork installation, manufacture and laying of concrete in the formwork41.55 US dollars
11.05.2016Rent mixers and excavating the soil, digging and planiovka beacons, tab 3 furnace openings with brick, plaster, Removing doors with boxes of 5 pieces, Demotazh sills 6 pcs75.26 US dollars
10.05.2016Boards for roofing484.85 US dollars
05.05.2016Dismantling veranda 10 m?79.36 US dollars
04.05.2016Household expenses (castle, bulbs, watering can, a tape measure)18.57 US dollars
04.05.2016Fare8.89 US dollars
04.05.2016Partial salary of the watchman and caretaker for 03.201649.05 US dollars
04.05.2016Adhesive tape bilaterial 4 pack, Ruberoid 2 roll mixer for plaster, trowel18.93 US dollars
04.05.2016Building materials (Ceresit primer 20 liters; Antifungal 2 pcs; film 43 pc; Alabaster 10 kg electrodes, nails, metal shears, washer, nut)60.95 US dollars
29.04.2016Production and installation of the formwork, Production and installation of transition, concreting foundation118.45 US dollars
29.04.2016Bookmark reinforcement Laying nets, concrete Laying nets, formwork Dismantling86.61 US dollars
29.04.2016Digging the soil under the foundation Perestenko, Production and installation of the formwork, pouring concrete foundation49.13 US dollars
15.04.2016Digging pillars for the foundation, reinforcement tab on poles, Pouring concrete pillars, floor boards Dismantling, Sprinkling with sand bedding, Installation of foundation reinforcement90.79 US dollars
04.04.2016Transport - heating devices and cement10.68 US dollars
04.04.2016Digging excavation for foundations, removal of soil, Bricklaying, Installation hatch Tying reinforcement, floor Dismantling Formwork, sewing openings in the ceiling, brick wall removal and removal, assembly and installation of b the door103.86 US dollars
29.03.2016transport expenses2.15 US dollars
29.03.2016building materials172.61 US dollars
29.03.2016Transport services along the route Zaporozhye - Lyubimovka - Zaporozhye24.86 US dollars
29.03.2016crushed stone191.79 US dollars
25.03.201630 tons of sand with delivery156.23 US dollars
25.03.2016Radiators of Roda FORCE of 500х100 100 pieces.727.82 US dollars
24.03.2016dismantling of furnaces and laying bricks , payment watchman in February - March 201657.16 US dollars
24.03.2016Rental 366 m rebar, rod 10 kg158.46 US dollars
24.03.2016Cement 10 bags148.61 US dollars
17.03.2016Blocks UDK 49 m3 Glue 27 pcs.1015.85 US dollars
15.03.2016nutrition of builder, instruments15.08 US dollars
03.03.2016Tube for the bathroom3.33 US dollars
03.03.2016salary and foods for guardian / builder for February 20167.76 US dollars
03.03.2016Platic bathtub82.06 US dollars
03.03.2016toilet33.57 US dollars
03.03.2016washbasin with pedestal28.72 US dollars
03.03.20163 mixer tap55.95 US dollars
11.02.2016Machine sanding large, tool, basins, dishes for builder96.37 US dollars
26.01.2016Printing Services3.83 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 111308 US dollars

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