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Детские дома и интернаты Запорожья


A smile of Artyomka is really childish and effulgent

Author:Yana Sasina, Olga Kurlikova (translated into English by Maryna Psol), www.deti.zp.uaPublished:2010-04-26 17-14-00Viewed, times:6073


Artyomka is a tacitum and unsociable boy. When he answers my questions he looks on the floor with downcast eyes and timidly smile. And his smile is really childish and effulgent. But the disease fettered him, Tyoma cannot play soccer with boys or boast of his school grades. He is doing only the first steps in education, but with his unconsoling diagnosis it is real success.

- Mom, look how can I, -appeals he to the teacher showing letters written with uncertain hand.

Mother… If she could see what her quiet boy can do! Could see and help him moving further. Maybe then Artyomka could smile a little bit more often.

Artyom in the study room, winter 2012

Children from Kalinovka - are small angels from special world. And they need special parents, with double, threefold reserve of patience and compassion. Perhaps, among our readers there is such special family which could accept a child as he is. For such parents we advice to read note for potential foster parents and guardians or contact foundation staff.

Besides adoption, there is another way to give family atmosphere to children with special needs. We have an idea to equip separate house in Kalinovka where seven children will live in family-like conditions. They will have their own bedrooms, game room, kitchen, where they could drink tea with a “mom”. Even if she isn’t a real mom but a worker of foundation, she will look after kids like a real mother! About ways of transferring donations you can read here

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