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Save a child: Mulik Artem, 17 years old - cancer of brain

Artem died in April 2008

Author: Albert Pavlov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine, Zaporozhye orphanages website
Published: 2006-10-04   Viewed, times: 10816

Artem died in April 2008

For majority of us, our childhood memories are filled with pictures of carefree life, joy and happiness. Wherever your memory takes you- to a football field, an ice rink or a playground, as an adult you realise how precious these memories are.

However, some of us are not as lucky. Some, like Artem Mulyk, are destined to fight for their right to live from a very young age.

It is difficult to describe in words what Artem and his family have been through, but we must try. We must try because now, more then ever, this brave boy needs our help.

It all begun 7 years ago, in November 1999, when Artem was just 10 years old. He started to experience severe headaches, blurry vision and his coordination was affected.

In December 1999 a tomography test revealed that Artem had a brain tumour. Two days later an operation followed. Unfortunately, the tumour could not be removed completely, thus Artem had to go through an excruciating course of radio and chemotherapy.

Thereafter, for two years Artem was under a close supervision from his doctors. He seemed to get better.

In 2002, however, cancer returned. The same symptoms, diagnosis and treatment followed by the rehabilitation therapy in 2003.

In 2004 metastases appeared in chest and back areas of his spine. Although the brain tumour had practically disappeared, Artem's spinal cord was now affected.

As of today, following the recommendation from Russian doctors, Artem must undergo 4 sessions of chemotherapy using expensive preparations such as Vepisid and Magnevist. In addition, his family must purchase anti-fungal and immune-stimulating medication as well as antibiotics (Ceftriacson). Help is also needed to provide for Artem's proper nutrition.

The boy's mother, Nadezhda, saves all the checks and is more than happy to show them if so required.

Artem has two brothers. Without a second thought, the older brother has dropped out from the university and went to work. He does not mind. In fact, the whole family is doing everything they can to help Artem, morally and financially.

Over the years, $7000 has already been spend on Artem's treatment. This is an incredible sum for Ukrainians, taking into account that on average they receive about $200 per month.

It is anticipated that for Artem to recover, $800 is required to start the first of four chemotherapy sessions. The combined wages of Artem's family do not produce the required sum.

This is why we are asking you, dear reader, to help them. Please give this boy a chance to start making some happy memories. With your help, Artem can have a life to look forward to.

Any financial help as well as a donation of above-mentioned medications would be greatly appreciated

Thank you in Advance!

Please contact the family or a volunteer from our organisation (see below) when transferring the money to this account

You may contact Artem's mother, Nadezhda, by calling : + 3 8 097 382 43 46 (mob) +3 8 061 274-26-87 (home)

You may also speak to Artem's doctors by calling (on Russian): + 3 8 061 222 21 50 (Zaporozhye State Hospital for Children, 5th floor, the Oncology ward)

Zaporozhye State Hospital for Children is located at: 70 Lenin's Avenue, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Mulik family's home address: 10 Doroshenko street, apt 92, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

You may send your donations using the following method(s):

Bank Transfer (in Dollars)

Beneficiary: Mulik Nadezhda Ivanovna Account: 26203807511
swift code: HYVEDEMM

or read

Albert Pavlov, a volunteer from the "HappyChild" organization has assigned himself to help the family. You can contact Mr.Pavlov (speaks English) by calling +3 8 (066) 513 34 35, or email: detizp@mail.ru

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