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Artem Galushka, born in 2014 - Brain cancer (medulloblastoma)

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Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Artem Sergeev, 
Published: 2021-08-16 17-00-00   Viewed, times: 3411

Artem Galushka
Artem Galushka, born in 03.05.2014

Diagnosis: Brain cancer (medulloblastoma)

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ATTENTION! AS OF 10/04/2021: Fundraising has been suspended!
The amount required for the next survey has been collected.

Artem Galushka

Temushka was only three years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor with metastases in the spine. It is impossible to count how much energy, health and money was spent on the struggle for life!

The hardest road to recovery was passed. The kid underwent brain surgery, after which his right side of the body was paralyzed. He learned to crawl, walk and talk anew. Then there were 10 months of chemotherapy, after 2.5 months of radiation therapy and again six months of chemotherapy. Thanks to doctors in Ukraine and abroad, as well as an incredible love of life, Temochka entered remission!

Artem Galushka

Now Artem is already 7 years old, and he is going to go to the 1st grade! Alas, oncology has not passed without a trace. Chemistry and radiation therapy soon made themselves felt. Mom shares: Now we are constantly being examined, we pass a lot of expensive tests, we regularly undergo ultrasound and often go to doctors. Over the next 5 years, we need to undergo an MRI scan every 4 months, which costs 230 dollars. We try to cope on our own, but, alas, we cannot cope with this! We kindly ask you to help raise funds for Artyomka for an MRI examination! "

Artem Galushka

Tyoma on her own behalf also sends greetings and wishes to all good people! "Thanks to all! I'm alive! I really want to say thank you to everyone who helped me, and I wish you the best health!"

Winners need help and support too! We ask you to help our young winner stay healthy and live in safety!

The family lives in Enerhodar, Zaporizka oblast, Ukraine.

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