Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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Zaporozhye's children's home (boarding school)
for mentally retarded children (boys)

The boarding school was founded in 1981 in resort area of Zaporozhye known as the Great Meadow. It has 155 pupils, 61 of them are orphans and children without parental trusteeship.

Leonid Alov has been in charge of the school since August, 1982.

The boarding school is a social medical institution for constant residing of boys 4-18 years old, who have defects of intellectual development and need constant medical and household help. The reasons of intellectual backwardness can be patrimonial traumas, illness of Down, epilepsy, the conflict of Rhesus factors of parents, intracranial pressure, etc.

In accordance with the Decree about the youth department, some of the poys can live in the boarding school till they are 25. After they graduate from the boarding school, the pupils go to psycho-neurological boarding schools for adults in settlements Kirovo, Preslav and Orlovo in Zaporozhye area.

The boarding school is patronized by Zaporozhye Central Administrative Board of Work and Social Protection of People, it belongs to the municipal property and is financed from the regional budget.

Basic designation and activities of Zaporozhye boarding school.

The school staff in the course of their work solve the problems of social adaptation and rehabilitation of pupils. Children who study there are diagnosed to have deep intellectual backwardness.

The children are divided into 8 groups depending on age and intellectual characteristics. Each group has 2 tutors and 5 nurses working round the clock. In each group there are from 15 up to 20 pupils.

From September, 1 till May, 25 the children study during the week and have 4 lessons a day. They study in accordance with the special program developed in 1984 by the Scientific research institute of Defectology of the USSR.

During their free time senior pupils perform various works on territory cleaning, its accomplishment, participate in cargo handling works.

To impart skills of self-service to mentally retarded kidsw is a very long process. Finally, those who were not even able to talk in the beginning after graduation can not only serve themselves, but also read, write, count - these facts are speaking for themselves.

Every year a group of orphans (20-36 kids) have a rest at the coast of the Azov Sea in the recreation camp "Orlyatko" in Genichesk.

During the year children go for a walk to the forest that stretches along the Dnieper bank. On holidays children from musical schools arrange concerts and stage performances for the pupils of the boarding school and the pupils also participate in amateur performances themselves.

The staff of Zaporozhye boarding school.

Total No. of employees - 118 persons.
1. Administration - 10 persons.
2. Auxiliary staff - 18 persons.
3. Medical staff - 10 persons.
4. Auxiliary medical staff - 45 persons.
5. The pedagogical staff - 22 persons.
6. Cooks and their helpers - 9 persons.
7. Guards - 4 persons.

Among the employees of the boarding school 88 % are women, 12 % - men.
14 % have higher education, 30% have college education, 3% are cuttently studying.

Coordinates of Zaporozhye boarding school:

Zaporozhskiy detskiy dom-internat
18, Donetskaya str.
Phone: +3 8 061 286-96-67

How to make donation to this institution?

Attention! The boarding school needs your help very much!

For example, in 2004 it was allocated on the average 5 grn (less than $1) for food for one person for one day!!! To comply with elementary sanitary requirements it is necessary to spend at least 11 grivnas ($2). The children badly need vitamins, fresh vegetables and fruits, cheese. The boarding school has its own hothouse, but it is obviously not enough.

The boarding school also constantly needs footwear and clothes, especially slippers (the norm is 1 pair for 2 years, but it's not enough!). The sizes they need are 19, 23, 25. The schools also needs panths, long-sleeved shirts, T-shirts, footwear (sneakers, boots, shoes).

The schools constantly lacks sports inventory (foot balls and volley balls, ping-pong rackets and tables).

The rooms of the school also need to be repaired, the old parquet needs to be varnished. The roof of the isolation ward is leaking

If you or your company can render any help (for example, 20-50 grivnas., or food or goods) - the children and the staff of the boarding school will be very grateful to you. You can decide and supervise how your donations will be used.

We are always happy to see you in our boarding school!

"Our children are starving" - Leonid Alov, director of the Orphanage for Children with Mental Disabilities in Zaporozhye, Ukraine



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