Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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"Heart of mother"
Website of our friend Irina from USA, who continually helps to Zaporozhye orphans.

Ukrainian orphanages
(boarding schools, internats)

"Church and orphans" - Zaporozhye's website god.zp.ua

Berdyansk orphanage

Orphanage 12, Kiev, Ukraine.

Tikva Children's Home in Odessa
Tikva's core mission is to care for the homeless, abandoned and abused Jewish children of Odessa, Ukraine.

Izmail Specialized Children's Home
Ukrainian Orphanage in Izmail for special-needs children ages newborn to 4 years old

Antoshka Children's Home - Kramatorsk, Ukraine

Orphans of city Kharkov

Family-type orphanage Demyanenko
(22 orphans live there) Klara Demyanenko Pr. 50 Let Pobedy, d.36/1, kv. 138
Melitopol 72313 Zaporozhskaya obl. Ukraine

State Boarding school in Shahtersk, Ukraine

Russian orphanages

Alapaevsk orphanage (Sverdlovsk region, Russia).
A very interesting and saturated website.

Kitezh – an irreligious community that works with orphans. Russia
A Website of non-profit partnership between foster families. A new way of life in harmony with people and nature. The school of the Future, the laboratory in the open.

New Website of the community “Kitezh”. Russia

Helping orphanages http://deti.mangal.ru Russia
A group of people gather together from time to time in order to help the children.

The book by Yanush Korchak “Orphanage”, “Orphans’ home” (On Russian)

Orphanages in Russia – http://www.detdom.ru
The purpose consists in rendering assistance in adoption of children.

State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child (SDAPRC) in Kiev.

USA embassy in Kiev - adoption info

National Adoption Center (NAC) in Kiev - OLD SITE
Exhaustive information about Ukrainian adoption

Russian Adoption News
Usefull site, who permanently helps to Zaporozhye's orphans

Russian Family Search
Usefull site, who permanently helps to Zaporozhye orphans

United States Embassy Kyiv, Ukraine - Adoptions

Zaporozhye adoptions group on Yahoo!
This group is for parents who have adopted a child from the Zaporizhzhya Region in Ukraine.

FRUA - Families For Russian and Ukrainian Adoption
It is the mission of FRUA to support the whole life experience of Eastern European orphan children and to strengthen the families that are created through adoption.

ISS project
Very interesting and quolity website with much info and statistics about adoption in different countries.

Ukrainian Adoption story.
Curtis and Tamara Swan adopted four children from Zaporozhye region orphanages.

Three Countries, One Family!
Blog of happy US family with 2 adopted children - from Korea and from Ukraine.

Ukrainian Angels.
Adoption information and tips from someone who has independently adopted five children from Ukraine.

Ukraine Adoption Message Board - Adoption Forums.

Karen's Adoption Links
Many useful links about international adoptions.

Adoption from Ukraine
Useful info about adoption.

We are an independent Foster Care agency who are passionate about ensuring positive outcomes for children and young people

Information from family about living conditions and education of the adopted child

Nonprofit organizations that help orphans

Foster families care in Ukraine
Website of Christian Children's fund of Ukraine

"Heart of mother"
Website of Irina from USA, who continually helps to Zaporozhye orphans.

About A Child: Orphan Assistance Through International Adoption and Sponsorship

Keeping you connected with Ukrainian orphans from Odessa

Help Us Help The Children (HUHTC)
Organizing annual summer camp for over 450 Ukrainian orphans.

Aid for Orphans
Help to orphans of Ukraine

Heart to Heart Ukraine
Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine. A Christian nonprofit organization.

Father's House International
A nonprofit charitable ministry incorporated in 1999 following God's call and leading to serve abandoned children overseas.

Charity Mission “Charitas Spes” of the Roman Catholic church in Ukraine.

life2orphans - improving the quality of orphan lives

Children's Fund of Philadelphia
Ukrainian Orphaned Children's Fund of Philadelphia Advocates for Ukrainian Orphans

Shipping to Ukraine

Meest delivers sea and air parcels, food parcels, equipment and electronics, letters and small packages to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland and other countries.

Meest in Canada

Polonez Parcel Service
Delivers sea and air parcels to Ukraine.


Free Links to orphanages throughout the world

Your MyOrphanage.org Directory

Rescued Orphans International Links Directory

Ukrainian Web - Products and Services



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