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Victoria Stadnik, 22 years old - Pilocytic astrocytoma (tumor) in the suprasellar cistern

Fundraising is closed! Many thanks to the distinguished contributors for helping to Victoria. Her condition was stabilized, family tries to cope with the costs yourself.

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by George Yost, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-08-08 13-00-00 Viewed, times: 3540
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Victoria Stadnik, born July 27th.1994

Diagnosis: Pilocytic astrocytoma (tumor) in the suprasellar cistern.

ATTENTION! AS AT 10/08/2016 city: Fundraising closed!!
Many thanks to the distinguished contributors for helping to Victoria. Her condition was stabilized, family tries to cope with the costs yourself.

Victoria at birth was observed by an ophthalmologist regarding the partial atrophy of the optic nerve. As she grew up there continued to be problems with her health. Because of these constant issues she was put on disability to help with some treatment. Eventually her symptoms grew worse which led to more testing and the decision was made to operate.

After the partial removal of the tumor in Kiev the same autumn, there was a further diagnosis: the tumor was not stable and must be constantly monitored to protect the patient. A post surgery tomography of the brain revealed a large residual tumor.

Now, Victoria is experiencing recurrent pain and dizziness. Every 6 months, she should be screened by an oncologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist, and endocrinologist. All of these examinations and the required blood tests and scans are expensive.

Victoria’s mother works as a nurse in the hospital, receives a small salary as well as benefits for two children as a single mother. She is unable to pay all her daughter’s health costs with a disability stipend of about $80. The scans and blood tests must be done every six months.

We ask everyone to please help us collect the necessary sum for the medical tests. Then the doctors will be able to tell if the girl is able to live without another operation for the time being, until the next six month check up.

So we are now fundraising for a new scan for Victoria, in early March. We need to raise the money for an MRI scan in Kiev in two months time so we must hurry!,

We ask you to help Victoria’s mom, who has done all that she can, to make sure the money is raised and the scan can be done at the Romodanov Institute of Neurosurgery.

The family lives in the city of Zaporozhye.

Victoria Telephone: +38 (099) 978-25-54.

To get more detailed information, you can contact The Happy Child Foundation

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
31.03.2017AnastasiyaUkraine332.57 US dollars
22.03.2017Viktor S.Ukraine14.12 US dollars
21.03.2017Elena M.Ukraine18.58 US dollars
21.03.2017Seregej Sh.Ukraine0.74 US dollars
18.03.2017ППUkraine37.07 US dollars
16.03.2017Nadezhda D.Ukraine4.81 US dollars
16.03.2017Anastasiya Sh.Ukraine1.86 US dollars
15.03.2017Vitalij К.Ukraine37.3 US dollars
15.03.2017Irina S.Ukraine1.09 US dollars
14.03.2017Yuliya D.Ukraine3.73 US dollars
14.03.2017Elena F.Ukraine9.32 US dollars
13.03.2017Yu. M.Ukraine3.63 US dollars
13.03.2017Yuliya D.Ukraine3.73 US dollars
13.03.2017Hodireva EvgeniaUkraine1.87 US dollars
09.02.2017Seregej Sh.Ukraine0.74 US dollars
07.01.2017Seregej Sh.Ukraine0.76 US dollars
26.08.2016Irina D.Ukraine2.37 US dollars
17.08.2016Yana M.Ukraine4.76 US dollars
15.08.2016Seregej Sh.Ukraine0.8 US dollars
14.08.2016Elena F.Ukraine6.04 US dollars
09.08.2016Elena F.Ukraine8.06 US dollars
09.08.2016AnonymousUkraine3.92 US dollars
23.01.2016Richie V.USA19.26 US dollars
02.12.2015Elena D.Ukraine2.94 US dollars
30.11.2015Sergej К.Ukraine4.19 US dollars
26.11.2015VitalinaUkraine4.21 US dollars
30.04.2015Mariya L.Ukraine47.51 US dollars
07.04.2015Anton DonetskUkraine2.48 US dollars
31.03.2015E. Sh.Ukraine4.24 US dollars
29.03.2015T. V.Ukraine1.69 US dollars
02.03.2015Andrej E.Ukraine7.24 US dollars
31.12.2014SergeyUkraine61.67 US dollars
19.09.2014Mariia R.Canada48.1 US dollars
04.08.2014David P.USA117.06 US dollars
14.04.2014Oleg B.Ukraine3.85 US dollars
14.02.2014Albert K.Ukraine11.59 US dollars
20.08.2013Albert K.Ukraine25.02 US dollars
19.08.2013Voropaev I.Ukraine12.51 US dollars
19.08.2013Lisnyak Y.Ukraine250.22 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 1121.66 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
17.03.2017Medications: Cerebrolysin32.21 US dollars
16.03.2017Drugs for therapy in the department of resuscitation ZOKB186.01 US dollars
09.03.2017Medications: Epobiocrin, Tardiferon, Heparin, Phys. Rr, Bint, Marl, Glucose, Alcohol, Gloves, Predniznilon556.39 US dollars
02.03.2017Kardioperinatalny catheter, a straight connector257.7 US dollars
22.12.2016Medications7.58 US dollars
18.08.2016Medications, diapers198.3 US dollars
16.08.2016Medications, diapers79.86 US dollars
12.08.2015Examination of the Institute of Neurosurgery. Romodanov Kiev94.83 US dollars
23.07.2015Acquisition of drugs: Adaptol (mebicar) 2 pkg14.49 US dollars
21.07.2015Carrying out consultation, laboratory researches24.98 US dollars
12.05.2015Surveys at the Institute of Neurosurgery Kiev im.Romadanova121.42 US dollars
23.04.2015Brain MRT with contrasting and with listing of pictures on a x-ray film67.43 US dollars
03.04.2015shunt595.51 US dollars
23.03.2015Medicines: Tachocomb189.69 US dollars
23.03.2015Surveys at the Institute im.Romadanova129.37 US dollars
02.03.2015Transportation to survey2.89 US dollars
13.02.2015Payment of examination and treatment in the Institute of Neurosurgery. Acad. AP Romodanov 67.73 US dollars
02.02.2015Laboratory researches10.95 US dollars
31.03.2014Purchase of drugs, MRI examination, tickets for travel to Kiev for examination155.19 US dollars
18.02.2014Rehabilitation treatment after stereotactic procedures radioneyrohirurgii in Institute of Neurosurgery. A.P.Romodanova 196.63 US dollars
18.02.2014Rehabilitation treatment after stereotactic procedures radioneyrohirurgii in Institute of Neurosurgery. A.P.Romodanova 196.63 US dollars
05.02.2014Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain with contrast175.15 US dollars
28.01.2014Initial inspection and computer perimetry40.04 US dollars
28.01.2014Treatment in Control Institute of Neurosurgery. A.P.Romodanova212.69 US dollars
05.09.2013MRT the brain125.11 US dollars
23.08.2013Magnilek r-r d / in.28.49 US dollars
05.03.2013MR tomography115.1 US dollars
05.02.2013Tickets for a trip to the survey in Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Imunolog Moscow187.66 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 4070 US dollars

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